Emerging Technologically Advanced of Watches Changing Experiences

With technological advancements happening in every sector, it isn’t astonishing to see major watch brands seeking out innovative technologies for their products. The companies are switching towards wearable tech rather than simple analog watches.

We have listed down a few recent technologies that would certainly get your senses tingling.

1. Fitness Tracking

Having your mobile phone throughout your exercise routine is certainly a hassle, as it becomes a hindrance. Therefore, watch companies are adopting fitness tracking technology.

This ensures that you keep track of all your fitness essentials and can tweak your workout routine accordingly as well.

Different brands offer different tracking features such as tracking steps, monitoring heart rate, GPS tracking for runners and much more.

2. Face Time through Your Watch

Many major brands such as Apple are working on this particular technology. Their prime focus is ensuring a lightweight watch which is capable of extended Wi-Fi ability.

They are also incorporating a quality camera on your watch. Hence, it will allow you to FaceTime with your loved one just through your wristwatch. It’s certainly a feature being speculated in the latest Apple Watch to be launched.

Therefore, fasten your seat belts as the smartwatches are going to get real smart real soon.

3. Skin Sensing

Newer models of watches also have skin sensors in them. The main purpose of these sensors is to give the user a broader surface area to operate the watch.

As the UI of the watch is really small due to its size, therefore, this feature gives comfort and convenience to the user. You can touch your skin to control the watch through this.

Another great feature of skin sense is that these watches let the user know how many sunscreens they have applied. This can have a significant impact on reducing skin cancers around the globe.

4. Tracking Your Seizure

Newer watches aren’t just the average watch that tells you time or helps you set the alarm. They would also serve as your medical record for your doctor to refer toward.

Some brands have included a feature where they can track the severity and duration of an epileptic seizure of the user. It’s a great step towards the right direction where these watches can be used for medical diagnosis of patients as well.

Hence, the days of analog watches being the best watches for men are over. If you want a quality living standard, you need to get your hand on one of these smartwatches.

5. Learning a New Language

Some companies are also inculcating educational technologies in their watches. A great effort in this direction is the inclusion of language learning in the watches.

Language learning programs are also recommending these watches as they are your teachers on your get-go. Hence, the spectrum of watches isn’t simply limited to communication or health; it has also expanded towards education as well.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, all of the above features seem like a dream come true. However, the issue right now is the price point of these newer technologies.

Most consumers aren’t able to afford these feature intensive watches and therefore are left with no option but to buy a conventional watch.

We hope that in the years to come, the prices would be reduced, and the average consumer can also benefit from these devices. Lastly, the choice of watch is dependent upon your budget and most importantly your taste.

Therefore, buy something that suits best to your needs and compliments you once you wear it. If you appreciate the classic watches, well nothing better than that – you should go for those!

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