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Perhaps, you would want to watch sensational movies and television shows but you do not like packing up and going to the local entertainment centres. CmoviesHD website offers you a good opportunity to arrange your movie time without leaving the comfort of your favourite chair or even room. All you need to do is order more popcorn and pour your favourite drinks while enjoying the offered content. And what is more important is that you will not pay any cent to watch the programs. 

Cmovieshd website offers Hollywood, Telugu, Tamil and Bollywood movies at no cost. Perhaps, you have already come across it when searching free HD movies on the internet. Unlike many other movie sites that authorities have banned, Cmovieshd has stood for many years – and it gets better day after day. However, you should keep in mind that Cmovieshd and its sister sites do not index on Google. That means it is hard to get URL links to the most recent movies or the popular movies. Nearly 90 percent of individuals who love the most recent Tamil, Telugu and the English Dubbed Malaylam and Hindi movies have used the site severally. It is among the leading providers of HD movies and the admins will notify you of any release within 1-2 days.

The available CmoviesHD alternatives review

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • HotStar
  • iTunes and Google Play
  • HBO Go/ HBO Now
  • YouTube
  • Hulu
  • Sling TV

It is hard to find someone who never watches TV shows or movies. Developers of CmoviesHD developed it purposely for movie and television show fans. With the CmoviesHD portal, movies lovers can access their favourite comedies, thrillers, action movies for many hours without any charges. 

On the CmoviesHD Website Review, you will find a detailed catalogue of video content usable free of charge. Both the most recent and classic masterpieces from Hollywood studios are available on the catalog. Expect to find movies of all genres, the popular TV shows and cartoons for kids. But if the content you are looking for does not exist on the site, you can try the following cmovieshd alternative. 


cmovieshd alternative

Netflix is a movie-streaming site that allows streaming of movies and TV shows. It offers you the chances to watch the latest TV shows and movies in great quality through your Mac device, Smart TV, tablet, mobile phone or game console. The reason Netflix came into being is that most people are lazy and they would not want to go to the local stores to rent out DVDs. They capitalized on the internet to allow faster and easier access. You will have many categories of movies such as Family, Romance, Superhero, Ware, Adventure, Sci-Fi and Superhero to try.

Amazon Prime Video

cmovieshd alternative

Watch the leading movies online at any time on this cmovieshd alternative. Amazon Prime Video offers free access of Prime videos to the Amazon Prime Members. If you are not a member, you have nothing to worry about. You can pay $8.99 per month to access the videos. Amazon Prime is recommendable for movie lovers, particularly because you will get free shipping on each order. Expect the most popular TV shows and movies, exercise and workout videos, kid’s TV shows, documentaries and other forms of content.


HotStar has been a favourite of many Indian movie lovers. Its user interface is easy to navigate and on the homepage, you will find numerous episodes to watch. All the videos are available in standard definition and you can access them through your android or iOS device. Unlike many other platforms, the advertisements are minimal, meaning that there are no interruptions. Watch movies at any time of the day. 

iTunes and Google Play

iTunes and Google Play are big companies in the entertainment streaming industries. They offer platforms for the users to watch unlimited HD movies without limitations. You can stream the digital content through iTunes or Google Play services at any time. The prices are comparable to those of similar platforms. If you own an apple device, you will love the quick access of movies and television shows. Expect to find lists of Action, Comedy, Horror, Fighting and Love Story.


cmovieshd alternative

The online movie-streaming site might charge you to access the content but it is a home to the most popular TV shows and programs. You will find all the ground-breaking series, documentaries, sports and the blockbuster movies. All you need to do is pay the $14.99 per month. If you are a student, you will enjoy $9.99 discount per month. Expect to find all the past and current episodes along with your favourite television shows and movies. You can access the videos through your phone, tablet, Mac device, Windows 7, smart TV and the most recent computers. 


YouTube might not offer the most recent or the best TV shows and movies, but it will provide you with something new to watch each day. It is the largest content sharing network and so, it does not guarantee high quality content. All you need to do is open the homepage and use the search engine to search for your favourite videos. YouTube will display all the shows – from every season and series – and recommend other videos that you might want to watch. 


cmovieshd alternative

This is another great platform for people in need of a wide variety of video content. Hulu provides content from all genres and it might be the key reason it is a choice of TV series and movies lovers. You will have full episodes of each series and season for full entertainment. And even though it is a paid service, people have numerous programs to try at no cost. The 720p HD quality videos are accessible through mobile and computer devices.

Sling TV

cmovieshd alternative

Sling TV stands as one of the most popular and highly recommended platforms among movie and TV shows lovers. It offers Asian television channels and its apps are available for Roku, XBOX, smart TVs, iPhones and desktop computers. Catch a full package of Indian channels at only $25 per month. The Sling Blue option offers 44 channels, which include Fox Sports, History Channel, AMC, Cartoon Network and Bravo. 

Should you use CmoviesHD?

CmoviesHD only offers links to the sites offering leading TV shows and movies. Its long lists include the most recent and the oldest movies. When on the platform, you are likely to discover more classic videos and watch them at any time. However, some of the links might lead you to adult content. So, if you are planning to use your device with your kids, you should be careful. Some of the links might also try to install virus and other forms of malware in your device. In that case cmovieshd alternative is best option to enjoy.

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