How To Fix Facebook Orca Katana Error : Quick & Easy Way

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If you are an active user of facebook app through android, you must have ever seen or heard of ‘pname com facebook orca has stopped’ pop-up notification.

Many people don’t like pop-ups, and maybe you being one of them, you have attempted to look for a solution to no avail. Perhaps, Google was your first stop; you did not get any help. In case you are still experiencing the same problem even today, then you are in the right place. In this post, I will give you a solution to your problem.

Importantly, not all users are distracted by pop-ups. Some users are not distracted by pop-ups, and they don’t see the need to address this problem. But, I will show you the reason as to why you need to fix this problem. Also, I will give you a step by step procedure on how to fix the problem. Therefore, you don’t have to worry a bit.

So- what is Com Facebook Orca?Com.facebook.katana is a standard folder you mostly find in your android device like many folders. When you install the Facebook application on your device, facebook orca apk downloadfolder is created automatically.

How to access com.Facebook.katana?

After you have to knowwhat is Facebook orca, now you must be interested in how to access it. This is a step by step guide on how to access it;

  • Go to file explorer
  • Click the internal SD Card or External SD Card depending on where you store your apps.
  • Click Android data.
  • You will find com.Facebook.katana.

If you are worried about the safety of your device when you have this folder, you don’t have to worry anymore. The folder is not a virus. Therefore your device is not exposed to any harm.

Notably, com.Facebook.orca is the default and harmless folder in the file manager.

Benefits of facebook orca katana

Retrieving of deleted conversations. Facebook orca katana folder comes in handy when you want to recover deleted conversations on messenger. Therefore, the folder is quite useful for the overall usage of the Facebook app.

Given the above benefit of Facebook orca, it is crucial to have the folder running at all times. However, at times the folder may stop functioning. When it has stopped working, it cannot be beneficial to the Facebook app user. That implies something should be done to ensure it’s back to operation. But, how do you even know Facebook orca is not running. Mostly, when it has stopped, there is always a pop up that notifies you that the app is not functional. It can be irritating, meaning something should be done to resolve the problem.

The pop-up message reads, ‘unfortunately; Facebook has stopped.’ If you are not Facebook pro, you may not find anything wrong with this message as long as you can still open and use Facebook. You may even ignore the message. But, next time you see this pop-up, you should not ignore it.

How to fix facebook orca katana error?

For your information, the error occurs as a result of conflict between your facebook orca messenger and your device. There are various ways to clear the problem.

Unfortunately, the problem does not resolve on its own. You must follow the procedure below to ensure it is resolved.

When resolving pnamecomissues, it’s always essential to realize you don’t have to delete the folder. In case you intentionally or accidentally delete it, the folder is recreated automatically. As long as the problem is not resolved, the error message will continue appearing.

Resolve pname ComFacebook Orca Error by following the steps below.

  • Open settings in your gadget
  • Click applications
  • Click on application manager
  • Once you have opened application manager search for the Facebook app.
  • Choose clear data
  • When you clear the data, remember you are deleting all the stored data on messenger.
  • Once done with clearing the data, restart the Facebook app.

To know the error is resolved, you won’t see the pop-up error again once you open the Facebook app.

In some rare instances, you may find the error popup is still appearing. It means the error has not been resolved.

To successfully handle this, you are required to uninstall the Facebook app.

Once you uninstall it, restart your device. Reinstall the Facebook app again. You get the app from google play store.

That’s how simple it is to resolve Facebook orca error any time you get the error.

How to retrieve data from  Com Facebook orca folder?

When you accidentally delete messages, this folder can help you retrieve them. This is how you can retrieve messages from Facebook messenger.

  • Go to file manager. Here, you find all the folders in your android device.

Some devices do not have a file manager. In case you don’t have one, you can install ES File Explorer from google play store.

  • Click SD storage.
  • Select the Android folder. The folder contains data related to Android applications.
  • For Facebook messenger data, find and select com.facebook.orca.
  • Open cache.
  • Select fb_temp. Here, you will get all backed up conversations you have ever had.
  • Importantly, you can access that data on your laptop by connecting your device with your computer. Once connected, search com. Facebook. Orca folder. Open fb_temp.
  • Select get back selected conversations.

With this knowledge, you will always be less worried about deleted messenger conversations.


After reading through this post, you are now convinced that having a functional Facebook orca katana in your device cannot be overemphasized as long as you have a facebook messenger app. The folder ensures all your conversations on the app are safely kept. As you will realize, the folder takes much of your space in the device.

To ensure you don’t get the pop-up error message next time you are using your Facebook app, make sure the problem is resolved following the above simple procedure.

As you have seen from the above-given procedure, it is so easy to solve the error. Next time you get the pop-up error, you don’t have to ignore or postpone to resolve. The correcting procedure is not only simple but also takes the shortest time.

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