Looking For Anime Sites Like Anilinkz? Check Out These Anilinkz Alternatives Sites

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Anime sites like Anilinkz provide you with uninterrupted anime videos free of charge.

Anilinkz alternatives include KissAnime, AnimeLab, AnimeHeaven, GogoAnime, Masterani, and many more.

Like Anilinkz, this broad array of anime sites provide free material to view without a registration process. Anilinkz would be a trendier choice. Unfortunately, the site’s glory didn’t last long. The site is full of delays and annoying ads that don’t allow you to view peacefully.

What Is Anilinkz?

For anime lovers, getting all the collections on a single broadcasting site is a top priority.  That is the true definition of Anilinkz. The anime site has an expansive library. Furthermore, it does not require any sign-up. 

Things are super simple there; locate your browser, navigate, and you are ready to pick on your favorite show. 

Fans admire Anilinkz for compiling a comprehensive exhibition of movies and series. In addition, you watch all the sequels to the grand finale. Previously, Anilinkz excited many fans with its broad genre, exciting series, and more episodes. 

Other anime sites trailed behind as the site achieved its popularity.  Users loved Anilinks because of the initial uninterrupted viewing of its shows. Besides, everything was free. To the dismay of many fans, this accolade did not last long. 

But something terrible happened to the site. Due to the mishandling of the site by its owners, the thrilling experience began dwindling off. Anilinkz became a hub of annoying ads that interrupted many fans when watching their favorites. 

The delays in video loading became a real nuisance with the never-ending pop-up ads. It’s even worse; when you visit the site, most of the time, it is inaccessible. No one wants to be there anymore. 

As an anime enthusiast, this is the least that you want to encounter. If you also wonder where else you can find fantastic anime shows, we have a detailed guide comprising of eight Anilinkz alternatives. 

Read and choose from our list of options to enjoy creativity, great graphics, and many fabulous anime video clips in a memorable way.

8 Best Anilinkz Alternatives

Check out our list of anime sites like Anilinkz;

1. Chia-Anime

If Anilinkz is a disappointment in your area, there should be no regrets. You can still watch your shows in Chia-Anime. Chia-Anime is in the Japanese language, but many videos have English subtitles and dubbing. 

This site is sought-after for its genuinely available free videos with no subscriptions attached.  The free goodies do not indicate fewer options. You have outstanding options in a list of thousands of anime videos, movies, and shows. There are different genres such as action, drama, adventure, action, comedy, romedy, ninja, aliens, fantasy, horror, etc.

With Chia-Anime, you have content for all age groups. You don’t have to worry about missing out on suitable content for everyone as the collection is exemplary. Watch anime with your kids and other members of your family and friend comfortably.

Chia-Anime offers fresh updates of its content so that you indulge in the latest shows. You have got a menu that gives you an A Z collection. Although the site has ad pop-ups, you can easily cope with the little bit of clumsiness that interrupts the interface.

Overall, the website is an excellent source of anime cartoons of all kinds. The comprehensive collection is unlimited and diverse.  Watch Naruto Shippuden, Tokyo Ghoul, Samurai Champloo, Naruto, and more others.

The significant advantages with Chia-Anime are English, and Japanese languages, full videos, HD videos, comprehensive collection, quicker streaming, and mobile-friendly UI. in addition to these benefits, Chia-Anime is a perfect site for all ages. 

You can visit the chia Anime website at http://chia-anime-tv.303.si/.

2. AnimeLab

This site is a fast track from Japan and contains all the hits that you ever dream of. You will find it economical to watch for free as the collection is vast. AnimeLab is legal and free!

The site contains a vast, free and safe database with tons of anime movies, series, episodes, and videos. All the online streaming is unlimited. In addition, you can pick your favorite genres, including horror, drama, romedy, comedy, and ninja, among others. 

Watch popular series like Yusuke Murata/SHUEISHA, My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball Super Attack on Titan, and many more. Your favorite shows will also come in several languages, including English and Japanese.

The best thing is your ability to download free movies to watch offline. You don’t have to pay for any downloads as all the films are free; neither do you have to register or sign up to access the albums.

