What Is ROBLOX Error Code 517 And How To Fix It?

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Many ROBLOX users have at some point been kicked out of a game.  Some have failed to join a ROBLOX server to play a game. All these instances resulted in the pop-up of the ROBLOX error code 517. If you ever encountered this error we can agree that it’s one hell of an error. There are many reasons why you may receive this error code on ROBLOX.

One of these reasons is that you tried to join a deleted game. Another reason would be a bad internet connection. A ROBLOX account ban and bugs in your browser’s settings can also trigger the occurrence of the ROBLOX error code 517. Error code 517 can be fixed easily by following simple steps so you need not worry when this error pops up on your device. In this article, we define ROBLOX error code 517 and show you effective ways to fix the error code.

What is ROBLOX error code 517?

If you’re into ROBLOX games, you may have at some point in time seen the ROBLOX error code 517 displayed on your device’s screen.  ROBLOX Error code 517 is that error you see on ROBLOX when you want to join a ROBLOX server.

This usually happens when you try to join a game that is about to be deleted. This error code also occurs when you’re disconnected to a ROBLOX server and then you try connecting to it again.

Causes of ROBLOX error code 517?

ROBLOX error core 517 doesn’t just happen without some factor having caused it. There are many things that can cause the occurrence of ROBLOX error code 517. Knowing the causes of this error code is advantageous as it helps you know how to tackle the issue.

You don’t want to take your time trying to fix something you aren’t sure of, so we’ve compiled some of the most common causes of ROBLOX error code 517.

A corrupt game file

A corrupt game file is often the culprit when you see error code 517 on ROBLOX. The game file gets corrupted because the game script is faulty. This is probably because the Admin who came up with the game’s script made some mistakes. Having said this, when such a thing happens it’s not for you to handle but the developers.

When the game is deleted by the admin

 Many users see error code 517 on ROBLOX when they want to play a game that the admin removed. This means that the game no longer exists and no matter how many times you try to join it you can’t play it. You should make sure the game isn’t deleted when you encounter ROBLOX error code 517.

When you get a kick message

ROBLOX users have reported having at some point faced the problem of being kicked from a game. Often when you are kicked from a game, ROBLOX error code 517 pops up when you try to reconnect to the game. This is probably one of the frustrating instances where this error occurs. The bad thing is that at times you may be kicked out of the game when you’re at that moment that you’re enjoying the game.

Poor internet connection

Like other ROBLOX error codes, a poor internet connection can cause error code 517 to occur. Whether you’re on WiFi or using Ethernet you should make sure your internet connection is strong, otherwise Roblox error code 517 can occur. You should make sure your internet has no packet losses to solve this issue.

Room or permanent ban

The other reason why you may see the ROBLOX error code 517 is the fact that your account got banned. The account ban maybe a room ban. This happens when you commit a minor behavioral offense against ROBLOX. In this case, you may not be allowed to join a certain ROBLOX server. This is something that can easily be fixed. A permanent ban is more serious as compared to a room ban. When you get this kind of ban you can not avoid it like a room ban.

How do you fix ROBLOX join error?

If  ROBLOX error code 517 is displayed on your device you may worry thinking that the error is difficult to fix. The good news is that you can fix this error in a few simple steps. You should not panic when you see this error code. We looked at the factors that trigger ROBLOX error code 517 to occur. Now let’s look at the methods you can use to get rid of the error code.

Note:  It’s easier to know which fix to apply if you know what caused the error to occur.

1: Reinstall ROBLOX player

 If some files are missing on ROBLOX you’re likely to encounter ROBLOX error code 517. If you installed ROBLOX player and the install wasn’t complete you can also see this error code. When you try playing the game you’re kicked out because there are missing files.

To reinstall ROBLOX you first need to remove ROBLOX. To do this go to the control panel and click uninstall a program. Go to ROBLOX and click uninstall. ROBLOX will be uninstalled. After that download the ROBLOX player on the official site of ROBLOX.

2: Reset your browser

Perhaps, you’re playing ROBLOX games on a web browser, and you encounter error code 517. You can not reinstall ROBLOX or change to ROBLOX because there is no ROBLOX app to make changes to. In this case, all you have to do is reset your browser and clear the cache to fix the ROBLOX error code  517. This method is quite effective because it removes stubborn bugs that might be causing ROBLOX error code 517.

Sign out on your ROBLOX account using your browser. Now go to settings on your browser, click reset to default and now click reset settings and confirm. If there were any settings in your browser which were causing the error, it will be fixed and you can enjoy playing your ROBLOX game.

3: Check if your account isn’t banned

An account ban is often the cause of the occurrence of ROBLOX error code 517. You should know what kind of ban you’re dealing with to know how to tackle the issue. If the type of ban you have is a room ban you can get rid of  the error by joining the game on a new ROBLOX server.

On the other hand, if the ban imposed on you is permanent, you ought to plead with the ROBLOX developers. If your offense deserves mercy, the ban can be lifted.

4: Check how strong your internet connection is by running a speed test

If your internet connection is not strong enough you’re likely to see error code 517 on Roblox. You don’t want your internet to run with packet losses as this causes the error code  517. To curb this challenge run a speed test on your preferred speed test website.

If the results of the speed test reveal any packet losses, contact your Internet Service Provider for help. You can also try disconnecting and reconnecting your wifi a couple of times to strengthen your connection.  It has worked for some users, and it can work for you too.

5: Contact the ROBLOX  Developers

If the cause of ROBLOX error code 517 is the faulty game file you can consult the ROBLOX developers so that they can fix the issue. You can also contact the ROBLOX team if you encounter error code 517 and don’t know how best to tackle it. The team can help you know if your account is banned or if the game you can’t join was deleted or not. Many users have resorted to using this method and it has worked well for them. It’s worth a try.

6: Try using a different device to login into your ROBLOX account

You can get rid of ROBLOX error code 517 by something as simple as logging into your ROBLOX account using another device. This means that if you were using an android device you can switch to a laptop or desktop. If this doesn’t solve the issue maybe you’re dealing with something like an account ban. Trying logging in with another device will help you find out what’s causing the error to occur.

In a Nutshell

ROBLOX error code 517 is one of the most common ROBLOX errors you may encounter on ROBLOX. When you encounter this error it doesn’t mean you now have to quit playing Roblox games. It’s very easy to fix the Roblox error code 517. Whether you’re using the Roblox player on the android app, desktop browser, or laptop the error can be fixed.

The aforementioned solutions are proven fixes for the error code that has worked for many users. If you use them correctly you’ll  be able to bypass the error and you’ll definitely have a great experience playing your favorite games on Roblox.

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