Which Cryptocurrencies Does The Ledger Nano S Wallet Support?

Which Cryptocurrencies Does The Ledger Nano S Wallet Support?

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Crypto currency are person’s digital assets that is in digital form. That a person can keep it in his online account or e-wallets. It functions are similar to other physical currencies. They have a market value. You can buy products or make payments to someone else by them. Cryptocurrency wallets are the Digital Wallets. Which are used to store, receive, send or spend the cryptocurrencies. So that’s an online bank for Digital currency. The customer must feel secure while choosing Wallets. That which wallet is safer and have easy to handle interface. Some wallets are specific for a specific currency. As Ubiq coin can only be kept in Ubiq wallet, Neo currency can be kept in Neo wallet. Nano currency is kept in Nano wallet. So, the buyer must make it sure that which wallet is supported by his E-Currency.

The Ledger Wallet

The ledger wallet is the cryptocurrency wallet which is trusted most by the customers due to its innovative interface. The Ledger company has developed Software and Mobile app for use of customers. They also possess a USB device used a wallet of E-Coins. It connects to any computer and after security measures it gives access to the Person. it comes up with a Mobile phone handled App and an Internet wallet. The USB was launched in 2016 and named as Nano S. The price of the Ledger Nano S is around 96 $. The Ledger company uses their own authenticator for the excess of their customers. Another feature of the Ledger wallet is that out of 42 Main Cryptocurrencies, 22 are supported with ledger Nano S USB. (According to the ledger website.) 

Following is the list of Cryptocurrencies that can be kept in Ledger Wallet

·         Bitcoin (BTC)

·         Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

·         Bitcoin Gold (BTG)

·         Ethereum (ETH)

·         Ethereum Classic (ETC)

·         Litecoin (LTC)

·         Dogecoin (DOGE)


·         Vert coin (VTC)

·         Viacoin (VIA)

·         Stealth (XST)

·         Hcash (HSR)

·         Digibyte (DGB)

·         Qtum (QTUM)

·         Peercoin (PPC)

·         Dash (DASH)

·         Stratis (STRAT)

·         Komodo (KMD)

·         PosW (POSW)

·         ZenCash (ZEN)

·         PivX (PIVX)

·         Zcash (ZEC)


Details of some famous cryptocurrencies which can be saved in Ledger Account


The bitcoin has the highest rate in market.  It can be deposited in Ledger Wallet. There are around 21 Million bitcoins in the market.  Each coin has a value of 6752.42 $. The Buyers can buy the bitcoin by paying in form of his national currency or the miners assemble super computers which solves mathematical and logical puzzles. And in return miners obtain new cryptocurrency as a reward of solving the queries. Bitcoin is most used form of cryptocurrency. Its value started from 10$ at the time of its launch. And in November-December 2017, its value topped 20,000 USD. Which was its all-time best market rate. The reason was there were too many buyers. It is also a market’s rule that shortage of a product increases its price. And now in July 2018, its value is back to 6600 $ Approx. You can buy Bitcoin from your regional trusted website of cryptocurrency Market. They will about the receiver address. Where you have to give your Ledger Nano S wallet address. And proceed to payment. The transaction would be made to your Ledger account. The detailed use of Ledger Nano S is described ahead.

Lite Coin

The Lite Coin is another famous digital currency and it can be kept in the Ledger Nano S. The Lite Coin has a market value of 84.30 $. And has a supply limit of 84 Million. They have a market cap of $4 billion USD. The procedure of transfer funds to Nano S are same as Bitcoin’s transfer.


Ethereum has a market worth of $492.34 USD. Which crossed 1000 $ per Coin at start of 2018. It has a remarkable reputation in the Electronic Market. Ethereum has market cap of $48 Billion USD.  And a supply Limit of 100,586,098 Coins. Which makes him a big crypto market currency. And it is also supported by Ledger E-wallet

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is also a Digital currency which can be kept in Nano S. It has a market value of $740.43 USD.


IOTA is a famous cryptocurrency.  It is at 1.12 $. With a supply Limit of 41.5 Million coins. And market cap of 37 Million. It is also supported by Ledger wallet.

Similarly, Ledger Nano S gives secureness to many E-currencies like Ethereum classic, which is at 18.56 $. Stellar is at 0.21 $. XRP (ripple) has value of 0.48 $. Monero is 138.77 $ Dash is at 241.92 $. And many more of them. 

How to use ledger nano s wallet

First step is to buy a Ledger Nano S USB wallet for the website. Its market price is around 96$. Then before initializing the device, you need to update it to latest firmware. That will add new and latest interference and security features to your device. That can be done by connecting device to the PC. It would take 18-20 Minutes to complete. After that, you can proceed to next step. Which is to create a new cryptocurrency wallet or to imports a Bitcoin or Ethereum Account. So, it gives you a feature to import your existing accounts in it. A small dialog box will open at the side of the screen which will give you the instructions about the wallet.

After selecting between the two options, it will give you a mandatory option to choose a 4digit Pin code. Each time you connect your Nano S, it will ask the Code. 3 Unsuccessful attempts and the Nano S will Rest. But it can be recovered after some security measures. After that your Nano S is ready to use

The sending and receiving cryptocurrency is an easy process in the Ledger Nano S. You Just need to select between send or receive.  You have to put the amount and recipient address in the sections and click proceed payment and the fund would be transferred or received to you. It keeps record of all your transactions.

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