Here Is The Reasons and How to Fix “Roblox Error Code 277”

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Roblox is an online platform known to attract millions of users monthly. It’s because of the services it offers to gamers and game developers. It allows them to develop their games and will enable them to share and play on the platform. Unfortunately, many users report having encountered Roblox error 277. A pop-up message which reads “disconnected, lost connection to the game server, please reconnect (error code 277) ” signifies the error.

What causes the error?

Though the roblox error code 277 usually encountered in gaming consoles, it is more common in windows, IOS, and Mac devices. The exact cause is not yet known, even the Roblox developers are not quite sure and are still working on fixing it. Possible causes will get discussed in this post.

Cause 1: Poor network connection

Most Roblox platform users attribute the error to the poor internet connection. Roblox being an online platform, requires a good internet connection. It takes only one game played with a bad connection to ruin a multiplayer game with the error. Other users claim that the problem lies within the port the router uses to link to the game. Thus it is crucial to also check networking hardware like the previously mentioned router port.

Cause 2: Corrupted Windows System files.

Roblox requires a robust operating system environment to run smoothly. File corruption occurs in the windows registry when a computer is recovering from a virus or spyware attack or by an improper shutdown. With corrupted windows systems files, some crucial functions will not run, leading to Roblox error generation. One usually needs to reinstall windows to solve the issue permanently.

Cause 3: Incomplete Roblox installation

Sometimes there may be missing files in a zipped setup file of the software. It usually occurs when the file setup gets downloaded from non-conventional vendors like pirating websites. To be specific, go to the Roblox homepage to get the authentic setup files.

Case 4: Server disconnection on the Roblox site.

Roblox server disconnection occurs when there is routine maintenance gets done. So this means it should work just fine soon as maintenance works are all done.

Case 5: Bugs

A sudden freeze occurs when the system is overwhelmed, possibly because the game is bigger than the one required by the platform. It is thus important to follow due procedures in terms of game development on the site. For Windows devices, bugs activate windows firewall, which can disrupt Roblox functionality.

Fixing error code 277 Roblox

The triggers of the error code 277 Roblox message, which have outlined, are considered basic because the problem deemed to lie deep within the code. Most reliable fixes are as follows.

Fix 1: Use the Roblox error 277 utility tool.

This tool designed to diagnose and repair issues, mainly within the registry. Thus it fixes mostly corrupted files and is considered the best method of dealing with the error. It also clears cache and bugs. It comes with startup customization, database file extension, and live updates. The steps to be followed when using it to fix the error are as follows:

1.Download error 277 Roblox utility tool for the specific windows operating system.

2. Install the software, run it, and click “scan now” and wait patiently till completion.

3. Click the fix button to solve detected issues and patiently wait as the problems get fixed.

4. Restart the computer after fix completes.

Fix 2: Update Default Browser

Roblox developers designed it in such a way that it runs smoothly with google chrome browser. Whenever the browser is updated, Roblox updates to the latest version as well. Thus it is crucial to keep the browser up-to-date. Checking security settings of the browser and removing any AD blockers or add-ons is known to have worked in some cases.

Fix3: Run Roblox compatibility mode

Compatibility issues are familiar with Windows 10. Roblox player initially designed for older operating systems, which explains error generation. Either changing compatibility settings do the fix for Roblox or by running windows compatibility troubleshooter. Follow the steps:

Changing compatibility for Roblox

1. Right-click on the Roblox app and choose properties.

2. Click on the compatibility tab as well as checkmark” Afterwards Run this program in compatibility mode.”

3. Select the windows to version for the app’s settings and click the apply button.

Windows compatibility troubleshooter

1. Type and search for a run on the windows start button.

2. Click on previous versions of windows.

3. Click ok to initiate troubleshooting.

4. Look for Roblox from a list of troublesome apps.

5. Select the recommended troubleshooting option.

7. Restart pc to save changes.

Fix 4: Delete Roblox log files.

This includes cache, which takes up essential space and possibly causes glitches. It can also cause exaggerated slowness in loading processes. To clear log files here are the steps to be taken:

1. Press Windows +R key; it will run dialog.

2. Type %localappdata%\Roblox\logs in run dialog box.

3. Press enter.

4.Press Ctrl +A for the selection of entire files.

5.Press shift +delete to wipe them out.

4. Type %USERPROFILE\AppData\Locallow\Rbxlogs\ ,on the run dialog and enter.

5. Repeat steps 3&5 and try to rerun Roblox.

Fix 5: Connect to a different network.

As mentioned earlier, a poor network, which results in loss of connectivity, generates the error. One has to choose a different system with the hope of having a strong connection. For Windows devices, it might also require resetting internet options. Otherwise, a broken router might be the culprit in some instances.


In rare cases, the previously mentioned fixes fail to solve the Roblox problem. Windows devices such as computers and laptops have a system restore feature which can reverse the error by automatically resetting to a point when there was no Roblox error code 277. The user should have created a restoration point earlier, one in which Roblox worked perfectly fine. The good news is that the developers have been working on closing all loopholes in their code so that this unexpected error will be a thing of the past.

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