What Is officeclicktorun.exe Virus? How to Fix It permanently?

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Like any other computer viruses, if it infects the computer, it multiplies by effecting alterations to applications and programs. The officetoclickrun.exe virus without users’ knowledge secretly install, copy payloads in the system folders, and simultaneously temper with the records, effecting alterations so that it runs automatically when it starts the system.

Officetorun.exe alters the system functionality; the subkey changes   HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run  to enable it to run at once the PC turned on. Due to the officeclicktorun.exe ability of recording mouse and keyboard inputs and monitor applications. By changing PC settings, it takes over damaging files or even leaking private and confidential information. This article has a brief details on “what is officeclicktorun.exe virus”

How To Spot The officeclicktorun.exe virus

If you delete an Executable file like the officeclicktorun.exe, the associated programs are affected. When the officeclicktorun.exe is a virus:

  • The location will give you a hint, for example, an exe file runs from C: Program any site other than that shows that it’s a malware or virus.
  • A camouflaged malware guise as officeclicktorun.exe  instead of being located on C: Program it will typically be found on C: Windows folder or C: WindowsSystem32, right-click and delete.
  • Unverified status of the file
  • If you want to verify that it is indeed a virus, go to the Task Manager. Look for the location, size, and publisher.
  • Run an Anti-virus software on the PC to buffer your suspicion
  • NB: Before any deletion of the file, make sure you boot the computer on safe mode.

How officeclicktorun.exe malware access computer?

As malware that may leak personal information to third parties, it may be used by cybercriminals to access your computer. It may be used by criminals on targeted computers so that they access certain information. It may some times be introduced to the PC as social spam, may come from file sharing with infected computers, it can come as an attachment on files. The malware installs and starts running with no user’s knowledge.

Most common ways the malware attack the computer:

  • Spam emails
  • Camouflaged as an important legitimate windows system
  • Social engineering spam
  • File sharing with infected computers

How officeclicktorun.exe malware work?

The virus connects with the remote host and starts functioning without the user’s knowledge of the background. It alters system settings, turns on some programs and applications on its own. Below are unpleasant tasks performed by the malware:

  • Receiving instructions from the developer.
  • Getting a secret configuration
  • Downloading harmful files
  • Sharing the accessed information with the host

Officeclicktorun.exe virus  messages

Below are some of the common messages that are related to officeclicktorun.exe malware

  • “Error when starting the program:officeclicktorun.exe
  • “officeclicktorun.exe failed”
  • “officeclicktorun.exe is not a valid Win32 application.”
  • “officeclicktorun.exe. This program does not respond.”
  • “error in the application path:officeclicktorun.exe.”

Challenges brought by  officeclicktorun.exe virus

A computer virus alters and multiplies itself by altering and tampering with the applications. Officeclicktorun.exe malware affects online and offline performance. These are common symptoms officeclicktorun.exe malware

  • Blockage of legitimate programs
  • Windows processes deactivation
  • May ask the user to click on harmful hyperlinks in solving misbehaving computers
  • Redirects websites to dangerous websites
  • Deactivation of important records
  • Dragging important processes
  • Fake alerts of malware infection
  • Messages directing you to click on dangerous websites for troubleshooting

Tasks Performed By The Officeclicktorun.exe virus

 Malware camouflaged as officeclicktorun.exe is connected to a remote host allows it to perform undesired tasks such as:

  • Getting a secret configuration
  • Downloading files remotely
  • Transferring tempered on data to a remote server from an infected server.

How To Remove Officeclicktorun.exe File

Most of the Dynamic Link Library files are very helpful, and they carry out predefined functions like the officeclicktorun.exe.Several malware programs highjack browsers and alter computer settings .Officeclicktorun.exe virus is a file that changes computer settings and leaves the computer vulnerable to criminals’ vulnerability. After you have diagnosed the problem of your PC as the officeclicktorun.exe virus, prepare to remove it entirely and reclaim the control of your computer.

1.    Unregistering the malicious file

To get rid of the file, you have first to locate and unregister to avoid further hiccups of the PC system. Although it is highly recommended that if you are not aware of what to do to use expert help as incomplete actioning may cause further harm to the system. On the search bar type cmd, choose Command Prompt. After locating the malicious file(s), Using CD command unregister the file. On unregistering DLL file “regsvr32/u[DLLfilename],” Press enter and wait for confirmation.

2.    Deny the program from reading and executing permissions

Deny the file from executing any permissions. It can be tranquil when the data is located, and you go to the file Right-click, proceed to Security for every entry, make sure you get rid of privileges. Deny the “Read and Execute” permissions.

3.  Use of Antivirus

Install the software in your pc if you did not have any before the attack. After installation, opens the application, go to the menu, and scan the computer for any malware. Instructions will pop on action to be taken on the found malware. Be sure that you are using reliable and legitimate software in doing this as an outdated or illegitimate software may fail to deliver the desired results. 

4.    Unregister Targeted Dll files

After noting the targeted files completely deregister all of them until the confirmation message appears on the screen


Officeclicktorun.exe is a legitimate software component of Microsoft Office 365. It is a product of Microsoft Corporation. It is a corporate service that is associated with online subscriptions. This software enables users to be able to virtualize and stream using Office Applications basing on App-V (application virtualization) formerly termed Softricity SoftGrid.

App-V enables applications to be streamed to any user from a virtual application server. It is mostly 1.85MB. It primarily installs in : C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office15\ClientX64\officetorun.exe. Its function is to manage the coordination of resources, integrating, and background operations of Microsoft Products. It is required to be up and running when there any use Microsoft Office products

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