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Illegal sales and Bitcoin: Controversy in the United States

In previous posts, we explain the topics related to the cryptocurrencies. Such as its ease of usages and freedom when making transactions. This time, we will show its negative side; being just this the justification that the regulators and legislators of each country or company possess. We will use as a reference the report made […]

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What Is An ICO (Initial Coin Offering) of Cryptocurrency

Many of company that acts as a “trader” of cryptocurrencies. However, we are not started talking about activity of trading company. We already know Masterchain company has the credit of having become the first ICO in history. To put it simply, it is the first company that funded a project with an innovative (and up […]

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How to be A Successful Trader in Cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency are now a trend that promises to change the worldwide economy. There are already involve in commercial operations worldwide. In addition, some countries have chosen to accept this currency as a means of payment, which means that the economic future is in cryptocurrency. Although, most people feels to invest more on them and […]

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What is The Future of Cryptocurrency?

Since the beginning of cryptocoin movement, the opinions of many economists has doubt. However, cryptocurrencies can change the future financial system. Its possibilities rise causing of global crisis. However, the best-known cryptocurrencies remain in well position around the world regardless of the opinion & criticism. Though experts & analysts already express their concern in many […]

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