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7 free startup 3D graphics programs help you to create model
3D graphics programs are the demand of the day. 3D printers, for example, can be used in classrooms, requiring prior[...]
High-Tech Best Car Gadgets Awesomely Useful while You Driving
All the best car gadgets inventions made for the car are meant to make the travel more enjoyable and lessen the[...]
Do you have a digital camera? See how they work!
You see your first daughter taking her first steps and luckily your camera in your hands. You get excited and[...]
How to turn your personal blog into your business
Today, many people have a hobby blog where they share topics of personal interest. However, turning  into a profitable personal[...]
The Best SSD 2017 (Buyer’s Guide)
Best SSD 2017 are gradually becoming more popular among computer manufacturers and footwear users, who are looking for a solution[...]
The best ways to improve the WiFi signal in 2017 for maximum speed
If you thought that in 2017 you would have a super WiFi internet connection that would fly at maximum speed[...]
Future of 3D printing healthcare applications
Certainly the medical applications are the most surprising if that 3D printing healthcare applications. However, although this technology is becoming[...]
Undoubtedly, the mobile devices of Apple people are some of the most important in the world, causing users of the[...]
IBM prepares First Commercial “Universal Quantum Computer: The New Future of AI
The promise of quantum computing is closer to being achieved. IBM has announced that they will begin raising the first[...]
Nokia 6: the return of the iconic brand arrives with Android 7.0
HMD Global, the Finnish company that holds the brand rights of Nokia will introduce a new product this January. It[...]
Android co-founder Andy Rubin shows off his first Essential smartphone without bezels
A little more than two years ago, Andy Rubin, one of the creators of Android, left Google with the interest[...]
SpaceX plans to send 2 tourists around the Moon in 2018
A US company SpaceX plans has reached an agreement on Monday . Falcon Heavy rocket that can be used to launch[...]
That’s the futuristic look of the new Apple campus is coming to an end
The new campus of Apple, called Apple campus 2, will be the future headquarters of the Cupertino. It is still[...]
Nokia 3310, return the new version of phone that marked an era: features and price
The outlook of mobile telephony this year received an innovation that many expected: the return of New Nokia 3310. The[...]
NASA wants to create the coldest place in the Universe
NASA aims to create the coldest place in the Universe on the International Space Station (ISS). They will send a[...]
What is the blockchain or chain of blocks?
Although bitcoin uses this technology to archive transactions and virtual currencies, the reality is that it has started to give[...]
LiFi: technology that will revolutionize mobile communications
Have you tried to congratulate your friends and family on the New Year on January 1st at 00:00 hours? Well[...]
US scientists design an artificial kidney with Nano filters that could replace dialysis
The artificial kidney, about to enter its testing phase in humans, will combine electronic and organic elements, and will be[...]
New way of life: Scientists create the first semisynthetic life form with artificial DNA
From the moment life appeared on Earth, the natural genetic code of all living beings is based on a sequence[...]
BIONIC Lens that will give you a superhuman vision of 8 minute surgery
From now, we have entered the exciting era of bionics, we have discussed progress made to improve the condition of[...]
Zealandia: Scientists discover a new continent that change the world map!
From children we are taught that the continents of the Earth are America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, Asia and Antarctica. There[...]
A biosensor can detects HIV only one week after infection
A team of the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) in Spain has developed a biosensor that can detect HIV-1[...]


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