The Robot Carpenters Are Not Dream Now, It Can Saw Wood

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A robot carpenter, robot carpenter or an AutoSaw, meaning electronic saw are terms that refer to one thing. This is an electric machine can perform different tasks that a carpenter should do in traditional carpentry.

According to recent studies, one out of 200 carpenters or workers in a carpentry shop suffers from one or more hand, leg injuries during a time of doing their work inside a workshop. This happens even when these trained workers use special gears such as helmets, gloves, aprons, overalls, goggles, and boots.

While there is no guarantee that using robot carpenters one will not injuries, there is no doubt that robot carpenters reduce injuries significantly.

For this reason, this article will discuss different tasks that a robot carpenter can perform. It is good to read to the end to find out what things you can do and see what other tasks you can dedicate to your fellow ‘handyman’, the robot carpenter.

Before we embark of the specific tasks that a robot carpenter or an AutoSaw robot can do, it is important to note that scientists are tirelessly working toward the designing of an AutoSaw that will finally replace every aspect of the task. In the end, the work of a carpenter will be to put materials ready, set the pattern of the design and prompt the fellow carpenter to perform the task.

Nevertheless, before we arrive at that achievement, for now, robot carpenters and their masters, human carpenters will help each other in the same workshop to produce designs their clients desire.

How A Robot Carpenter Makes Custom Furniture

From the above section, it is easy to point out that a robot carpenter is a fellow in the workshop. It is also good to know that there will not be a time soon or later when an AutoSaw Robot or a robot carpenter for that matter will work on its own.

Man, as it were, will always guide Robot carpenters. Yes, no matter how sophisticated a robot carpenter will be, it will always be under human direction.

With that in mind, a robot carpenter offers versatility and adaptability. This enables these automated machines to outline different furniture to fit inside houses that have limited space, something that will be hard for a human hand to perform.

For instance, it is through the help of a Robot Carpenter that you are able to design an oval or L-shaped dishwashing table. Besides, with the help of the Robot Carpenter, you can place it inside a kitchen that will not otherwise be possible for anyone to construct.

Carpenters who are keen to modern technology do not strain a lot as their counterparts that do not. They are able to use a powered jigsaw, chop-saws, and other tools that use electricity to perform various tasks. While this is cost-effective, the most ingenious and fast way to perform several tasks in the workshop is using a Robot Carpenter.

While there are many tasks robot carpenters can perform in the future, it is important to know that even now, these high-end machines perform amazing tasks. Here are a few tasks a Robot Carpenter can do that you will marvel at:

  1. Plane Wood

Using a block plane is now possible for a Robot Carpenter to smoothen whatever block of wood they intend to work on. The master of the job, the human carpenter only pushes the plane once from the start to the end of the block.

To finish the entire process of ensuring that the block is finally out as the client desires, the robot carpenter uses a number of mechanisms to do its job.

The robot carpenter records force data, positional data, as well as gravity compensation to give the results.

  1. Build Pallets

There is nothing interesting in a Robot Carpenter than the compatibility of the robot and a nail gun. The two work together coherently as if it is a hand inside a nice and comfortable glove.

For instance, if there are two robot carpenters inside a workshop, they will do an amazing job. One can place a piece of wood on a pallet frame jig, while the other can tack the piece of wood in the right place. With proper timing, this can take place in seconds. No two human beings can do this as fast as effective as robot carpenters.

Consider this too: while the first robot carpenter’s work is to bring the piece of wood and place it in the required position, the second robot carpenter nails the piece of wood or even removes the nails leaving the rest of the work of pulling the wood away to the other robot carpenter.

There is also the drilling of holes on the pallet where already there are markings. This works within seconds making it hard for many to believe robot carpenters.

  1. Cut, Drill Lumber

Number two above speaks of joining using nails and the removal of nails by two robot carpenters working together. There is more that a robot carpenter can do than just plane a block of wood, nail or even remove nails.

A robot can gram a 2×2 block of wood, cut it into the required length using either a table saw or any other appropriate saw and places the block of wood against another pile.

The next step is even amazing. The robot then drills angular holes through the two 2×2 piles of wood. The result is a complex shape that only a few human carpenters can achieve. The pattern will not be complete unless the robot sliders fasteners through the holes. Of course, Robot carpenters do this within seconds.

  1. Carve, Glue, Compress To Join

While fasteners, screws, and nails are traditional means of putting two separate piles together, glue is final. With a good choice of glue, any furniture for the home or office use will stay for long.

Robot carpenters can perform these tasks much better than you can ever imagine. Some of the shapes robott carpenters create are much better than those that take years on hands of even the most qualified carpenters.

  1. Final Touching

After the planing, smoothening, drilling, gluing, creating carves, and compressing the pieces together to design the appropriate piece, a robot will do more.

A robot carpenter will perform final touches on the piece of wood or final product, giving the master and the client the satisfaction they both need.

Verdict of Autosaw Robot

It is true that for now, not many people use robot carpenters, but looking at the number of injuries in the workshops, the amount of work human carpenters do and the little they are able to achieve, it is time to embrace robot carpenters. They are not only cost-effective but also fast, and with them, there are no injuries.

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