Android co-founder Andy Rubin shows off his first Essential smartphone without bezels

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A little more than two years ago, Andy Rubin, one of the creators of Android, left Google with the interest of focusing on their own projects, especially hardware. According to a Bloomberg note, Rubin will announce his new company called Essential, where he will be CEO.

Andy Rubin’s company intends to compete with industry majors with various consumer products, including a smartphone and other smart home-based products. The idea behind this is to create an entire ecosystem of connected products that can work together. The main objective of Essential is to connect several gadgets to work together in the home environment and reduce user frustration in the field of everything related to the Smart Home industry. To give the startup a good foundation and foundation, Rubin would have been hiring some representative employees from Google, Apple or Samsung, reports Bloomberg.

Considered largely responsible for the existence of Android and the success that the operating system has achieved, the executive Andy Rubin is close to taking his next professional step. The launch of his own company’s smartphone, Essential Products Inc., was more or less revealed in a Twitter post.

You cannot see much, it is true, but the photo indicates that a revelation is there at hand -. It had been said that he would be working on a premium smartphone with an edge-to-edge display that “lacks a frame.”

The rumors were well founded. In December of 2015 it was speculated that Andy Rubin was looking for talent for the launch of a new smartphone. At the moment, only a prototype has been developed, but it promises a lot. Now thanks to an image published in your Twitter account we have an advance of how the smartphone will look. In addition to sharing this photo, Andy Rubin did not reveal any detail, beyond the message: “I am very excited about how this is outlined. Wanting to take it into the hands of more people. ”

The smartphone that would launch the company would be of high range and would have a screen that would cover the greater part of the frontal face, without bevels – in style of the Xiaomi Mi Mix. According to the note, Rubin was talking about this smartphone with some operators in the United States like Sprint, and would be talking to Foxconn, who makes the iPhone and other equipment like the Nokia, for the manufacture of this device.

Rubin showed the first glimpse of what the first Essential smartphone will look like and as promised, the bezel is almost non-existent. Beyond that, we can see that the phone will have a cutout at the top of the speaker, along with a button visible on the side of the device. The software seems to be an Android version, but it’s hard to say for exactly without confirmation.

In the small screen that appears in the image, the edges are extremely thin, with the screen occupying almost the entire body of the device.

At least one prototype of the Essential smartphone has a screen bigger than 5.5 inches, and with it is being tested to have functionalities like the 3D Touch of iPhone, which is pressure sensitive. This device would have metal edges and a ceramic back.

The equipment would be modular in some way, like the Moto Z. Essential would be working on a connector that would charge the equipment battery and would allow to increase the functionality of this one by means of modules. For example, Rubin’s engineers are said to be working on a sphere-shaped camera module that would take 360-degree photos.

Rubin tweeted an image in which he only portrays a corner of a new phone that seems to have no edge. Rubin said he was “very excited” by the development of the device and “eager to get it to the consumer.” The former Google employee is now the founder and CEO of an enterprising company called Playground.

This supposed device follows the tendency to dispense with an edge. The corner we see shows that this device has a similar more similar to the Xiaomi Mi Mix than the new LG G6 badge. The Xiaomi Mi Mix is ​​only available in China.

Wrote Rubin. So far, the device has just been called “Essential” and there is no forecast for its launch. The idea is that it is a direct competitor of the iPhone.

Andy Rubin & Essential smartphone

Andy Rubin was the co-founder and CEO of Danger Inc., a hardware development company and mobile platforms. He left the company in 2003 to found a company called Android, acquired two years later by Google.

The arrival of Essential would not only mean the return of the manager to the world of smartphones, but also a return of Rubin to its most enterprising facet since launching the company that changed the mobile landscape in 2003.

Andy Rubin can be considered the father of Android. After the purchase of the startup by Google in 2005, the manager remained in charge of the division of the mobile platform until March 2013. Then he took charge of a robotics unit where he worked at Boston Dynamics.

In October 2014 Rubin left the Mountain View Company to lead his own incubator of hardware-focused startups, Playground Global. The initiative closed a financing round of $ 300 million in 2015, plus another $ 500 million in November 2016.

He officially resigned in 2014 and, shortly thereafter, began working with an incubator. By the end of 2015, he decided to open his own hardware manufacturer to apply all the knowledge gained in Google’s years.

The Essential smartphone would go on sale mid-year and cost at least $ 649 (~ 1,912,000 Colombian pesos), though the entire manufacturing and development plan is still in the works. The big question is: Will the team have Android?

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