Intel Announces 32-Terabytes Ruler Standard World’s Densest SSD

Intel has announced the making of the World’s Densest SSD that is able to cram up to 32-Trabyte.This 3D grid packing 32-terabyte storage has been made by stacking 64 memory  cells on top of each other coming out in form of your grade one 12 inch ruler. This noiseless drive will greatly revolutionize your desktop’s cramming speed hence grater results. Even though Intel has not announced its pricing yet, be sure it will be insanely expensive for a regular consumer. This leaves it to be convenient for use in servers and data centers to replace the older hard drives that need constant air conditioning in order to operate efficiently.

Features of the World’s Densest SSD

Totally silent

Unlike the older hard drives that produced a lot of noise while operating, this 12 inch ruler-shaped SSD is totally silent. The data center does not have to be full of unbearable buzzing of hard drive anymore as this SSD is here to give you ultimate speed silently.

Consumes less power

Power-hungry spinning hard drives are fast disappearing from many data centers. With the coming of this ruler-shaped Intel SSD DC P4500 you are guaranteed of saving greatly on your electricity bill as it consumes just one tenth the power of a traditional spinning hard drive.

It does not overheat

This 32-terabyte memory does not require any expensive cooling systems as it does not overheat. It has been made to work efficiently without having to build up heat that might lead to its unexpected breakdown. This not only saves on money that would otherwise be used in purchasing cooling systems but also guarantees you long period of use without having to think of replacing it.

Consumes less space

In data centers, 32 ruler-shaped SSDs can be stacked together side by side to hold up to a petabyte in just a single server slot. Compared to the older spinning hard drives, this SSD uses only one-twentieth of the space. This makes it possible for you to jam several pieces for maximum memory in a limited data center space.

Not easy to crash

The new SSD is built on Intel 3-D NAND technology which stacks memory cells on top of each other in multiple extremely thin layers unlike the older ones that had only one layer that can easily crash. This feature reduces the chances of the drive to crash.


Intel has designed this SSD memory to be compact for ease in transporting from one place to the other. Unlike the older spinning hard drives, with this one you are guaranteed efficient use of your space.

It is superfast

This 32-terabyte memory is super-fast. It does magic to your server as it ensures you are able to access your data in record time.

Low maintenance costs

Since this memory does not heat up, it does not need a cooling system that might turn out expensive. Costs on purchasing fans is reduced. With this SSD companies are set to save a lot of bucks as it is virtually maintenance free.

Where can this SSD memory be used?

Unfortunately this SSD memory cannot be used in the regular consumer desktop computers as it is big. This 12 inch ruler shaped memory is majorly tailored for data centers and servers that require a lot of memory considering the amount of data they handle. They are efficient and do not require a lot of maintenance.

How much does it cost?

Even though Intel has not announced its official price, be sure to part with an arm and a leg in order to have the world’s densest SSD memory. But be sure to get value for your hard earned money.


With the introduction of this ruler shaped 32-terabyte memory, great revolution is set for the data centers and servers. It will not only help in cutting costs in maintaining the old spinning hard drives but also help in speeding up access of information from the data centers. Additionally, it will help data companies to save up a lot of space as this SSD does not consume a lot of space. This 32-terabyte memory will give you value for your money.

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