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The Best Torrenting Sites 2018 For Download And Search

Despite the streaming platforms and other alternatives to access content, P2P networks continue to be of paramount importance to users. Always living on the edge of the law, many portals have managed to survive for years. Due to this, many of the web pages that work as search engines for torrents, have to change habitually […]

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Finney: This Will Be The First Blockchain Phone In The World

Sirin Labs is developing the first integrated phone with Blockchain technology called Finney on the market. SIRIN strengthened ties with Foxconn International Holding (FIH), with whom the fundraiser (US $ 157.8 million) began for the device, called ‘Finney’. For its part, the new devices will integrate prominent functions in Blockchain technology, such as the use […]

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5 Modern Equipment That Rely on Precision Motion Control

Today, there is an abundance of modern equipment and devices that are equipped with motion control capabilities. Allowing us to perform tasks that would probably have seemed miraculous for people who lived in the past. Many of these machines, like the numerous assembly and manufacturing equipment we have today. Help us design and produce goods […]

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Google X’s Project Wing Platform For Drones Delivering Burritos

Most recently, Google X launched its drone-based delivery system known as the Project Wing. Outwardly, the project wing sounded like the Amazon Prime Air. But closer inspection revealed that Google had more elevated goals than the Sriracha airdropping emergency bottles. The Project Wing project has been under development for over two years and the main […]

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Eleven Amazing Trends for Digital Transformation In 2018

Digital transformations are changing the ways organizations used to market their product/services. Digital transformation has moved placed the business on fast track and with no way to go back. Digital transformation is finding a way to improve the digital presence of the brands and making them invest more money in the coming years. It is […]

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