The Best Final Cut Pro Alternatives For Windows

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Final Cut Pro for windows, a popular video editing software, has close alternatives which we will look at in this post. Final cut pro, a video editing product by Apple has been in the market for about two decades now. Since its release from back in 1999, the software has been favorite among video editors. Its popularity’s not about to cease despite the presence of better alternatives.

While Final Cut is suitably designed for Mac computers, some users have PC. There is no legal Final Cut PC. However, there is a way you can install the software and use on your PC although the process is long complicated. It’s essential to be aware that it is against the copyright laws to use Final Cut Pro for PC.

So, if you have a PC, and you would like to edit video over your computer, you don’t have to go through the whole process necessarily. You can look for alternative editing software that is designed and licensed for use as Final cut pro PC. If you get a software which you can use on either Mac or PC, it’s even better.

Features and Benefits of Final Cut Pro

  • Great performance. The software edits at optimal speed, and users don’t experience

any itch even when editing 4K UHD video. The software works best on Mac computer which is common, so the users don’t have to look for another computer. Apple designed this software specifically for Mac computers.

  • The software can be used to perform complex editing tasks.

When handling complex editing task, you don’t have to look for another editing application. Final Cut Pro works well and will serve you best. Even when you are a beginner, you will find the software usual since you can easily navigate through the features. For experienced users, it’s easy for you to customize the tools to perform your specific tasks with ease, and within a short period.

  • Some of the advanced features you will find in Final Cut Pro include multi-cam editing, vibration reduction tool, color correction tools and audio syncing.
  • Ability to compress videos

Final cut for windows allows one to compress documents to occupy less disk space. Apple created ProRes codec for this purpose. Apart from allowing for storage of files in compressed form, ProRes codec files can be edited without any problem. Even better, you can export the documents saved in this format to other editing software without interfering with the document quality.

Let us look into each software in detail;

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

The program is popular in the film industry. This is the leading competitor for Final Cut Pro. Adobe’s Premiere Pro CC has a competitive advantage since Apple software is designed exclusively for Premiere Pro. It offers essential video editing features that many editors look for.

Premiere, Pro CC is the closest alternative to Final Cut Pro.

There is even a better version of this software than the first launched Premiere Pro CC. The current Adobe Premiere Pro CC has very advanced and has excellent features. The software can perform complex editing tasks.

Unlike Final Cut Pro where you have to purchase it, Adobe Premiere Pro offers an option of doing monthly subscriptions. This makes a bit affordable since you can subscribe and pay on need bases.

  • Black Magic Design’s Da Vinci Resolve 14

This software is suitable for performing complex editing work. The software is famous for editing Hollywood movies. The program helps the colourists achieve the best colours as it modifies colours so well. The program uses the BMD camera model. If you don’t have this camera, you have to incur extra cost to acquire their studio version. The program allows for multi-user collaboration.

The program is not easily accessible. As a strategy to gain footing in the market, the program comes with a manual, and there are free tutorials online.

If you want to learn about video editing, you can opt for the free version of the Black Magic. This option has few restrictions, but it’s still advanced compared to other alternatives.

  • Cyber link’s Power Director Ultimate 16

This software is relatively affordable and works like Final Cut Pro. If you have used Final Cut Pro before, then this program works the same way. While it doesn’t have a few of original feature, it’s still one of the best and affordable video editor you can come across.

The program is best suited for personal use. You can use it for simple editing functions which are not for commercial purposes.

The software does not support ProRes so if you would like to import documents you must convert them before importing.

  • Vegas Pro 15 Edit

This software is not accessible. MAGIX acquired Sony Vegas Pro that was popular in the production of TV shows and Films. MAGIX had noticed Sony was focused on video editing and production.

The software is a suitable alternative to Final Cut Pro since it works almost in the same way.

The software is a bit expensive, but you can still find good bargains especially during promotions.


The software was prevalent in the past, and it’s considered an old school.

The program is available for PC users. When being this software, it offers flat-rate pricing. You don’t have to do subscriptions.

  • AVID Media Composer

This program is quite popular in Hollywood, and it’s an alternative to Final Cut especially if you are using PC. The program allows for the organizing of imported files.

AVID Media Composer is free, but you can also subscribe to paid option for more features.

The program is suitable for commercial and professional use. There are no tutorials online. That means it’s not favorable if you are a beginner in the world of video editing.

With the above list, you can easily pick the alternative final cut pro for windows based on your needs, and preference.

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