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We all have some friends, who’s are making money online, seemingly in their sleep. The internet is full of opportunities to boost your earnings, but which is best for you?

In 2017 we saw the meteoric rise of Bitcoin from internet chat rooms to international news rooms. Whilst most of us were scratching our heads a few savvy investors got rich. By January 2018 the bubble appeared to have burst with the bottom falling out the market. Now Bitcoin has bounced back in a big way.

If you are wondering what all the fuss is about and whether you should be fussed at all this article is for you.

Cryptocurrencies work because the networks used to create them are decentralised and therefore are not controlled by government agencies. This has created a currency that is free from the current FIAT debt system, is run completely by the users of the currency and exists in the digital sphere.


Bitcoin is by far the most popular of all the cryptocurrencies & best cryptocurrency to invest 2018. It is considered the digital gold standard for investing. Made public in 2009 in response to the instability of the market after the housing crash of 2008, the idea behind bitcoin is to provide a safety net in the face of financial instability. Bitcoin does this by taking the power out of a centralized location. Bitcoin works by allowing ordinary people known as ‘miners’ to create the records, known as a blockchain, of each transaction. There is a new block created on average every 10 minutes, you can read more about this. A look at a crypto stock exchange today shows that even after the slump of December 2017 1 Bitcoin is trading at $7586.00.

Other Cryptocurrencies

the Crypto Code software

At the time of writing there are over 1000 cryptocurrencies on the web and due to the nature of cryptocurrency we will see an increase in this number. Because anyone can create a cryptocurrency, if they know the technology. This means that there are some irreputable cryptocurrencies on the market, and as we have seen in recent years, start-ups are beginning to use own brand cryptocurrency to attract investors. What this means in real terms is that investing in cryptocurrency can be a quagmire and knowing which currency the next big thing will be is almost impossible. There are other notable currencies worth investigation such as Ethereum and Ripple. Both these currencies are exchanging at $507.00 and just $0.43 respectively as of July 2018.

Mining and Blockchains

In simple terms miners are the book keepers and blockchains are the ledgers where the transactions are written down. This may sound like an age-old banking practice and it is, but the revolution has come from making it possible for anyone to become the book keeper. For each transaction, a request is sent to a miner who checks it against the existing ledger. Once it is confirmed that there isn’t a double spend the transaction becomes part of a block. This block is then added to the chain of existing information which makes up the ledger. This system is known as ‘Bitcoin-based currency’ and has been the chosen system for most cryptocurrency. However, there are now newer currencies that offer different ways to exchange such as Ripple that is a peer to peer debt transfer system.

What cryptocurrency to Iinvest in 2018

Investing in Crypto Currency

If you think you have the chops for investing in this market or even just want to use a cryptocurrency to purchase something on the internet, the first step is to create a cryptocurrency wallet. This is a password protected virtual space where you keep the encrypted code that is your cryptocurrency. To start top cryptocurrency to invest in 2018 then sign up to a cryptocurrency exchange and start buying and selling. Cryptocurrency stock exchanges, of which the are many, are not linked to the financial stock exchange but it works in the same way. You buy and sell based on market fluctuations and hope to make a profit. Early 2018 has been a tumultuous time for investing in cryptocurrency, there have been dramatic variations in price across the board and accusations of market manipulation have been rife.

Robots and Algorithms

Whist there is no way sure-fire way to guarantee success in the market, the more time you can dedicate to your investment the better. If you decide to go it alone out there, you will need to give over a considerable amount of your daily life to checking your preferred cryptocurrency exchange for fluctuations as well as staying abreast of relevant news and geopolitics.

This is just not possible for most of us and we may think about hiring a dedicated trader who can work the market for us. Whilst this may seem like a good option, unless you are making big money, the fees can eat in your profits significantly. However, there are new ways of working the stock market without having to use a middle man and paying extortionate fees or eating into your already busy work life.

The new kids on the cryptocurrency block use algorithms to follow the market and make investments on your behalf. This is based on systems such as the Crypto Code software that allow for fast moving transactions based on the fluctuations of a fast-moving market. The benefit of such systems is that the robots who complete the transactions do not require sleep or vast amount of payment for their time. So they can be watching the markets and your investments whilst you sleep. This may sound like a dream come true but, as with all investment, cryptocurrency or otherwise, there will always be a risk involved and it is up to you to manage this risk.


The cryptocurrency market is new and exciting, and people are getting rich from investing. This has created a hype that reached its crescendo in the last year. As we have seen from Bitcoin’s high in 2017, this market is unstable (though best cryptocurrency to buy now), and it is wise to hedge your bets. As with all investing, there are risks involved and before investing your life savings do your homework, make sure you are not investing more than you can afford to lose. If you do decide to go ahead, it’s wise to spread your investments over different notable best crypto for 2018, whilst no-one is sure which will be the next big thing there are those with proven utility and reputation that will be worth more in the long run.

The cryptocurrency market has the added risk of being legislated against by governments worldwide, this is due to its unsavoury links with the underworld, this will affect the price so consider this before investing. As we have seen, cryptocurrency markets are vulnerable to manipulation and as with all investment there is no guarantee of return. Make sure to get good advice and make sure your most important assets are secure.

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Is top cryptocurrency 2018 the future of investing? There are many who think it is and there are just as many who are confused by this new form of finance. If you have the capital and are comfortable asking the right questions it is worth looking into and seeing if you can add new cryptocurrency 2018 to your portfolio. Make sure you understand what best cryptocurrency to buy now that you’re investing in before taking the plunge.

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