AnimeLab is a global site. You have no annoying restrictions that coerce you to sign up with a VPN. Indulge in any location in all corners of the world, as long as you have stable internet. 

What if you want to get AnimeLab updates? 

Easy! Just subscribe for free with your email and get regular updates. You will never miss out on hot videos. Like any other subscription, you will get notifications whenever new stuff gets uploaded.   

The primary advantages of AnimeLab include an expansive collection, uncomp[licated user interface, fast video streaming, HD pictures, and dubbed anime. 

Visit AnimeLab at https://www.animelab.com/home.

3. Masterani

Masterani will be your best alternative to Anilinkz alternative. The site is an admiration to many anime content enthusiasts. That is because of its fast and exciting collection that comprises high-definition videos. 

Masterani dominates the anime world with over 3000 shows! Its regular updates allow you to watch and also download their favorites for sharing. This fabulous anime website features popular genres like horror, supernatural, vampire, adventure, romance, and sci-fi, all in an easy and straight user interface. 

Masterani also offers a great assortment of videos and movies with superb resolution and fast streaming. Each show contains details like the release date, sequence number, character, and a short expectation narration.

This particular site offers many scheduled posts. You will go over other peoples’ comments and ratings and leave yours as well. All these are in the menu bar. Several other features help you to comment and rate the site and its contents. These include a variety of emojis like like and dislike.  

Masterani values your profile; the site will add those to your favorite list depending on how often you click on different shows. That simplifies your work when you visit the site.

You shouldn’t overlook your ability to use the site anywhere in the world without the need for a VPN. The user interface is rich, where you have a drop-down list to hunt and select any anime of your choice quickly.

Other prime advantages include an easy-to-use UI, expansive collection, great HD pictures, comment and rating section, movie narration, and many more. To browse your favorite shows, visit https://masteranime.es/.

 4. Animeheaven

Animeheaven offers you real heaven in the anime world. Your plate will be full of both dubbed and subtitled anime series. 

At the site, you have a chance to jump into numerous genres, including drama, romance, adventure, sci-fi Drama, and supernatural, among others.

Don’t worry about navigating through, as the site is generous enough to offer an easy-to-use search box.  The choice is all yours as you have a navigation menu that offers ongoing episodes, complete movies, series, arbitrary, and schedules,  among others. 

There are several reasons why AnimeHeaven is among the best anime sites like Anilinkz. The site is free. 

Besides the free goodies, it is unlimited, meaning you have no restrictions to whatever you choose to watch. The streaming is incredible with high-definition quality pictures and sound. 

In addition, accessing AnimeHeaven does not require sign-ups. The site is in your browser. You will have a chance to view people’s reviews and also leave yours. 

Once you access the channel, you can get the storyline first before jumping into the real action. To quickly access AnimeHeaven, use https://animeheaven.ru/animeheaven.eu.

5. KissAnime

If you didn’t know, KissAnime is one of the best homes to the best anime movies, series, and episodes. The website has visitors all over the world. 

Choosing KissAnime means enjoying unlimited classic anime streaming videos like drama, horror, vampire, war, romance, adventure, comedy, and so on. There are several genres to choose from and thus a great alternative to the Anilinkz website.

With a vast collection of fantastic anime movies and series, you cannot gamble this site with any other. In addition, the owners regularly update and upload the latest hits to keep fans on their toes. 

The series offers between 240p tp 1080p ( low to high-resolution) quality videos. The High Definition is equivalent to the one YouTube uses in its video streams. You will not find such quality pictures on many anime websites.

You cannot get lost or lose track while at KissAnime. The User interface is straightforward. Whether you are a beginner, veteran, a kid, or an adult, you will find KissAnime’s UI is attractive and easy to understand.

Other features that KissAnime provides include several features and options. The options allow you to search for your favorites and also explore the many options easily. 

If you got disappointed by Anilinkz, watch your favorite movies and series free of charge at  http://kissanimefree.net/ http://kissanime.to/,or https://kissanime.ru.com/.

