Some Really Awesome Cool Game Ideas: Huge List of Unique Game Ideas

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If you are looking for cool game ideas, you require necessary and basic information about games. When you are new in the world of sports, it’s hard establishing which game ideas are cool. However, this post saves hassle. You don’t have to tolerate uncool games ideas simply because it’s your first time. You can use this information and right away into the right side with best games.

Notably, games are not limited to video games ideas only. There is a wide range of games you must have come across. To create each of those games one has to apply the same strategies. At times, you even require a team to work. You need specialists to help at each stage. You don’t have to do everything all by yourself.

Come with me to understand the tricks to use to get innovative game ideas.

The best way to learn a craft is to learn through mistakes until you make it. However, making a lot of errors is discouraging especially when you have very little information about gaming. That lets you a game ideas generator finally!

Cool Game Idea Creation Strategies

These strategies are what you need to succeed in getting cool games ideas.

  1. Identify a specific genre

There are many game genres. It is tiring to beat around each of these genres without necessary knowing which particular type you are interested in. First, take time to know which kind you specific liking for.

Different people have interest in different game types. Identifying yours is the best way to start on this engaging yet necessary process.

  • Identify and pick a specific niche.

You will notice there are many niches in each genre. To make your work easier, narrow down your interest into a specific game niche. A niche’s very specific.

  • Be open minded

The best way to come up with the cool game is to be observant, and open to what is happening around you. There is a lot of inspiration you can draw from the universe. Do not ignore anything happening around you. Always be on the lookout. Maybe you will draw inspiration from an ancient occurrence. For instance, people’s interactions can inspire to create a great idea.

  • Ask people about their game liking

New games are made for people. It would be discouraging to create a game which people dislike. Have the users in mind from the word go. If they have a particular liking for a specific game, look into the game to understand what in particular do they like in that game. You can adopt some hints from asking people about what they want.

  • Find out what people dislike.

It would go well if you offer a game that people don’t like. People have common likings and dislikes. By finding out about their shared dislikes, would be a high starting point to know what to avoid in your game.

There is no need to sell something the buyers don’t like. Just avoid it from the start.

You will be amazed to realise that people already know what they don’t like. It might be difficult to pick their likes and can tell their dislikes with ease.

Write down the ideas you have. You should sit in a quiet place and think of what game ideas you have. Don’t ignore the game ideas you have. You don’t have to limit yourself here. Don’t even be judgemental. What you think is weird might turn out to be what the players are looking for.

  • Think of your favourite books you have read

To develop a good game, you must be a reader. You must have a liking about a particular genre of writings. What do you like in those write-ups? Write down anything you remember you found it fascinating.

  • Think of any ideas you liked from any media

Think of TV shows, videos you watched and movies, what did you like in those series. Is there something you think can inspire an excellent game? Don’t even think much about it. Just write it down and let them be a starting point. Write that element you can’t forget from that movie you watched. Evaluate the detail and see if there is something you can pick out of there.

  • Which are your favourite games?

Remember you want to create a cool game. What is a cool game according to you? From the list of games, you have played before, which one can qualify to be a great game?

While you cannot copy an existing game, you can draw an idea from a game. You can start gamesidea from already existing games you have watched before.

Getting ideas for game is a long process that requires passion and strategy. It’s an art and not a straight path process. You must think of the turns and tricks for you to succeed. You need to put in the time.


When you follow the above guidelines, you will have an easy time building simple game ideas. You will face challenges on the way, and even feel like giving up, but you need to stay motivated to the end. One way to get motivated is to imagine the end product.

The idea of being the brain behind a trending game is a great motivation. It will push you to even spend long hours working on the game idea. The joy of a game developer is coming up with a cool game which the players don’t mind playing it over and over.

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