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What We Know About Most Expensive Drones

Drones are basically unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) that have been developed in various types. The commonly available drones are the ones that various people such as technology enthusiasts, photographers, professionals etc use either to apply them in photography, farming, and so on, or for the simple joy of flying them. The FAA or the Federal […]

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How Does a Chainsaw Work?

Trees form a large part of the environment. They serve an important role in the ecosystem. They complete the equation supporting life and make the environment clean. However, people also depend on them for things such as furniture and construction. This factor explains the reason behind the invention of chainsaws. Some trees age faster and […]

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Bitmain Energy Efficient Antminer S3 441Gh/s For Potential Earnings

The manufacturer has based the AntMiner S3 441Gh/s @ 0.77W/Gh 28nm SHA-256 ASIC Miner on 28nm silicon. The product claims to deliver 478GH/s and consumes 366W electricity power. That alone makes it more power efficient. The manufacturer has also priced the product at 0.75 BTC. And because the AntMiner S3 churns out 478GH/s and consumes […]

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  • September 4, 2017
  • Gear

Antminer Power Supply APW3 Designed for the AntMiner L3

Among the components that Bitcoin miners often overlook is the power supply unit (PSU). Without a PSU, your miner will not run. The power supply is also crucial because its quality will dictate the Bitcoin miner you will connect to it down the road. If you select the low-end power supplies, you might not be […]

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  • August 31, 2017
  • Gear
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