6. GogoAnime

Visit this popular anime website containing an outstanding and fast collection of anime video series similar to Anilinkz. The list is unlimited, from the oldest to the most recently uploaded series. On the home page, you will notice the latest releases.

GogoAnime also has a  navigation menu bar, where you can get anything that fantasizes you. The most crucial feature in this bar is the search space. 

Whether you are guessing or have the name of the series you are looking for, you will still get it right. The search box is easy to use and loads quite fast. GoGoAnime arranges its anime websites in alphabetical order. 

Once you get the site, you can watch and comment on the perfect section. There you also get other users’ feedback and ratings.

The User Interface also allows you to find the newest website in the anime list. There you will access the most recent uploads and choose any category that you fancy. Whether it is action, school, music, cars, horror, kids, romance, or game, you got everything at your disposal.

Although GogoAnime has ad pop-ups, that should not worry you. The site is legal and safe to use. When you use GogAnime, you cannot face any legal problems or land in dubious sites. 

When things go south at Anilinkz, you got GogoAnime as another great alternative. Due to the site’s great popularity, you may face a few hiccups like low servers and an inaccessible website, but it will be for a short duration. 

Keep on trying and enjoy your favorite anime show at https://www9.gogoanime.io.

7. BabyAnime

BabyAnime is a great site and an alternative to Anilinkz. That is if you understand and live in English dubbed anime. The shows come with subtitles for no Japanese speakers.   

The site offers similar services as Anilikz, which includes a vast collection of videos. On the BabyAnime websites, you have several options. The categories and genres take care of the options.

You can easily access the search bar and look for your favorite video super fast. Like anilinkz, you have stuff like fantasy, action, drama, adventure, comedy, vampire, romedy, et cetera. 

Even if you had all the time in the world, you would not exhaust the BabyAnime site! 

From the oldest to the latest uploads and releases, the site ensures that it perfectly addresses your entertainment needs.

Like Anilinkz, you got a classic movie site at no cost. That doesn’t mean that the site limits your favorites. You will watch all your choices as you desire.

The main benefit is with the BabyAnime site is that it doesn’t subject you to any registration. You get in and out of the website as you desire. Also, you enjoy the entire series to the finale episode.

This best option for Anilinkz URL is http://ww1.babyanime.com/.

8. AnimeFreak

If you want a free anime website with original and timely content, AnimeFreak is the perfect replacement for Anilinkz. The site streams dubbed and subbed anime videos with quality HD and perfect sound. 

AnimeFreak picture quality ranges between 720p and 1080p, making it one of the anime sites with high-caliber HD videos. The picture and sound quality are superb.

This site hosts a huge collection of free material to watch anytime, anywhere. With a great user interface, you can navigate flawlessly to pick your favorite content without any limitations. 

Whether it is horror, comedy, drama, adventure, vampire, or any other genre, all those are readily available and well organized for you. 

Visit this fantastic website at https://animefreak.site/.

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9. Ww2.Chia-Anime.tv

Chia-anime provides a wide range of anime movies that users can access at no cost. All the anime movies are available in Japanese language but the series is dubbed in English. Most of them also come with English subtitles to help you understand the content. You can stream with your family and friends because the anime lists do not contain any adult content. Choose the latest anime episodes, new anime series or anime movies depending on your taste. The twenty-six alphabets allow you to do that easily.

10. Anime-planet.com

Anime-planet.com is more like heaven for anime lovers. The over 45K anime movies are legal and industry supported. After creating your account on the site, you can start developing your favourite animes list. On the homepage, expect to find the weekly anime videos collection but to stream the videos without limitations, you have to create your account. Not every type of content will match your needs, so the site allows you to choose your favourite characters.

11. Hulu

Hulu is a multi-platform entertainment source, something that makes it a leading entertainment platform for online movie streaming. It has been a choice for people who need collections of beautiful and highly-rated TV shows and films. The offered content is accessible in all digital operating systems and media devices. Again, the website provides many tools and features in addition to a smart interface that makes it more attractive. With the help of the features and tools, you will download Anime, Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies and other types of content easily.  

