BabyDow Alternatives | List of Simulation Games Like ‘BabyDow’

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Babydow was an online game for adults, teens and kids who love fantasy virtual worlds. The developers based it on life simulation. But lovers of life simulation games could play it too. One great thing about the life simulation game was an interesting gameplay. After opening the game, you would have to adopt a baby and take good care of him/her as the game progressed. Your main work would be to bathe the baby, clothe him and feed him in addition to other duties. 

If you would want to be a parent soon or to experience how it would feel to care for your baby, game-like Babydow is worth trying. They offer you a chance to be a parent in the virtual world during your free time. By doing all the work parents do for their children, you will witness how children grow. Moreover, the games assign you several tasks that can help you make money as your reward. Unlock new game levels with the money you earn. 

So, what happened to Babydow?

The simple answer is that the developers closed the game on the 30th of June 2014. So, if you still need to play life simulation games, you have to try the available games like babydow.

Here are the options to try babydow alternatives.

  • Daddy’s Little Helper
  • Imagine Party Babyz
  • My Baby Care
  • Baby Valley
  • Baby and Me
  • Baby Blimp
  • Babysitting
  • Baby Boom
  • Super Mom
  • Cyber Infants

Daddy’s Little Helper

At times, you will need to care for an adult. That is what Daddy’s Little Helper allows you to do. You can install the game onto your Android or iOS device and become the _caregiver of your father who is unable to do anything right. The gameplay of this game is unique. You will have to clean your father’s messy house and do other house chores. Wash the dirty pots, cook dinner, iron laundry and tidy up his living room. Again, you will have to decorate the fridge with magnets. 

Imagine Party Babyz

Your gameplay should not be limited to a computer – you should also be able to play on your mobile devices. The Imagine Party Baby is a multiplayer simulation that you can play with other four players. The game from Ubisoft is designed for Nintendo Wii and Wii U. Everything happens in a stunning world where you will take the role of a babysitting academy operator. Apart from that, you will be able to access other outdoor and indoor games such as Red Light Green Light, Puzzles and Tricycle Racing. Select an avatar and work to achieve your goals.

My Baby Care

Allow your kid to become a babysitter at an early age and experience what it feels to care for a baby with the help of My Baby Care game. In this computer game, your child has to take care of a baby and do everything a babysitter does. Your kid will manage to run a kindergarten at home and take care of many children or perform many of the activities expected in real life such as preparing food for the baby, dressing up babies, changing nappies and playing with kids. Your kid will have the steps they will need to care for babies. The game offers easy controls, addictive gameplay, great mechanics and brilliant graphics. 

Baby Valley

This amazing game for kids is free-to-access. Adults who also want to know how it feels to care for a baby can also try the game. Your goal will be to raise your virtual baby, taking good care of her until she is age three. The game has three key game modes, including Makeover, Taking of my Baby and Baby Valley Community. With the Taking Care of My Baby mode, you will be able to care for the baby in terms of nutrition health and cleanliness. With Makeover My Baby mode, you can groom the baby with trendy attire, cloths, stylish cuts and accessories. Finally, Baby Valley Community mode allows you to make a page to connect with other people and show them your capabilities when it comes to caring for babies. One of babydow alternatives you can try.

Baby and Me

If you love babies and you want to experience how it feels to care for them and see them grow, this is another babydow alternatives game to try. With the game, you will become a modern era mom and care for a new born. The game is not only addictive but it provides to helpful modes. Taking Care mode is the first and it allows you to ensure that both the baby and her mom are happy by doing things like giving the baby a bath, changing diapers and feeding her. The second mode allows you to craft various items for the baby such as food, diapers and baby soaps. If you progress well, you will earn reward points that you can use to shop for items your baby needs. 

Baby Blimp

If you are one of the people who love simulation games, you have to try Baby Blimp as babydow alternatives. The developers of this life-simulation game based it in the stories parents and teachers tell their children about their origin. You will work as Chief Stork or the Baby Blimp manager as the maker of babies. After making a baby, you will have to deliver her to her parents. In between the creation and delivery of the baby to parents, you will have to do everything a caregiver does, such as making the baby happy with beautiful toys, feeding him and doing everything nicely. 


Perhaps, you have always thought that the work of caring for babies is easy. That is likely to change after playing the Babysitting game. You will realize how hard it is to care for babies after playing this life-simulation game. From feeding them to changing of their clothing and making them sleep, you will have a lot of work to do. As the kindergarten owner, your work is to babysit the children the whole day.

Baby Boom 

This free to play Online Virtual World game for moms is ideal for parents who want to learn how to care for new born babies.  With this brilliant game, you will babysit babies, care for them, clean them and feed them. Whenever a baby cries for extended periods, the game will deduct your reward points automatically. Expect to learn everything you need to care for your baby with this life simulation game. 

Super Mom

To show the entire world that you are a super mom, you will have to try a big Life-Simulation game. In this Babydow game alternative, you will do everything a mom does such as feeding, bathing, changing diapers and burping the baby. Use some accessories and cloths to make the baby gorgeous. To make the baby happy, you will need to sing songs and play with her. 

Cyber Infants 

The list of free-to-play life-simulation games is long. Cyber Infants is designed for people who want to care for newborn babies but are not ready in their real life. One of best games of babydow alternatives. You just need to adopt a baby in the game and start caring for him/her. Raise the baby as a normal baby. Start by giving him a beautiful name, feed him, burp him, give him a bath and buy him beautiful clothes. Expect the baby to get sleepy, hungry, fussy, cranky and to demand your attention. You will get Care Points for caring for him.

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