How To Troubleshoot Amazon Prime Video Not Working on Roku?

How To Troubleshoot Amazon Prime Video Not Working on Roku?

Last Updated on October 11, 2021 by Editor Futurescope

If your Amazon Prime Video is not working properly on Roku, you have landed in the right place. We shall show you great troubleshooting techniques that you can apply and solve your issue right away. Recently, Roku users have complained that their streaming service provider’s apps are crashing and not working. This issue may be daunting, especially when watching your favorite movies.

Is your Amazon Prime Video app not opening on your Roku device? Or is the app not loading on your Roku TV? There are several reasons why your Prime Video may be dysfunctional on Roku, for instance, poor internet connectivity or issues with the app.


Whichever the problem, you should first try to find out the cause and then apply the most appropriate and basic solution. In this article, you will learn about the various issues you are likely to face while using Amazon Prime Video on Roku. Furthermore, we will show you what may cause Amazon Prime video not to work and the troubleshooting tips to solve the app issues.

Scroll down to discover how to troubleshoot Amazon Prime Video not working on Roku.

What is Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime video, or Prime Video as it’s popularly known, is a popular video-on-demand streaming service offered by Amazon Inc. The over-the-top rental and streaming device can be offered as part of the Amazon Prime Membership or a standalone service. Prime Video primarily provides movies & TV shows from Amazon Studios, Amazon Originals, content from other providers, live sports, and content add-ons.

With Prime video, you can rent or buy popular movies, enjoy premium channel subscriptions and live events. Some of the notable Prime Video features include 4K Ultra HD movies, High Dynamic Range (HDR), and mobile phone downloads support. The Amazon Originals, movies, and TV shows licensed by Amazon feature award-winning dramas, kid’s movies, films, and series. The Amazon X-Ray access feature powered by IMDb gives you access to the “behind the scenes” information of your favorite TV shows and movies. The information includes actor bios, bonus video content, trivia, filmographies, and photos.

Prime Video has 100+ channels like SHOWTIME, CBS All Access, HBO, STARZ, Cinemax, and many others. Prime members can access all these channels without downloading their apps and with no additional cost; you only pay for the subscribed channels.

You can stream the Prime Video content on hundreds of compatible devices, from the web, or via the Prime Video app on your iOS or Android phone, game console, set-top box, or compatible Smart TVs.

Amazon Prime Video on Roku

Roku is one of the most popular streaming devices that supports Amazon Prime Video. You can use any Roku device, whether it’s the Roku Streaming Stick or the Roku Premiere. You can subscribe to the Roku Video Subscription or use the buy or rent option to access the content.

Roku devices do not have the Prime Video app pre-installed, so you will have to install it using these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to the Home menu of your Roku device
  2. Go to Streaming Channels and select Search Channels.
  3. Search for Prime Video, then choose the Add Channel option
  4. Wait for the app to download, then launch it
  5. Use your correct login credentials or register an account if you are not a Prime Member.   

Once signed in, you can enjoy all the Amazon movies and TV Shows. If you face any issues, use the following troubleshooting methods to solve the issues:

1.   Checking Your Internet Connection

The most common cause of issues while streaming using Roku devices is internet connectivity issues or poor WiFi network signal strength. It would help if you were connected to an excellent WiFi signal to enjoy uninterrupted services. If you face network connectivity issues, contact your internet service provider to confirm if there is a network outage. If the service provider confirms an outage, wait until it’s resolved or use a mobile data plan. If the issue is from your router, consider rebooting the router and checking the internet activity since overcrowded networks tend to be slow. Disconnect the devices that you aren’t using.

Alternatively, you can use a WiFi booster to try to increase the internet connection speed. Position the router in an appropriate place, like at the top of your TV stand to ensure it gets enough signals.

Checking your internet connection should always come first since it’s one of the major reasons why your Amazon Prime Video app is not working.

2.   Reboot your Roku device

Rebooting the Roku device is a simple solution that solves most issues on the device. To restart the device, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the device from the power outlet.
  2. Leave the device idle for 1 to 3 minutes
  3. Turn the device on
  4. Open the Prime Video app again

Additionally, you can switch off the TV and unplug all the cables, including the HDMI cable. After a few minutes, plug the cables back and switch on the TV and the Roku streaming device. Open the Prime again and check if the troubleshooting method resolved the issue.

3.   Update the Amazon App

To avoid any issues with the Prime Video services, always ensure that the Prime Video app is up-to-date. Update the app using these quick steps:

  1. Navigate to the Amazon Prime Video app on your Roku and highlight it
  2. Press the star icon button of your Roku remote
  3. Select the Check for Updates option
  4. If there are updates, install the latest version

Consequently, check for any updates of your Roku device, and if there are, update the device to run on the latest version. By keeping the Roku and Amazon app updated, you will fix most of the streaming service issues.

4.   Relaunch the Amazon Prime app

One of the best troubleshooting steps to get the Amazon Prime app working again is uninstalling then reinstalling the app using these steps:

  1. Open The Roku device and navigate to the home menu
  2. Navigate to the applications menu and select the Prime video app
  3. Click the star button on your Roku remote
  4. On the options displayed, select Remove channel and confirm the removal

After uninstalling the app, reinstall and launch it with these steps:

  1. Press the home button on your Roku remote
  2. Go to Streaming Channels, then select Search Channels
  3. Search for the Amazon Prime video in the search bar and choose Add channel
  4. After the app is added, relaunch it. Use your login credentials to access your account.

Check if the Amazon prime video is not working issue has been resolved.

5.   Re-log to your Amazon Prime Account

Amazon Prime Video won’t display your customized content if you have logged in with incorrect login credentials. Likewise, you will lose connection to Prime content if your plan’s validity has expired. Check if you’ve used the right account to log into Amazon prime. If not, re-log with the correct account details.

Also, ensure that your payment details are up to date and the subscription validity is not yet expired so that you can enjoy all the services. If you have several accounts, use the one with a valid and paid Amazon subscription to log into your account. By doing this, the Prime Video channel will display all the paid content for you to choose from.

6.   Factory Reset the Roku Device

Some issues may originate from your Roku device. If your various streaming services like Amazon Prime or HBO Max are not working properly on Roku, the problem is Roku and not the streaming platform. Factory resetting removes all your settings and customizations and should be the last option to troubleshooting Amazon not working on Roku.

To set the Roku device to factory setting, do this:

  1. Open your Roku device and go to Home Screen
  2. Navigate to Settings from the home screen
  3. Select the System option on the settings menu
  4. Choose Advanced System Settings and then select Factory Reset
  5. Key in the code that appears on your screen
  6. Wait for the factory reset process to finish

After resetting your device, launch it again; this should solve the underlying issue.

7.   Contact Customer Care

If all the troubleshooting tips provided in this article do not work for you, it’s time to contact customer service. If you aren’t sure if the problem is from Roku or Amazon streaming devices, consider contacting them both.

You can visit Roku’s nearest service center to check if your device is faulty or outdated. The experts may repair it, or you can upgrade to the newest Roku device. Consequently, reach out to Amazon Prime customer service to get help.

Get Your Amazon Prime Video Working on Roku

Use the troubleshooting techniques in this article to get your Amazon Prime Video working on Roku streaming devices. Additionally, you can air your channel issues & questions to the Amazon support center.

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