How To Easily Edit Video: A Introductory Guide For Beginner

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Creating live actions has become a global trend. Documenting events for future reference has now been made easier today. A good Video Editor has tremendously transformed the experience of creating graphics, pictures and video clips to aid a meaningful story line. This makes you create those spectacular videos from your gathered clips into a more understandable concept for sharing with you audiences on either social media sites or for corporate reasons or even household.

The revolutionary video creation software has infiltrated the market with now millions of creatives involving its use. The video editing software allows you the rare opportunity to enhance your video files and in the pursuit to transform them into something entirely meaningful and interesting. You can actually create personal movies with the provisional multiple filters, transitions (of different varied concepts), dynamic stickers, and texts creation with different styles, and special effects all under one roof.

How to edit using the Software

Edit video is as easy as just opening the video editing software and on the first landing window, which will prompt you to make a new creation, select and choose a name. The editing window will then come up. On the task pane, there are different options. To import clips, go to file menu and choose import video. After that, the video(s) selected from your folder will appear on the homepage. The video then loads into the software system. After that, you can decide to drag the video(s) items to the storyboard just below, drop on the video section. Your items will appear on the storyboard. To add music or background audio, simply go to audio effects and import, or alternatively, right click on audio in the storyboard and select to import a music or audio of your choice. Thereafter you can decide to adjust your video as enhancement, cut, split, rearrange. 

You have the options to insert multiple animated intros, show multiple text effects, insert raw clips for editing, switch out and adjust video backgrounds to colors and swatches of your choice, adjust the contrast, brightness, saturation and filter noise, clip cropping and more.

Movavi Video allows users to insert music of their choice to use in the creations. Perhaps you want to create a music video; you are able to insert the music so that you can match with the clip actions. You can also insert different audio effects and background instrumentals to your movie or documentary. Additionally, there is an option to adjust or equalize the audio, which is very critical in balancing and mastering your sounds in the material creation.

You have the capability to cut/slice, copy and paste, merge or glue and delete items in the storyboard. You can UNDO or REDO to keep you safe from losing the interesting adjustments you had made. It does have a preview window to see whatever you are editing in real-time.

Furthermore, it allows you to have full control of your creations as it also supports the external plugins where you can use to further enhance your creations. In fact, you can also access the effects bundle that are downloadable for more freedom. These can be used for further clip enhancements.

That’s not all, there is also the most important thing to mention here; the chroma key effect. It has overtime been a challenge the fix your own video background, but thanks to this magical editing tool that allows you to manipulate the desired backgrounds of your creations. This is what is popularly seen in what is called the green screen effect.

After performing tasks like applying favorite effects as from the effects icon, you may then decide to mix down your video for export. You can export your videos in multiple formats depending on your specifications. The wide variety of formats to export your video available are in MOV, MP4, AVI, MPEG, and many more. The video output can be viewed on any device – smartphone, tablet, TV, or game console. You can also directly export to social media to share with audiences.

It’s worth it to advantage of this special Montage Wizard and turn your footage into a themed movie automatically. Just choose the occasion – birthday party, love story, travel adventures – and your video will be ready in no time. The built-in collection of video samples, backgrounds, and audio will help you really liven up your footage for the better.

The video creation software is available in multiple versions having different merits. As you may understand, the higher the version the better the quality due to updates for better experience.

Although you may be limited of some features when you are operating on a free trial version, like having your output watermarked, that is the demerits. Otherwise if you purchase a full version, you may feel the freedom of using Movavi endlessly.

Tested by professionals, The video editor is free from any malware, spyware, Trojans or viruses and appears to be absolutely safe.

Wanna make stunning videos like a pro? Get Movavi Video Editor.

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