12. NetFlix

Netflix is among the leading online entertainment platforms for people in need of top-notch television programs and films from all parts of the world. The web-based entertainment platform offers action movies, TV dramas, documentaries, humour films, TV series, action movies and other types of enjoyable content. You will not find any advertisement or commercial schemes on Netflix and, therefore, all television programs will run smoothly. The three payment options are Basic, Standard and Premium. Expect a 30 days free trial period after registration. 

13. Terrarium TV

For people who love streaming animes through mobile apps, Terrarium TV is a perfect choice. All the videos are available in HD quality and you can stream as many as you like at no cost. To stream the videos from any place, you just need to install the Android app on your smartphone. With the app, you can download all your favourite videos and play them when offline. 

14. AnimeSeason

 AnimeSeason offers a simple but high-quality user interface in addition to content. The huge anime video database contains full lists of video series and the admins update it regularly with new content. Again, the subbed anime videos, including anime films, anime series, and cartoon films, come in HD quality. Enjoy the popular video series such as Strike the Blood II, World Trigger, Alice to Zouroku and Hunter X Hunter. All that makes it a great Anilinkz.tv alternative

Final Thoughts

You cannot afford to waste your time on a site full of pop up and redirects. Other times, you may get dismayed by an inaccessible site. The worst is exposing yourself to unsafe practices online. 

As a responsible anime fanatic, your focus is to watch legal and safe videos. The fact is,  Anilinkz has proved to be illegal and unreliable. 

Fortunately, there are other anime sites like Anilinkz. The sites share many similarities and are even better than this once great website. 

Our list consists of free-of-charge sites that do not put you through the tedious registration process. You will enjoy your anime movies and series, whether old and latest episodes, non-stop. 

The list is safe and offers you legal content. We have KissAnime, GogoAnime, AnimeLab, Masterani, AnimeFreak, and many others on our checklist. Feel free to test any of the above websites for free!

FAQ’s About Anilinkz Anime Sites

What happened to Anilinkz?

Anilinkz is one of the most popular sites in the anime world. With its vast and free database, you can access thousands of videos. But, this can be frustrating due to so many ads that keep on popping as you watch. 

In addition, the many advertisements cannot allow you to watch blocks. Even with the excellent data, Anilinkz keeps on losing the good reputation it once held.

There is hope, Aniwatcher. Anilinkz website recently moved to this great site, which also has an expansive library of anime data. If you miss your favorite shows from Anilinkz, you can browse that in Aniwatcher. 

The Aniwatcher collection is unique and similar to Anilinkz. More so, the site will keep you on top in the anime entertainment world. Unlike the Anilinkz website, the streaming is free and contains no disruptions.

Is Anilinkz safe?

After its inception, Anilinkz was the safest anime site ever. Right now, the site is not safe. It keeps on getting worse. 

Though Anilinkz offers free videos to its fans, it contains illegal videos with copyright issues. When you watch the pirated videos, there will be no legal action against you. You are not breaking any law, but the host is committing a serious copyright crime. 

Your safety comes first. Contrary, Anilinkz illegal content is unsafe and may also contain bugs. You will be exposing your gadget to malware.

Besides the website’s illegal content, the site is full of ads. These ads cannot allow you to enjoy anilinkz content as they pop up at every glance. A missed click will lead you to more unsafe sites. To avoid trouble, we have several anime sites similar to Anilinkz. These include GogoAnime, AnimeLab, BabyAnime, among others.

Is Anilinkz dead?

Anilinkz may not be dead now, but the site may follow suit in several months to come. The reason for this predicament is the site offering illegal content to its users. The many ads Anilinkz allows on the site are quite infuriating. Many have shied away and found safer and ideal anilinkz alternatives.

Though Anilnkz still provides excellent content, users cannot enjoy the watch time. 

It is also possible to wake up to an inaccessible Anilinkz anime website. Don’t get vexed. You can reach out to many free websites with similar content. These include Anilab, Masterani, BabyAnime, GogoAnime, Chia Anime, and many others.

Each time you miss what you needed on Anilinkz website or the website is down, you can always try one of the best alternatives. No site is exactly like the other and therefore some might not fulfil all your needs. Try as many sites as possible and save those that offer what you need.

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