How to Whisper Town of Salem? Basic Facts

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The web-based game, Town of Salem, challenges players to lie to other players and detect the lies of others too. Each game can have around 7-15 players at a time but they are usually divided into random divisions. The divisions include Town (known as good guys), Mafia (called bad guys), Arsonists, Serial Killers and Neutrals.

 As a town member, you have to track down members of the mafia division before they kill you. But the bad thing is that you do not know who the Mafia or the Town members are. And if you are among the serial killers, you have to kill all the Town members at night without getting caught. The play involves a lot of fun. 

If the Town of Salem is not a new game to you, then you possibly know that Whispering makes a big difference when a need to safeguard your secrets or spill them arises. For the living players, whispering is not a problem but they can only do it during the day. Others will not know the player you have whispered to or the message you have whispered. Only the Blackmailers will read your whispers, including after they are killed.

So, how do you whisper in the Town of Salem?

As we have stated, you can contact people in both the bad and good roles easily through whispering. Each player relies on the Whisper feature for different purposes according to his role in Town of Salem. However, the feature is almost the same for all players. Here is how to whisper Town of Salem and communicate with the other players in the game.

Step 1: Start by typing /w or /whisper or /pm

Step 2: Hit the space key and key in the Player Number or Player Name you would want to whisper

Step 3: Hit the space key again and enter the message

For example, /w PlayerName Message or /w PlayerNumber Message

According to gameplay, you can send as many messages as you want to a player and the other players will not get the private messages. They will only watch the messages you send to other players but they will not know the content. Furthermore, they will see the name of the player who received your messages. For example, Michael is whispering to John.

Avoid whispering many times because the other players will get suspicious. And if you have Neutral animes in the game, you have to be more careful. Remember that the Blackmailer can read all your messages at any time. As stated above, they will read the whispers and know the recipients, including when they are dead. Blackmailed players cannot whisper.

In the game’s Coven extension, you will find a mood known as Lovers Mood. During the Lovers Mood, players can whisper to the security of other players. No one can watch the whispering.

How to whisper Town of Salem according to your role

As you might be aware of, players in the Town of Salem game have different roles. Each player has to stick to his role when playing. So, here is how you should whisper according to your role when playing the game.


As a Towne, you can easily whisper to the other Townes in the Town of Salem. Reveal all your roles to them as a way of building a strong unity. That way, you will stay stronger against the Godfather, Mafia and the Neutral enemies. However, make sure that you are only whispering to the conformed-Townes. The death of a Towne will help you confirm whether he is real Towne.

Town Investigator

As the Town Investigator, you can whisper to the Town members/Towne to get the help you need in the investigation of evil Town of Salem players. If you need extra help from the Town members to lynch the evil players, you can reveal your role to them. Alternatively, you can use whispering to investigate the roles of others. However, keep in mind that the players are likely to lie.


As the Blackmailer, you have to read the messages other players send.  You will have to read the whispers of others including after you are dead. Again, you can whisper the information to the Mafia as a way of helping them grow.


Whisper to players to make them suspicious or act as the investigator.


When playing as a Jester, you have to whisper to spread wrong information among the Towne or to spam them. Alternatively, you can make the players doubt you. Jesters are characters who want to be lynched because they live in great paranoia. They want to get away, including in fake ways. 


When taking the role of a Witch, you have to find non-Towne members. After finding one, whisper directly to them and request them to join your team. Witches are neutral evils and their goal is to harm everyone in the Town of Salem with their magic power.


When playing as a Godfather in the Town of Salem game, whisper to pass messages to your teammates. Talk about your previous plan or the new plan.

How do you ignore whispers?

If a player does spam continuously, one of the things you should do is ignore him/her. After ignoring them, you will never get whispers from them. All you will get is the whispering notification sound without any message on your screen. To ignore whispers, type /ignore and hit the space bar. Type the Player number or Player name. A quick example, if the whispers are from John, type /ignore John or /Ignore 16.

Ignoring whispers from players who are not bots or spammers is a bad idea. The players might share important messages that you need. Avoid ignoring players without any good reasons. If you realize that you still need whispers from the players you ignored, the Town of Salem offers you an option to un-ignore them.

The game does not allow you to ignore players in Lobby. Whenever players in Lobby act offensively, you have to screenshot their messages and report them. Simply, click the Exclamation mark situated at the top and submit the report, Also, you can ignore the players who have jailed you, the Vampire in Vampire hut and Medium.

Un-ignoring players

Mostly, only the Jesters will act as spammers. The players you ignored might also be holding valuable information. To unignore the players, type /unignore and hit the space bar. Enter the player number or player name to unignore. For example, /unignore Playername or /unignore PlayerNumber. Remember that unignore will work only for some sessions. The player will get to normal state after exiting the game.

Filter your chats

If other players are using many uncensored words in the whisper, enable the Chat Filter feature from Chat Settings. The feature will replace offensive words with odd alternatives. Town of Salem has labelled some words as highly offensive and they will remove the entire message if it contains any of the words. They might also suspend you if you use the words many times.

The whisper is a good feature to use when playing the Town of Salem. However, you should use it carefully depending on your role. The developers included it to help you accomplish your missions. Keep in mind that the dead whisper names will have a unique style in the chat list.

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