What You Should Know When Putlocker Is Not Working

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Putlocker has these days become one of the widely used videos and television shows streaming website. The site got launched in the UK in 2011. To date, it has a majority of fan base throughout the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, and India. Also, the rest of the world visits it daily. By the year 2016, the site was among the top 10 websites out of 250 receiving the most traffic across the globe. Due to this huge traffic daily, there are times you will notice Putlocker not working. At such a time, a visitor gets an error message suggesting that the server is unresponsive.

Why People Prefer the Site for Streaming Videos and TV Shows

1.    Easy Playback

Before technology was this advanced, webmasters would only post a link on the internet. Users would download to completion the movie on the link before playing it back.  This is not the case with Putlocker and other reputable media streaming sites.  Here, the content is served in that it allows files to be played immediately they start to download. One can also jump forward or backward as it continues to download.

2.    Privacy protection

Such sites allow for privacy protection. When you allow visitors on your site to download copyrighted material, it may be easy for you to have the material pirated. They could share the copyrighted content through the file-sharing networks. However, in a site such as Putlocker, it can be hard to copy content. Here, it is much easier to prevent your visitors from saving a copy of the material on their computers; however, this is not 100% guaranteed

3.    Access to movies 24/7

Unless Putlocker is not working, one can watch a movie and stream a TV show 24/7 from anywhere. The site is free and is free from viruses. You don’t have to worry about your computer getting viruses or malware. As a rule of thumb though, it is vital to install a reliable antivirus before starting to watch content here or in any other site.

4.    Safety and reliability

Most videos on this platform are safe to watch. Putlocker has put strict guidelines in featuring what movies should be free to watch. Therefore one can download and watch movies through streaming without worrying. It’s wise to first read the site’s terms and conditions before you start watching.

5.    High-quality movies

The site also has high-quality movies. They offer vivid pictures and come in a language easy to understand. The quality of sound also is topnotch. All these are determinants of whether one will enjoy watching a movie or not. The site ensures that you enjoy the newly released films even before they hit the DVDs.

6.    Unlimited movies for free

Putlocker treats you to free, unlimited movies. You have lots of movies to sample and watch for free. Here you can watch and even download your favorite films without having to pay a dime. You, however, might have to wait a bit for the movie to download or load before you can start viewing it.

Putlocker Stops Working

With all the above and more advantages, it becomes quite a blow when you find out that Putlocker is not working. Ever since 2019 started, the site has been on and off.  The latest, downtime was four days ago to date. Short downtime is common among such kind of websites.

Nonetheless, if the downtime persists, visitors get frustrated and end up searching for putlockers new site today. Many visitors have tried sending emails to Putlocker.is team. This hardly bears fruits as the sending fails with an error message.

Possible Reasons Why Putlocker Is Not Working

Despite the stringent measures put in place by a famous site like Putlocker, it can be really hard to keep off hackers or ensure 100% safety and privacy protection. Over time, it has been found that both the site and its users have violated copyright laws. This means that not once have they been culpable of using material and distributed it without permission. The MPAA has also been for some while on the site’s trail. They have caught it, reported a couple of times, in efforts to keep them from continuing with this trend.

This, however, has not been easy as Putlocker keeps coming up with new domain names that are switched and launched time and again. The issue, thus, is hard to completely get rid of as people can’t stop downloading pirated content. Therefore there are not many ways to prevent the site from serving its visitors with pirated content. The only way is to switch it off completely.

The site has been shut a couple of times, and even now, this is the reason behind Putlocker Is Not Working.  It earns a reprieve for only a short while then resurfaces again and again. This can be likened to keeping ants from a picnic by dealing with them one by one. You will soon be surprised by a dozen more that you have not yet seen.

Are there reliable putlocker alternative website?

There is always a hack for virtually everything, and Putlocker is not an exception. Rather than sitting back and asking why is Putlocker not working, get quick solutions to this problem.  Here are some of the best putlockers new site today for the streaming..

1.    Solar Movie

This is currently one of the best alternatives for Putlocker.  With top quality search engine for searching movies, you can’t go wrong when choosing it. Solarmovie.sc operates Solarmovies. However, with anti-privacy bodies being on the hunt for such sites, they may change their domain any time.

2.    Niter

This is also another free putlocker alternative website website. It has a user-friendly interface and almost looks like Netflix. The site has a simple menu and is easy to navigate. It has a limited number of ads and a resolvable video popup that starts when you begin surfing it.

3.    Movies

This also has a slick interface, and inside, it contains some Hollywood titles as well as mainstream television shows. It has a better categorization, and users hype it for a better streaming experience. This also is in the list of best putlocker alternative websites.


These and more are some of the best Putlocker alternatives. They are all active and free to stream movies and other contents. Bear in mind that their domains may change or stop working anytime due to privacy restrictions. Therefore, use putlockers new site today while they last.

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