How To Kill All Mobs In Minecraft?

How To Kill All Mobs In Minecraft?

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What better way to endure being indoors during times of crisis or to refresh one’s mind by taking a break from the stressful and demanding drags of work than through gaming. Gaming is also a good hobby one should adopt, keeping the mind of the player active and entertaining the individual. Imagine when gaming and virtual reality meet, the resulting experience is believably wonderful, and everything all gamers crave to have.

That is the fantastic world for Minecraft players as it allows a player to create a virtual world of his own, building houses and other things. Minecraft also allows the player to construct structures, accumulate assets, to mention a few. This article is going to help the player make his or her Minecraft world more conducive for building things by eliminating or killing mobs in your world of Minecraft.


What are Mobs, and why should a player kill them?

The widely used term Mobs, in Minecraft, is a shortened reference to Mobiles, which are the living creatures or entities that exist in the Minecraft world. They come in different types and shapes, be it animals or monsters. These include pigs, slime, spiders, and horses, to name a few. Some are hostiles, while others are not. Hostile Mobs are the ones to worry about because they primarily seek to destroy or kill the player with every encounter. Mobs are a nuisance when one is trying to build a flat structure, and they disrupt the progress; therefore, here is how one can get rid of mobs in their world.

How To Kill Mobs in Minecraft

Usually, the game allows you to kill Mobs one at a time by utilizing the diamond sword. However, this method always never seems to be competent enough as some hostile Mobs keep coming back. Now for effective killing of Mobs, one can utilize commands, making sure the Mobs are gone for good. Theses kill Command in Minecraft allow one to kill all Mobs, including the player, excluding the player or specify the types of Mobs to kill.

Some platforms such as Xbox 360, Play Station 3 and Wii U do not support these commands. It is a requirement that cheats have to be “on” to run the Minecraft world’s commands. In order to get rid of Mobs, these commands must run a couple of times as some may drop smaller mobs, known as leftovers, for example, slimes and magma cubes.

To run these commands, one should use the chat window, and here is how to open it on different platforms.

  • PC and MAC (Java Edition) – use the T key on your
  • Xbox One and Play Station 4 -tap or press the right D-pad on the controller.
  • Pocket Edition (mobile phones and tablets) -tap or press the chat button, top of the screen.
  • Windows 10 and Education Editions -Press the T key
  • Nintendo Switch -press the right arrow.

Minecraft Kill Command

To kill a Specific type of Mob in Minecraft.

This command explicitly targets a type of Mob and completely removes them from your world. It would help if you looked at the mob directly. Below is the command to run in the chat window:

  • Type: /kill
  • then “@e” to target all entities
  • then type:[type=horse] to specify the type entity to kill
  • Press enter and see all horses dying in your world.
  • The lower-left corner will show the message “killed horse” for each horse killed.

You can also specify the area or radius you want to clear of the mobs by using the following commands:

  • Type: /kill @e[type=horse, r= 30]
  • The “r = 30” part of the command specifies area; for example, in this case, it will kill all horses within a 30 block radius.
  • To kill all Mobs excluding players (including your player).

Using this cheat command, one can kill all mobs of different types, in the Minecraft world, you are in, except for the players, including yourself.

  • In the chat window type: /kill
  • Make use of @e for targeting entities
  • Then type: [type=!player] to kill all mobs except the players
  • Press enter and observe all mobs dying

NB: the command should look like this: /kill @e [type=!player]

The bottom left corner in the game window will show a message that reads “killed xxx” for every mob that the command is killing one after the other.

To kill your player in Minecraft.

This command is applicable when you want to kill your player for some reason in your Minecraft world. It may be because you are lost, and you want the quickest way to get home; therefore, utilize this kill command and respawn where the player last slept, usually home. Here are the commands for using this cheat.

  • In the chat window, type: /kill
  • Press enter and the game will end
  • The message “You died!” appears on the screen with buttons giving you the option to respawn. In this case, you press the respawn
  • You lose all inventory; however, you can regain by tracing your steps back to the point where you died.

To Sum Up: Minecraft Kill Command

I hope this article, How To Kill Mobs in Minecraft will help remove one worry or a whole lot of them for you. As a gamer of Minecraft, knowing these cheats or commands is essential, as you can know when you might need them to save your structures in your world from mobs. It should also be of note that some mobs might require you to run these commands more than once or twice to remove leftovers or mobs effectively.

Therefore, in conclusion, the entire article above illustrates the methods to kill mobs for mobs in Minecraft, and they are for helping you make your construction dream come true. The kill Command in Minecraft can also be of use when you want to return home safely. So equip yourself with knowledge of these commands and experience the wonderful world of Minecraft gaming on your PC or MAC, Play Station 4, Windows 10 edition, Education edition, Nintendo switch, and Pocket edition platforms.

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