Monster Legends Breeding Guide With Charts

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Perhaps, you are already an addict of Monster Legends game, which is among the most downloaded online player vs. players mobile game. Currently, the game has over 18 million downloads on Google Play Store and over 20 million downloads on Apple App Store. That should tell you that its users are more than 40 million on the globe. And according to the official statements from its developers, the app is growing more popular each day.

Monster Legends involves many activities because it is a many-sided game. To be a successful Monster Master, you need diverse and strong bestiary. Without a good army of monsters, it will be hard to fight the computer-owned creatures or win the multiplayer battles. To make a redoubtable stable of beasts, start by understanding every element of the game and each of them applies to the monster creation. To unlock the exciting and powerful monsters of the game, you must be proficient when it comes to breeding monsters.

What is Monster Legends breeding?

Research, breeding, evolution and mining are just a few of the gameplay concepts in most multi-play games. Mining allows players to collect various resources to upgrade their laboratories and do researches. With research, they can unlock the superior powers, weapons and species. Gems help you speed up your research and the up-gradation process. However, breeding is different. It is available on a few games that involve heroes and monsters. It allows players to blend the power of two or even more species and create an ultimate new monster or hero.

Breeding is among the core activities of Monster Legends. The game requires you to do mining, purchase or collect gems, do research and then make new species to evolve your monsters. With the help of the new monsters, you can raid your opponents and loot all their resources. The developers claim that Monster Legends has over 300 types of monsters. This Monster Legends breeding guide will help you breed new species of monsters easily.

How to breed monsters

The process of combining two monsters to make a dominant beast is uncomplicated. Start by choosing the Breeding Mountain, situated near the Hatchery on your island. Hit the Breed button, which brings a two-sided table showing all the active monsters. Select the two beasts you want to breed, one from your right column and the other from the left column push your Start Breeding button.

After the breeding ends, choose the Take Egg option so that your hybrid’s egg can proceed to the hatchery. Start the countdown timer when the egg is in the hatchery. You have to wait for the set amount of time to elapse for both the breeding and hatching – the time correlates with the rarity and level of the monster. To speed up the time, you have to spend gems or gold by taking the promotional incentives.

After the new monster hatches, you will have to decide on whether you should sell it or place it in the right habitat. Breeding two common monsters, also known as single-element monsters, will result in one basic uncommon (known as hybrid) monster. If you are lucky, the outcome might be an Epic or Rare beast. Players can breed dual-element monsters too.

Common monsters are generally the weakest when it comes to attacking their elements but they provide more resistant against them. However, when breeding, general weaknesses and strengths of the hybrid monsters may vary according to the combination.

Even though the steps involved in breeding monsters are easy, knowing the monsters to combine to get a good outcome is hard. Here are some of the breeding combinations you need to try. We have categorized them by the base element.


Specie 1Specie 2Result
FiresaurTyrannokingFlickie or Firetaur
FiresaurRockillaFirekong or Freetle
FiresaurThunder EagleGigram or Thundernix
FiresaurTreezardGreenasaur or Pandaken
FiresaurMersnakeSealion or Vapwhirl
FiresaurMetalsaurEsmelter or Fornax
FiresaurGeniePyrook or Djinn


Specie 1Specie 2Result
MersnakeTreezardSheluke / Bumblesnout
GenieTreezardBloomskips / Pandalf
FiresaurTreezardGreenasaur / Pandaken
RockillaTreezardTarzape / Rarawr
MetalsaurTreezardCrux / Jonskeer
TyrannokingTreezardDendrosaur / Utochomp
Light SpiritTreezardRudicius / Vixsun


Specie 1Specie 2Result
RockillaLight SpiritGoldcore / Light Spinx
RockillaTyrannokingBeefcake / Obsidia
Thunder EagleRockillaElectrex / Bonbon
RockillaTreezardTarzape / Rarawr
MetalsaurRockillaGravoid / Rockneto
RockillaTreezardFreetle / Firekong
MersnakeRockillaMusu / Gastosquish


Specie 1Specie 2Result
Thunder EagleFiresaurGigram/Thundenix
Thunder EagleRockillaElectrex/Bonbon
Thunder EagleMersnakeShock Turtle/Koopigg
Thunder EagleTyrannokingTerror Dactyl/Shanky
Thunder EagleGenieRaydex/Sparkwedge
Thunder EagleLight SpiritPelitwiri/Pulseprism
Thunder EagleMetalsaurLesaki/Garuda


Specie 1Specie 2Result
Light SpiritMersnakeRaane / Blesstle
Thunder EagleMersnakeKoopigg / Shock Turtle
MersnakeTreezardBumblesnout / Sheluke
FiresaurMersnakeVapwhirl / Sealion
MersnakeMetalsaurMetaselach / Metanephrops
GenieMersnakeOctocrush / Dolphchamp
MersnakeRockillaMusu / Gastosquish


Specie 1Specie 2Result
TyrannokingLight SpiritFayemelina / Succuba
TyrannokingThunder EagleShanky / Terror Doctyl
FiresaurTyrannokingFiretaur / Flickie
MetalsaurTyrannokingVortux / Omethyst
GenieTyrannokingHaze / Giragast
TyrannokingTreezardDendrosaur / Utochomp
TyrannokingRockillaBeefcake / Obsidia


Specie 1Specie 2Result
MersnakeGenieOctocrush / Dolphchamp
GenieTreezardPandalf / Bloomskips
MetalsaurGenieDommeath / Manolyth
GenieFiresaurDjinn / Pyrook
Thunder EagleGenieSparkwedge / Raydex
GenieLight SpiritZim / Flawless
GenieTyrannokingGiragast / Haze


Specie 1Specie 2Result
Light SpiritRockillaGoldcore / LightSphinx
Light SpiritTyrannokingFayemelina / Succuba
Light SpiritTreezardRudicius / Vixsun
MersnakeLight SpiritRaane / Blesstle
MetalsaurLight SpiritAurinia / Heimdal
Light SpiritThunder EaglePulseprism / Pelitwirl
GenieLight SpiritZim / Flawless


Specie 1Specie 2Result
RockillaMetalsaurGravoid / Rockneto
Light SpiritMetalsaurAurinia / Heimdal
MetalsaurFiresaurFornax / Esmelter
Thunder EagleMetalsaurGaruda M3 / Lesaki
MetalsaurTyrannokingVortux / Omethyst
GenieMetalsaurDommeath / Manolyth
MetalsaurTreezardCrux / Jonskeer
MetalsaurMersnakeMetaselach / Metanephrops

Breeding events and legendary monsters

In addition to the Common, Rare, Uncommon and the Epic beasts, Monster Legends features classification of breedable fighters. The powerful creatures in this game are only bred by blending two particular hybrids, including those mentioned above. Breeding of the elite monsters has changed recently and the public information relating to proper pairings is being compiled.

So, that is the information you need to start Monster Legends breeding. Keep in mind that every monster has unique weaknesses and strengths. Use them correctly, if your goal is to win every game. The charts will help you start your breeding.

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