How To Editing Game Videos & Post Production Services Online

How To Editing Game Videos & Post Production Services Online

Last Updated on October 12, 2021 by Editor Futurescope

Are you wondering if all those hours spent playing video games could become Youtube content? You’re not the only one! Youtube is full of raw, unedited footage of people playing video games, but you could do them better. All it takes is planning and a little time and effort. You can even add your voice, or maybe use an all-in-one voice changer to make it more unique. 

So, how to edit your game video?

Step 1: Pick a Video Editor

Several video editors can do your bidding. Take your pick from a variety of non-linear video editing software. 

  • If you want the final output to look like a Hollywood movie, you need to look for one that does not only use the basic coloring and airbrushing software but also is easy to use despite the complexity –  for example, Lightworks.
  • If your output requires VFX additions, pick one that is a visual artists’ favorite, like FXhome. 
  • If you want a more pocket-friendly option, try open-source software like Shotcut that offers wide format support, device, and transport options while having a sleek and intuitive interface.

Once you’ve made your pick, spend some time learning the ins and outs of the video software. Once the recording process begins, you do not want to spend too much time learning how to edit a video, for it may fiddle with your motivation and enthusiasm. 

Step 2: Prepare your Gameplan

We know playing video games is fun and often comes with its own benefits. However, an unplanned video with the Youtuber rambling on about for a large portion of the beginning becomes annoying really quickly. 

  • Pick Your Genre

If you’re not in this for views and money, you’re free to skip this part of the plan. But if you do want to maximize your views, it is best to pick a genre and stay with it. Do quick market research to understand how you might have higher chances of being indexed by Youtube’s search engine. Try to show up where the crowd is. 

  • Finalize Your Soundtrack

Before you start recording, decide whether you want to add voice comments, background music, or game sounds for your background. Make adjustments and preparations accordingly. Make sure you don’t forget to record the sound of the game! It is one of the most common rookie mistakes beginners make. 

  • Sketch out Milestones

If you plan to upload the entire gameplay, it’s a different story. But if you plan only to have the game milestones for your video, decide which ones go in and which ones don’t.

Step 3: Record the Gameplay

Here is how you can record the gameplay:

  • Devices and applications

Recording the games on laptops or PlayStations will require their own dedicated applications. Find the right screen recording software for your game and device. Test them all out and pick the one that meets your demands.

Keep in mind that on a console, you will have to invest in a gameplay capturing device that will help you connect your TV to the computer and record everything on screen. The ideal device must allow you to record the game sound and live commentaries.

  • Soundtracks and Recording Voice Comments

The audio is a crucial part of the videos; if the audience likes the videos but cannot hear you well, they aren’t going to continue watching. If recording the game sound and making voice comments in real-time was your game plan, you can skip this. If you need to create a voice-over, you will have to do it separately before or after editing the gameplay video. You may also want to consider using Clipchamp, an online video editor with a free online text to speech generator that turn text to speech in seconds and hear your narrative come to life. It has wide selection of Al voices if you don’t want your sturdy voice changing the mood of the game.

Step 4: The Final Edits 

Here are some useful tips for the final stage of editing:

  • Cut out the Unnecessary Stuff

You will find a ton of bad or unnecessary footage. Remove the bits where you cussed out on your device or where the doorbell rang. Bring out your previously sketched milestone map and stick to it. 

  • Merge the Rest

After cutting out the unimportant bits, the next step is to stitch the remaining bits together. Whether you want transitions between the scenes or not, it is your call. If you choose so, you will have to pick the right software that provides transition effects. It is, however, advised to use no or few transitions in one video to seem more authentic. 

  • Add Audio

If the audio was separately recorded, it is important that you place the edits just right. Lagged audio or video is extremely frustrating to watch and provides your channel no value. If you feel it necessary, edit the audio as well. Increase volume wherever necessary and fade in, fade out as required. 

  • Add Yourself

Make your video more engaging by adding yourself to a corner of the screen. You could either capture yourself as you play or record as you react to the gameplay. 

  • Title and Captions

This doesn’t need to be said but be as specific as you can. What game it is, who is presenting it. You may also add subtitles.

  • Highlight the Best Moments

Use the crop zoomapproach or the ‘blurred background’ approach to focus on specific aspects of the video you want the audience to notice. You can also create suspense with the ‘freeze-frame’ effect. 

  • Create an Intro

You’ve come this far. Take the extra step to make an amazing intro video to your gameplay. It doesn’t have to be long or fancy, but having one will help your video stand out.

Wrapping up

You don’t have to do all of these things, but you can find a combination that works best for you and your audience. Your very first video is not likely to be the next Youtube sensation, but be patient and keep improving. You will always find new filters to try out and effects that can literally blow your audience’s brains away. Take your time and put in the effort to put your best foot forward. Have fun with it, and the audience will too. 

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