Unreal Engine Vs Unity: Ultimate Differences For Android Game

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Game developers know what it means to choose a game engine. The game engines choice determines the quality of the gaming experiences by the users. There are many great games engines you will come across. But, within the scope of this post, we will compare two game engines- Unreal Engine Vs Unity engine. The two engines are popular, and many developers have used them for their games. Each engine has its distinct features and abilities that make it stand out.

Unity Vs Unreal, which one is better over the other. The best way to identify your best pick is to understand the distinct features of each engine. Also, assess your needs to understand which one best serves.

In this article, we will focus on each of these independent engines. While each engine is excellent, each is superior over the other based on the project you would like to use the engine. The best way to go about choosing which engine to use is first to identify your game project.

Unreal Game Engine- Overview

Unreal engine 4 is an American brand developed by Epic Games. It popularly inherited by UDK (Unreal Development Kit).

Unreal engine 4 is very advanced with great features.   In a single game scene, the engine can handle millions of particles.

5% royalty fee from the game earnings. In other words, Epic Games earns 5% of all your profits.

There are many opportunities you can make real money on the Unreal engine. For instance, you can make money through in-app purchases, game sell charges, and in-game ads.

The game developers use the engine for free if their game earnings are below $3,000 per quarter.

Developers can create games using Blueprint technology. This makes it possible for users with little coding skills use the engine. They can conveniently create a game. However, sets created using Blue Visual Scripting have limitation.

Unity Engine-Overview

Unity is suitable for creating 2D/3D games while unreal is best for high graphics games.

Unity engine was launched in 2005 by Apple and it runs on Mac OS. However, in the recent years, the game has been advanced run on many other platforms.

Unreal And Unity Game Engine Comparison

  1. Easy to use and integration

Unity game engine is a leading game engine suitable for developers who are starting in their game developing a career. The engine offers its users a lot of tool options, and it’s easy to use. One notable option is integration capability. Developers using Unity can switch across various platforms. For instance; Windows, Android, IOS, etc. Compared to Unreal engine, unity engine is way far better.

  • Visual level

Unity requires one to work more on a game to achieve high quality optics. For unreal, you can deliver high quality visual without necessarily working more. When comparing visuals from the two engines separately, you will notice the clear distinction. Unreal engine visuals are brighter compared to unity visuals. Therefore, if your primary need is high quality visuals, then you need to go for the unreal engine right away.

  • The device you are using

You need to have the targeted device in mind before you pick the game engine. Various devices function differently. For instance, if you want to develop a game for use on low power devices like mobile phones, then you need unity engine.

On the other hand, high power devices require you to use the Unreal engine.

  • Team size

To work with an elaborate team along different stages of game development, unreal is the best choice. The team members can discuss and come into consensus.

On the other hand, the unity is suitable for games that require straight input from the team members. The engine is appropriate when you are working on a game as an individual or as a small group. You can move quickly and get the necessary advance faster at each stage.

  • Type of User

Developers and visual artists view these two engines differently. Both have different needs that make choosing the right engine a significant undertaking. For visual artists, the unreal engine is the program of choice. They can access and play around visuals fast and simply on unreal engine.

Unity engine will be your first choice if you are a developer.

  • 3D game

Unity engine supports 3D games which are a plus. The engine supports quit several file formats commonly used in the 3D programs. The developers can access thousands of 3D games- some are paid, while others are available for free.

  • Coding

Unity engine uses C# and JavaScript. It can use either of the two and therefore it presents no challenge of switching it to another. Unreal uses C++ which is a bit difficult to most users. That makes Unity engine a preference to many.

  • User Interface

Unity engine has a simple user interface suitable for use even on Windows XP Service Pack 2. Unreal engine has a bit complex user interface which make it difficult to use. However, for professional work, Unreal is the best engine you can use.


From the above discussion you realise both games are independently superior in their own rights. When you are supposed to choose- unreal vs unity, you can choose Unity engine. The program is user friendly and you don’t need special expertise.

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