Meet With Cauliflower Picking Robots That Could Revolutionize Farming of The Future

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In upcoming future robots will play a fascinating role in the development of agriculture. As Technology and artificial Intelligence is also working on agricultural techniques.  So, science is steadily working in robotics in farming. The robots will provide a mighty support in production and as well as harvesting of crops. Agriculture is the major need of a country. Every state has to produce the food of its needs. Also, for many countries, it is a source of earning. The United States of America is in the list of trending countries which draws a pile of money through agricultural projects. United Kingdom of England is also earning a handsome amount through agriculture and horticulture.  But nowadays they all are facing a massive loss due to lack of field workers and crop pickers. Their venture is immense but their employees are insufficient to handle this task. According to the agricultural reports of 2017, almost 40 percent of yield charges of cauliflower and other identical crops like cabbage and broccoli is paid through harvesting in the United States. It is doubled through the expenses of crop pickers Thousands of farmers are distressed because they are unable to find a suitable laborer that is within their budgets. Millions of crop fields are ruined annually due to unavailability of field workers.  Every farmer cannot afford the salary of a migrant worker. The demand for production is increasing day by day. A massive amount of food is wasted. So, a permanent solution is required.

Inauguration to Robotics

Robotics is described as the study and assembling of mechanical parts to create a brainchild that can take commands from humans. This is the most use full inventory ever created by a human. After each day passes there is a new item in technology market. As we know that many countries are suffering huge loss in agricultural department due to shortage of craftsman in fields. But soon these issues will be resolved. Science has given a light of hope to all humanity. Numerous agricultural development institutes are working steadily to overcome this situation. They are working hard to overcome present issues. The University of Plymouth is going to make a fantastic invention by the end of the year 2021. They named this conception Automated Brassica harvest in Cornwall known as ABC. This is a huge project on the application of robotics in agriculture and horticulture. They are creating a robot that is going to replace the human crop pickers. There will be no more need of a craftsman in fields. This robot can also be used for harvesting purposes. It can also be used for fertilizing the fields. The University of Plymouth is presently engaged in the fields of cauliflower fields in Cornwall to make room for this new invention.

Cauliflower Picking Robots (Introduction and Working)


Cauliflower is a high nutritionist vegetable with a pleasant taste. This exclusive robot is crafted by Dr. Martin Stoelen who is a lecturer of robotics. He said that (in future there will be no requirement of humans in crop yards). He named his design as ­GummiArm which resembles a lot with ordinary humans. It can perform multiple tasks at the same time. This will be among the few best inventions of the century.  It holds the highest technology and advanced cameras with sensors which are used to examine the ripeness of the crop. So there is no chance that this gadget can harm the crop. An automaton like this will be of great help to the farmers. On the other side, manual farming consumes time and extra money. This glamorous invention will save time and will increase the annual production of cauliflower by 50 percent.

Advantages of the technology

With this advancement in technology, we can stock food for the unpleasant situations. The vegetables and fruits we take in our meals are not as easy to grow as they look. By the use of this gadget, we can reduce the time of ripening. We can have quality food in a very short passage of time.  Seasonal vegetables can be developed. The most promising feature of this brainchild is that it can detect diseases in crops. So, they can be treated and diseases can be uprooted as soon as possible from the plants. Another plus point of this robot is that it cannot be affected by any type of weather conditions. Extreme weather condition does not harm it and it is usable in every weather. Also, this robot can be reprogrammed and used for other crop field tasks. This will significantly increase the per heard earnings of farmers. This technology is developing swiftly and it is predicted that soon it will be cheap enough that an average farmer can buy it through his earnings. This will have a quite positive effect on the economy. This project is financed by Agri-tech and the University of Plymouth. Cornish machinery firm Teagle Machinery Ltd, CNC Ltd also Reverie products which have an endless farm of 5500 acres are the investors of this enormous task. A vast amount of 10 million is invested to uplift agriculture and horticulture. This will ease in the prevention of famines. It is very simple to operate

Effects on Farmers and Economy


In past scientists were not interested to try robotics in agriculture and horticulture. But this will open a gateway to researches related to agriculture and horticulture. Also, This will provide a new and distinctive discipline of crops like cauliflower. The United Nations have made an aim to increase the agricultural production by two times till the end of 2030. This machinery will be a great relief to the United Nations in this demanding assignment. Addition of 2 billion humans in the total world’s population is supposed till 2050 we have to add the food resources accordingly. That is going to help the growth of Economy. So a huge duty comes on the forehead of agricultural experts. How will we produce that much food? it will be a challenging task for all of us. The invention like these will play a vital role in the hours of need.  These facts cannot be underestimated. If we will not pay attention to creations like these we can be in huge trouble in the future. We have to create machines like these to help our coming generations. Now it is up to us whether we work or face the music of our carelessness.

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