How To Use Your CRM To Its Fullest Potential In 2019?

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Customer demands have increased extensively in the past few decades. Consequently, the businesses have to face the heat of tough market competition today. Also, customer service representatives must meet the customers’ queries in an organized and honest fashion. For this reason, it is now mandatory for the Companies to ramp up their customer relationship management competencies.

If you are looking for efficient ways to boost the sales of your business, CRM hacks will prove out to be an ultimate saviour. In addition, you can also create easy-to-read reports with CRM. All these perks help in formulating better strategies, hence saving your precious time and efforts.

Effective communication is the key to a project’s success. A decisive and sharp approach to CRM eases the work of customer service team, sales team, and even of the marketing team. It offers innumerable benefits to the users only if it’s used wisely. Know here how you can use CRM software to its true potential.

1. Get Detailed Customer Information

You can determine the purchase patterns and response of the customers towards your marketing campaigns using good CRM software. But a truly potential software also helps the users to differentiate between their loyal and not-so-worthy customer. It is one of the important pieces of information, crucial for the proper execution of marketing campaigns.

The better you know your customers the better you can plan to entice them for your product/service. Note that even the smallest bit of information can affect sales. In addition to the basic details (phone number, contact address, personal address, email address), you need to extract other information as well including their order history, birth date, ongoing interactions on various social media platforms, etc.

You can confidently conduct a highly personalized interaction with your potential customers, thus making your campaigns much more efficient and result-oriented. Another noteworthy point is that the different groups of people have different responses to the marketing campaigns. Design marketing using pipeline CRM to appeal the different groups in a way that suits their needs. This will probably increase your overall sales by three-folds.

2. Encourage Your Team to Use More of Mobile CRM

Mobile CRM can perform all the functions on almost all the network-connected devices, offering instant access at any place and time. This trend will obviously shine in 2019 as well. With the growth in mobile device usage naturally there a percentage of CRM users will rise. Eventually, the access to tablets and smartphones will continue to increase as well.

A rise in mobile CRM usage offers the benefits of improved customer experience, increased efficiency, and easy to accurate information. Plus, this also eliminates the need for including new software in the system. Today almost 91% of companies with a minimum of 10 employees use mobile CRM software to ensure enhanced performance of the employees and achieve a better outcome of their efforts.

3. Ensure fuller utilization of CRM features

Access to third-party customer data has become unreasonably costly due to decreasing reliability of the social media platforms. These difficulties ensued from violation of the GDP. Resultantly, the utilization of customer relationship management (CRM) system is turning out to be the best option for companies.

It has therefore become important for the management to identify the holdovers in their company who aren’t using the features of CRM to their true potential. Underutilization of segmented consumer data isn’t good for lead generation. Plus, it doesn’t bring the desired results from the sales efforts. The personnel should be expert at handling the technical proficiency of CRM. Arrange prompt training, if your marketing team is failing to handle the software wisely.

Appreciate the use of CRM and address the inefficiencies of your staff in handling the software. Make sure you are using coding-friendly CRM solution needed to meet the particular requirements of the advertisement campaign. Fuller utilization of CRM’s features not only refines sales and marketing strategies but also improves customer service. Work on this aspect and you’ll see substantial rise in your sales percentage.

4. Work on the campaigns and focus on continuous improvement

Monitoring CRM campaigns is highly important. You could use click rates or reply rates as the metrics. In addition, experiment with different ideas to determine what will better work for the campaign and what shouldn’t be considered in the succeeding efforts.

Companies, particularly the start-ups should give high priority to AB tests. If you choose different segments, customize a different email for each one. Most importantly, the time for sending each email should be scheduled according to customer behaviour. Learn about the tricks of working with CRM.

You can utilize control groups for narrowing down your options of working campaigns. It’s best to create two or three groups and allot different campaigns for them. Make comparisons after a definite time and measure the results accordingly.

5.  Automate communication and workflow using CRM

A reliable CRM Software allows users to centre all their energy into developing customer interactions. Keep in mind, data work is only a small part of the scene. The focal point is the delivery of customer service. Automated workflow feature of the software releases the management from the tension of maintaining logistics as it’s handled by the CRM itself.

Workflow automation makes it easier to streamline customer relations and manage the projects. It creates a series of repetitive actions for a smooth business process. This decreases the overall cost of the whole process decreases while lowering the possibility of human errors during the process. And to the top of that, you can save huge amount of your time with automation. Focusing on other important business management matters will become easier.

Workflow automation also improves internal communication and work coordination between the team members. This amazing feature also allows users to automate communication. This makes it easier for the team to concentrate on their work better, without worrying about giving reminders to the next person for one task or the other. The software keeps every employee informed of their role and responsibility in the business process.

Workflow automation keeps all the members updated with their individual responsibilities, hence lowering the possibilities of errors in various tasks. Sales software for small business looks at each and every detail of the overall workflow.

6. Use AI functionality of CRM to your best benefit

You can do a huge amount of good to your business on leveraging artificial intelligence. The killing combination of CRM software and AI can give a detailed overview of the whole process and conduct a proper predictive analysis. A better insight helps customer care representatives to meet the client’s need in the right fashion. There is no match of the benefits offered by CRM’s AI functionality, indeed.

AI tool can obtain transcripts, record calls and meetings. It can even highlight references to important topics like future vision/aims, pricing, budget, and others. Another Artificial Intelligence tool for sales performs voice analysis for determining the emotional states of the callers. On the other hand, customer service AI tool offers real-time guidance to the representatives for a cordial conversation with the prospective clientele.

7. Fix things up with the shaky accounts

Retain the interest of your customers in your products/service anyhow. According to research, the higher the customer retention rates, the higher will be profit percentage.  Just a 5% increase in customer retention increases the profits by almost 95%.

CRM allows its users to gain insight into customers’ interests. This crucial information will allow you to fix things up in time. There is no point of putting efforts after the customers are gone. Involving too many people in handling the issue of lost customers will create a fuss.  The issue can be easily resolved with CRM. This amazing software connects multiple activities related to a particular account.

For instance, an issue is to be resolved on urgent basis, you can contact the concerned customer quickly and the issues will be resolved immediately. The best part is that with CRM in use the issue can be resolved easily within a stipulated time.

You can even get some good sales deals with customizable CRM solutions. Do this and you’ll see your sales pipeline filling quickly with great deals. Moreover, this will help you to prioritize and scrutinize the deals easily. With CRM, you can easily send notifications and alerts as and when needed.

In a Short

Increased investment in CRM in 2019 will bring huge benefits to your business. The companies have started to realize the importance of understanding the thought process of their customers. Leveraging the various CRM technologies like mobile and voice capabilities will improve the customer and user experience. Integration of CRM and digital technology has certainly brought reformed the ways companies used to handle customer service.

From automating customer-business interaction to organizing customer data, CRM software can prove out to be an ultimate tool for the businesses. However, at the same time don’t forget that human interaction has to be the base of CRM. Utilizing the technological advancements, create a relationship management program that features ‘human touch’. After all, a customer-oriented endeavour is incomplete without manual efforts.

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