Why I Can’t Play Dailymotion Videos

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Dailymotion is increasingly gaining more popularity. Are you like me? A video enthusiast. If yes, you know how Dailymotion will keep you glued to the screen. Dailymotion has it all, from the latest music, entertainment, news, and sports news.

This French video hosting platform is creating waves in the online video industry. However, many Dailymotion lovers have complained of having issues playing videos. Are you one of them? Are you unable to play Dailymotion videos? I have written this detailed article for you.

Read on and find out how easy it is to fix your Dailymotion video not playing issue.

Reasons why Dailymotion videos are not playing

Can you create a solution without knowing the problem? You might have tried to play a video on Dailymotion, but it keeps loading and does not open. Another issue could be the video opening as a dark image.

Whichever the case, these might be the reasons causing the problem:

Slow Internet Connection

According to Dailymotion, if you face a slow connection speed or a slow processor to access the site, the videos might not play. A slow internet connection makes the Dailymotion videos keep loading. The videos may slowly open or not play at all.

Flash Plugin Not Installed

Dailymotion uses the Adobe Flash video format to encode all its videos. Therefore, if you have not installed the Flash plugin, you cannot enjoy Dailymotion videos. A dark screen will appear when you visit the Dailymotion app or site and try playing a video. If you have faced such an issue, your device may be lacking the Flash plugin.

Flash Plugin Not Enabled

You may have heard that to play videos on Dailymotion; you need the Flash plugin. You went ahead and installed the plugin. But videos still won’t play. You are asking yourself, “What’s the problem here?” I’ll answer you in a bit. But, if you already installed the plugin, Kudos!

Your work isn’t over yet. Flash plugin needs to be enabled for it to work. If it’s not enabled, you will still have issues opening your Dailymotion video.

Keep scrolling to find out how to enable your Flash plugin in your browser.

Methods to Fix Dailymotion Videos Not Playing Issue

After identifying the problem making you unable to play daily motion videos online, you can use the following methods to fix the issues.

1.    Use Fast Internet Connection

As we discussed earlier, having slow internet will give you trouble watching videos on Dailymotion. To solve this, you can switch from 3G to 4G internet speed using your smartphone.

If accessing the internet using Wi-Fi, check the Wi-Fi signal strength. You may find the signal strength being poor if the Wi-Fi has enormous traffic. This results in buffering issues.

You can also troubleshoot your router by switching it off and on after a few seconds. Once the internet speed issue is solved, you can enjoy your favorite videos on the Dailymotion app.

2.    Install/ Update Flash Player

If you cannot play a video on dailymotion, it is because of your flash player is not updated or installed. To install Flash Player on your device, visit the Adobe Flash Player official website. From there, you can download and install the Flash plugin. You may also face challenges playing videos if you are currently using an outdated version of Flash player. You can check for updates on their official website.

You will have to uninstall the outdated version and install the updated version. After installation, go to your browser setting and enable the Flash plugin.

Once done, try opening the Dailymotion app and open a video. If all have been done correctly, the video should play.

3.    Restart your Browser

If the Dailymotion videos cannot open yet, you have done the above options; consider restarting your browser. Whether you are using Chrome, Firefox, or Operamini, close it entirely, then re-open it. It would be best if you also considered clearing all the cache and cookies of the browser. This will improve the speed of the browser while loading videos.

 After this, your videos should play without issues unless your device has some technical issues.

4.    Upgrade your Browser

If you are still having trouble playing Dailymotion videos despite trying the above troubleshooting methods, you may be using an outdated browser.

Visit the browser’s official website to check if they have any updates. If available, download and install the newest version.

Open the Dailymotion site to see if the update has solved the problems.

5.    Download the Video

Another viable option is to download videos from Dailymotion rather than streaming them online. You can use various applications to download Dailymotion videos. I would recommend using the AceThinker Video Keeper for this particular job.

This is a free tool for Windows and mac0S devices. With AceThinker Video Keeper, you can download Dailymotion videos directly to your device storage. You can choose the video quality from 720p to 8K HD resolution.

You can download Dailymotion videos in different formats like MP3, MP4, MKV, MOV, WAV, etc.

Dailymotion Videos Will Not Play in Firefox.

You may experience that when you use the Firefox browser to access Dailymotion, videos don’t play. However, they play well on other browsers. Firefox has add-ons like NoScript and Flashback that may hinder video streaming.

You can disable them or add the Dailymotion site to the browser’s safe list. Also, check if other add-ons that aid in ad-blocking is preventing the browser from playing Dailymotion videos. After this, restart Firefox and test if videos are now playing.

Using Dailymotion Alternatives

If you try all the Dailymotion troubleshooting processes and still have no success playing Dailymotion videos, I recommend using other alternatives. Dailymotion alternatives are similar applications that you can use to stream online videos.

The best alternative to Dailymotion is YouTube. You can try searching videos on YouTube that relate to your Dailymotion searches.

Other Dailymotion alternatives include:

  • PeerTube
  • Vimeo
  • Prime Video
  • LBRY
  • BitChute

All these and other alternatives have excellent video content ranging from music, news, and entertainment.


We have reviewed various troubleshooting techniques that you can use to solve the Dailymotion video not playing issue. The above methods will be valuable, whether you are using an Android, macOS, or Windows device to access the Dailymotion site.

I hope that the methods we’ve discussed here will help fix your Dailymotion issues. Use these hacks to enjoy full access to Dailymotion videos.

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