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Did you know that most online streaming websites do not last for more than one year? That is the case. And for that reason, you should avoid falling in love with only one video streaming site. One of the sites that people thought would last forever is Alluc. The video streaming website lasted for over 10 years and that might be the main reason its disappearance was a surprise to many people. 

Started by Sebastian Fink in the year 2006, Alluc TV grew rapidly and within a few months, it had millions of users who streamed videos daily. The website did not host any content but linked users to the content hosted on other video sharing sites and allowed them to submit their video content and report all the broken links. 

Over the many years, the site developers created automated scripts, which cleaned the pages periodically to get rid of the redundant copies, something that helped it run very fast. The website ranked in the world Alexa rank of 4,000, which is a great achievement for any online streaming website. Unfortunately, Sebastian Fink chose to discontinue the website on March 8, 2020. So, any site using the Alluc domain name is not from Alluc Movie. Do not worry. You can still stream as many movies as you want through Alluc alternatives. Here are the best sites like Alluc Movies to try.

Putlocker is up and running properly again. The website was inactive for several months and that time, people developed fake clones to provide its services. provides a wide range of films, which you can stream from the comfort of your home at no cost. And because the website offers many unique features, you will easily find the videos you want. With the site, you will always have a wide range of options to try, regardless of where you are. Watch all the TV shows and movies in HD resolution on your TV, smartphone or PC at any time.

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TubiTV offers one of the largest Movies and TV shows libraries and for that reason, it is among the best Alluc alternatives. Among the unique offers to expect on this website is a large collection of genres that you are unlikely to find on other websites. Any service you click on will load but you should know what to stream when with your kids in the kitchen. The unique genres include television shows and movies for pre-schoolers, Indian films and stand-up comedies. All you need to start streaming is complete the free registration. 


Most features of Movie4K are very close to those of Alluc. For that reason, it has stood as one of the best Alluc substitutes.  In addition to the genres and titles, the site offers the release date, IMDB profile, rating and the cast for every movie on its library list. The information will be more helpful when you are not certain that you are streaming the needed content. Each of the videos allows you to leave your comments in the comment section. Use the comments of other users to know whether the video you intend to watch is worth your time.

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Even though PopCornFlix provides the smallest library, it allows users to obtain every video from its on-screen multimedia library. The site provides a wide selection of genres and times and its developers focus more on the safety of source material. In other words, you should never worry about installing unpleasant programs accidentally on your device when streaming. While most websites will focus on fiction films alone, PopCornFlix is dedicated to helping you understand the world you live in a better way.  


1Channel is among the best Alluc alternatives because of its wide selection of genres. Again, the offered content is free from malware and viruses. The user interface is not among the most fluid but its genre-based library allows you to scan the movies very fast. Content on the homepage includes the “Just Added” and the “Featured Movies”. When necessary, use the search feature.  


On our sixth position is the Moviewatcher website, which displays “its online cinema” message on the homepage. This Alluc alternative has been around for a very long time and within that time, it has stood as a popular provider of movies, TV shows and animes. You have to stream all the videos online because Moviewatcher does not offer a download option. Moreover, after clicking on a movie, it will direct you to an external source for the streaming. 


Despite its outdated design, Putlocker has remained a popular choice for most TV shows and movie lovers. The design of a website is important but Putlocker website has a great user interface that allows smooth navigation. After finding the TV show or movie you need, switch to the fullscreen mode for the best experience. There are no adverts or popups to disrupt your streaming.

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Apple TV+

If you have already invested in the Apple ecosystem, Apple TV+ is a good place to start when searching for the best Alluc alternative. The content streaming service from Apple provides many exclusive titles and it is accessible through many mainstream devices. 


One of the things you should expect on GoMovies is a wide range of free online movies. For you to access the content, the website does not require you to create an account or pay a subscription fee. The website design is simple but highly intuitive and you are unlikely to get enough of its Night Mode feature that changes the colour scheme to make everything easy on your eyes.  


Movie123 might be the best place to start if your goal is to stream the best TV shows and movies at no cost. The website offers a polished design, a huge library and a strong presence on social media. After finding the content you need, you can invite your friends and relatives to stream it too. 

Alluc Movie has remained a legend among the online video streaming websites. Many Alluc Movie fake sites have already emerged but their offerings are nowhere near those of the original website. The above list represents the best alternatives to Alluc Movie. They provide wide collections of movies and TV shows free of charge.

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