The Differences of Xbox One S Vs Xbox One: Which One Is Right To Buy

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Xbox One s or Xbox One- which one would you go for? Read through this post, and make your judgment. As you will realize, Xbox One S has significant benefits over its predecessor- Xbox One. The Xbox One S owners can access HDR, and one can use it with 4K Blu-ray player. If there is something significant to look up to from Xbox One S, it’s those two benefits.

If you are considering upgrading your console, then you need more information on each to compare the features.

Xbox One Vs. One S Comparison

Microsoft launched Xbox One S console in 2017 and wholly discontinued Xbox One. It’s market performance so far is excellent. Many people prefer this latest Xbox system console because of the many benefits it offers. We will look into each of those benefits shortly.

New Xbox One is no longer available in the market. This version is only available as second hand from eBay and other online sellers. Also, you can buy direct from an existing owner who wants to dispose of his.

Instead of Xbox One, you can get a brand new Xbox One S.

In this post, we will give you a detailed list of features of each console-

  1. PRICE

Xbox One S is cheaper compared to Xbox One. Microsoft has completely done away with Xbox One. Therefore, if you are looking for a new Xbox One, you will not get any in the market. Also, Microsoft has reduced the price for the late Xbox One S.   so, is Xbox One S worth it? Yes. The console is not only cheap but also has many benefits as we will see in this post.


Xbox One S does not have a Kinect port. Only a handful of games use Kinect. That means having Kinect port in Xbox One was unless. However, Xbox One S allows the Kinect users to use USB ports. With an adapter, you can use Kinect on a USB adapter. 


With the latest Xbox One S, you can seek support directly through a headset. The device comes with a controller jack. The controller allows for a wide range of games. Through Bluetooth, you can play games remotely.

Importantly, Xbox One S supports all kinds of games. There is no limitation to the game range. You can upgrade the older games on Xbox One S console to the best resolution.


Both Xbox One and Xbox One S consoles allow for backward compatibility. You can access both the low resolution and high quality videos on any of the consoles.


Xbox One slim vs. Xbox One, which one would you prefer? Xbox One S is sleek and smaller compared to Xbox One. Xbox One was big, and as it is the trend, many users prefer the stylish Xbox One S.

The Xbox One S looks beautiful and classy. Its color and shape are attractive to behold. It’s a real improvement of the former Xbox One which looked unattractive.


Xbox One S has an in-built power supply-a big plus. With such an improvement there is no particular reason you should go for the original Xbox One. While the Xbox One S is small, it still houses power brick. The Xbox One is sold with an external power brick which made it inconvenient to carry and use. Xbox One S, with an in-built power system, is a must-have. It’s convenient to use and portable.

The power button was inconveniently positioned in Xbox One. The Xbox One S is designed not only addressing this single flaw but many other flaws that were in the former Xbox One.

  • USES

Xbox One S supports 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray players. As mentioned in the introduction, this is the most prominent feature which makes Xbox One S outstanding over all other consoles. The console is allowing its users to watch the games at a higher resolution than its predecessors. Is Xbox One 4k compatible? No. if you want a 4K compatible console, then Xbox One S is the real deal.

With Xbox One S, you can enjoy 4K video playback from Netflix. You cannot use the Xbox One to stream UHD Blu-ray videos. This makes the Xbox One S a must has for the users who own 4K TV.

Is Xbox One 4k capable? No. as I have already mentioned you can only enjoy 4K video quality by using the latest version- Xbox One S console.

What does the Xbox One S do? HDR support in Xbox One S allows the buyer to access games in a wide range of colors and best contrast. The images are more realistic. The Xbox One does not support HDR.


Xbox One S is an improved version of Xbox One. The console has a mild additional power which reduces the frame rate frequency.


Xbox One S model comes with a stand. This allows the console to be stored upright. The cost for the stand is reasonable, considering the elegance when it’s positioned upright. You can buy the console with the stand at a reasonable price. The original Xbox One could only be stored horizontally owing to its shape and lack of a stand. 


Which Xbox is better? Xbox One S wins. From the above comparisons, the benefits of Xbox One S outweigh the benefits of Xbox One. Xbox One S makes the Xbox system popular even with the discontinued older version. The latter console offers the most sought-after features missing in the predecessor Xbox system console. The Xbox One S consoles are affordable, and a sold with sporting bundles of up to $300 for one game.

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