List of Best Popular Video Games All Time

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There are many favourite video games. But, what makes one say a game is most prevalent? Does a game with huge sales volumes mean it’s popular? Let’s first look at a few essential pointers to measure whether a game is popular.

  • Memories. A lot of players have fond memories of games which translate to the popularity of the game.
  • Recognition. Gamers will mention the favorite games they like. Mostly, the mentioned games are universal, meaning they are popular among many game lovers.

The most played video game of all time is the most popular.

With that crucial information on how to determine the popularity of a game, let me give you a list of most popular videos games of all time. The record does not rank the games in the order of popularity, but all games in this list are favorite.


This video game was released in 2016. Since then, many gamers have embraced it. There is no sign of the game losing its popularity soon. Many new players are looking for this game every day.

The game features beautiful characters, and it’s aim based.


Watching this game is pure fun. You can watch the game repeatedly without getting bored. It has been around for many years; it still thrills people in watching it. If you are a fan of video games, and you haven’t heard of The Sims, you need to look for it. 


You cannot mention the top-rated video games and do not mention Legend of Zelda. It’s one of the most popular video games. This game marked a critical point in the scenes of video gaming. It was the game to give the gamers an experience of 3D. The set contains commendable soundtracks and brings nostalgic memories. 

For every gamer, you must know Legend of Zelda.


The game has been popular since the time of its release. Even among people who don’t like video games have heard of it. It’s a game that is mentioned at all times, even by non-gamers.


Minecraft is a game of choice at all times. The adults, and children too like this game. All age groups can watch the game.


The game is accessible to date. People have not only heard about it, but they have also played it. Last Fantasy game was and still is a game of choice among players.


Its popularity cuts across all age groups. The game has been sold in thousands of copies. There is no particular reason for its popularity except that The Wii is popular. Maybe that’s why many people like it.

Wii Sports is a game you cannot play and keep a stony face. Even the hard-core players mostly put on a smile. The game is enjoyable. Wii sports gamers got unique skill to socialize even with non-gamers. This only makes the game even more popular.


For decades, the game has been simplified and still is. There are advanced versions of this game, but the original game is still unbeatable. It’s fans to play this game. It is only in this game you can enjoy drinking and driving. If you haven’t played it yet- you cannot afford to miss it for your entire life. Look for it and have fun as it has remained the most popular game of all time.


The game has existed years now since its release in 2004. Are you have come across the game, then you must know it’s more than a game- it’s a lifestyle. The game allows the player to interact with players from across the world. Lovers of these games have a peculiar culture of their own. When you play this game for the first time, it’s hard to stop. You will only look forward to the next game time because of the interactions it offers.

It’s popularly known as WOW.


Street Fighter II has existed for decades now. It’s the most popular games of all time. Its popularity is not dying soon. The gamers have embraced the game even for professional competitions.

There is a book dedicated to this game. This has enhanced its recognition for years. It will remain a permanent sensation among gamers because there is no sign a better version coming to overtake it.


Tetris is one of the most popular game ever among the aged. While it’s not known by the youths today, every old person will mention Tetris as among the favorites since those past days. Over the years, the game has not lost its popularity, especially with among the old generation.


This game is available as a series. The characters featured on this game are of other two favorite video games- Final Fantasy, and Disney.

The series makes the game gain unquenchable vibe. Everyone wants to keep to date with the newest series. The player is always looking forward to the latest releases of this game.  It’s one of the most downloaded games of all time.


Video games are evolving, each with the continually improving technology. New video games are replacing popular old ones every day. However, as you have noted from the above list, many games have refused to leave the scenes. They remain accessible and relevant despite the changes.

If you are looking for the most popular video game of all time, these are the video game titles you should look out for.

 They are easy to come across. You can get a common ground to interact with other gamers. The player knows about these games. Either they have heard of them, or they have played them.  

Once you play these games, you cannot resist the urge to play the game again. You will even refer others to try out the game and have the first-hand experience. That’s why the games will stay with us for long. While other games are being kept at the back each day, these games will remain top-rated for more years. 

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