Seven Torrents Alternatives That Still Work In 2019

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If you like to download files online free of charge, then you must have heard of Seventorrents. Seven torrent site allows you to download files for free, and it’s favourite among many of the users. With a good internet connection, you can download any data at the highest speed. You can download seventorrents movies, applications, e-books, games and TV shows in seven torrents.

If you haven’t heard about Seven Torrent before, you can google it online. You can use it to download a file torrent and have first-hand information about what it’s all about. You will get the best experience, and you may not look further for alternatives.

But, suppose you cannot access seventorrents torrent? Are there alternatives to even Torrent and are equally good? Yes. This post offers you the available free downloading alternative sites. Those of you who have used seventorrents before are aware that the site is restricted to only some countries. The name of the site has even changed to Watch So Much following close down of site in many countries. If you can’t access seven torrents from your country, then you need to read this post for alternatives. You will realise the sites, provide equally best experiences as seventorrents.

Seven torrents have served its millions of users for about a decade before exiting the scene. However, its presence is still being felt. The users can today access torrents online through its successor- Watch So Much. The website as a vast collection of videos-both for movies and TV show series.

Notable features of Seven Torrent to look out for in Seven Torrent alternatives;

  • The site is free. You don’t pay to download files on it.
  • You can use the website without first downloading it.
  • The site should be easy to use and navigate through.
  • The site is accessible on any browser.

When you are looking for seven torrents alternatives, it’s essential to keep in mind those critical features. The features prevent you from going for a raw deal. There are many alternative websites online, but not all of them match the class of seven torrents. Go through the site to see if it has each of the above features. Getting a website with all the features listed above and more means all is not lost. Without seven torrents, you can still enjoyable downloading experience using its alternatives.

Seven Torrent Alternatives


The site is user is friendly as it allows its users to navigate through it with ease. The site is convenient if you are a beginner.


The site is very convenient for users and can be used even by new users without technical skills. The website offers a wide range of high quality content.

The site was shut down in various countries due to copyright legal issues.


The site is not accessible since it has a user-unfriendly interface; it offers a wide range of torrents. Apart from movies, you can access music, applications and games.

The site is restricted in the UK following copyright law infringement issues.


The LimeTorrents is a user-friendly site and operates at optimal speed. The site has been in operation for several years and its reputable site.

The links and resources on this site are accessible for free. It lists torrents from other online sites making it easy for one to navigate through. It’s a useful directory which contains even the latest torrents.


This is one of the leading torrent sites that has been in operation for more than a decade now. The site is user-friendly, and the torrents are categorised for easy accessibility.  A Sweden organisation owns it. On this site, you can search torrents, download, and even contribute torrent files.

The site had been facing copyright infringement cases. This led to the shutdown of the site, but it still stands to date.

  • YTS.AG

The site is specially made for movies. Users can leech and seed movies. The videos are of good quality.

The site is reliable and ensures privacy for its users’ information. To torrent without interruptions, its users are advised to use a VPN. The users can mask their location by using the different IP address.

  • 1337X TORRENT

The 1337X torrent is an excellent Seven Torrents alternatives. The site gained popularity following the restriction of Kickass Torrents.

The site is easy to use. There are many users of this site although you cannot access through google search queries following its ban.


It is vital to keep checking on the updated list since the new sites are listed often while others close down. The above list is just a brief overview of Seven Torrents alternatives. There are tons of websites which cannot fit within this post. The few listed here can be useful based on what you are looking for. By spending a little longer time online, you will come across other sites that are quite helpful too. All the best.

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