How To Fix Error Code 0x80070035?

How To Fix Error Code 0x80070035?

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Windows platform on computers to date has been the most used around the globe. Its ease of use has given it an edge over its competitors such as Linux and Mac-based platforms. Also, one can effortlessly transfer files and communicate with other users without much prior knowledge of computers. The communication or information exchange is by either an Ethernet cable between devices or establishing a similar network between them. The most common problem encountered in this routine is when Windows fails to find a network path. This article seeks to address the solution, and whether you are new or experienced, this is an easy fix.

Update Outdated drivers for Error Code 0x80070035

The first automatic approach to Error Code 0x80070035 is to check for outdated drivers on your computer. You can download a driver checking tool such as Smart Driver Care, which compiles a list of outdated drivers. Take caution to download from sites you are familiar with or from the Windows store to protect against malware.


Afterward, click on the option that allows you to update drivers and invalid registries if there are any. The common cause of this error is the Network Adapter Driver, checking whether it has included on the list. If not included, then updating has to be done on the driver manually.

The Network driver and several other drivers found under the device manager. The device manager can found by searching it on search bar or typing devmgmt.msc in the Run dialog. The run dialog accessed by pressing Windows+R keys. Reboot your computer after the updates, and if the problem persists, then try other steps, we shall explore below.

Disable Antivirus and Windows Firewall To Resolve error 0x80070035

The error 0x80070035 network path not found may also arise due to restrictions by your Antivirus or the Windows firewall. To disable the Antivirus, navigate to your taskbar, right-click your Antivirus icon and disable temporarily for very little time. If this does not provide a positive result, the next best alternative is to disable Windows Firewall temporarily.

Windows Firewall is accessed by searching the Control Panel on the Windows search menu and clicking System and Security. Press “Turn Windows Firewall on or off,” which located on the left window pane and select Turn off Windows Firewall. If this does not work, you can repeat the above steps to turn the Windows Firewall.

Ping target computer IPv4 address

To check if the network channel is appropriately connected, we can ping the target computers’ IPv4 address. Search for the Command Prompt on the search box, right-click and Run as Administrator and type command ipconfig /all. Scroll down, copy the IPv4 address and paste it after ping on the command prompt.

Some network connection properties not set.

The error code 0x80070035 may also occur as a result of specific connection properties not being set. The most common items are Client for Microsoft Networks and File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Network boxes. These two get accidentally unselected while the system is creating virtual adapters.

To reselect these items, search for network and sharing center on Windows search bar and click change adapter settings. Select properties on both the Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections by right-clicking them and check whether the items are selected. If otherwise, then choose and click OK at the bottom of the panel. And then check whether the error has resolved.

Confirm whether the drive is shared or not

The network path errors also occur if the drive is not shared. To check if this is the case, right-click the drive on the computer, you want to access and select properties. In the features pop up window, click the Sharing tab and proceed to click Advanced Sharing.

Select the option to Share this folder and check for the correct drive name. Afterward, check if the issue has resolved and if not, then look into the steps below.


Delete Hidden Network Adapters

Deleting hidden network adapters under the device manager may also help solve the network error. To access the device manager, refer to the first update outdated drivers option. Press view and select show hidden devices, then choose Network Adapters. A blurry icon displays the hidden adapters, and you right-click on each and select the Uninstall device. Restart your computer in order to save changes and check if the error has resolved. If not, try the next method.

Network Discovery

At times, devices may fail to communicate when one device has turned off network discovery. Search for the Network and Sharing Center under the Windows search bar and click change advanced sharing on the left. For the different network profiles, select Turn on network discovery. Under the private profile, turn on the automatic setup of network-connected devices. Lastly, check if the computer issue has resolved after rebooting the computer.

Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP

Another solution to solve network path error is to enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP.

First, navigate to the network connection tab on the right side of the taskbar and right-click it. Select the second option, network, and internet settings and proceed to change adapter options. For the systems, right-click and select properties. Double click on the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and select Advanced option just before the last selections.

Please navigate to the WINS tab and under it select Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP. Save these changes by pressing the OK button and check if this solves the network path error. If this step does not prove successful, then try the steps which we shall explore below.

Manually entering credentials

One may also find the network path if they enter their username and password manually. Type in the Windows search box: manage Windows credentials and select add a Windows credential. Type in the required details of each machine connected to the network and press OK to confirm.

Keep in mind that the username and password are cases sensitive; thus, you must enter the exact details. If this does not fix the error code, then there is one more step mentioned below you can try out.

Modify network security settings

Network security settings can be modified under the Local Security Policy window to solve the network path error. This window can be accessed by typing secpol.msc under the Run dialog, which pops by pressing Windows+R key. Another alternative to this is by typing and selecting local security policy on the search bar.

Select local policies then security policies and navigate to the Network Security: LAN Manager authentication level option. Right or double click and from the drop-dow,n select Send LM & NTLM-use NTLMv2 session security if a negotiated option. Confirm these changes by pressing Apply, followed by OK.

Final Verdict

To minimize the incidence of problems other than the one you wish to resolve, create a restoration point. And this should get done before any further system changes as it reinstates a computer to an earlier created time. The most common problem users experience with implementing these steps is as a result of modifying without administrator privileges. Besides creating a restore point, administrator user account or rights must ensure no restrictions occur.

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