What Does HMU Mean In Texting On Social Media like Facebook, Instagram…?

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In most instances, a person might be busy or have no time to write a text. At this time he/she might be forced to use HMU. What does hmu mean? It is a question that is asked by many people. HMU is an abbreviation of the words ‘Hit Me Up’. Mostly hmu is used while chatting or you have no much time to chart.

You can apply hmu when chatting in Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, Phone message or any other texting app. HMU contains simple sentences like I am busy, where are you, contact me later or nice time among others.

Actually, hmu is an internet slang that is used in charting online. Using hmu you are within the online conversation culture like many other internet expressions.

At times, most people want to know about hmu. They ask several about hmu. All their thirsty will be quenched in this article.

So, what does hmu mean in texting

The question what does hmu stand for is here to be answered. Before, people used to make jest with the words hmu that they stand for ‘Hold My Unicorn’. Due to the fact that each and every person needs to chat with their friends, relatives or even their lovers. They get to use hmu. HMU is an abbreviation word standing for ‘Hit Me Up’.

Literally, HMU means contact me.

Perhaps, hmu is used when chatting online. Friends and relatives charts you to know your availability. In response, you send a hit me up message to inform them when you are available. The message will help them to chart you within your time.

When And How To Use HMU

In different occasions, hmu is used in a different aspect. At times one may be tired and he/she wants to get rid of much charting. In such a case a person will have to write a short text to alert the recipient when he/she is free.

There are times when one is exhausted charting online. Due to this he/she will be forced to use hit me up message. The message always carries a couple of meaning to the reader. When reading such a message, you get to understand much about the purpose of the writer.

Consecutively, a person might not be feeling well or is not used to charting. In such a case, he/she might decide to use hmu messages to make his point delivered. The short messages in such situation are; I am in the hospital, I am sick, I am tired, or even see you later.

Note that hmu is used when you want to reach many people in a short time. Sometimes you find that you have a lot of work to be done and you have no time to write the texts. Due to those reasons, you write a hmu text that you can send to many people. The text is short and simple.

To use hmu is of much benefit. The question of how to use hmu strikes the mind of many people. If you chart on facebook, twitter, or Instagram you understand this. First, before answering the question, I have to answer the question on what does hmu mean in a text.

When using hmu in a text it means you are using short sentences. The short form of it is hit me up. The text is to avoid many words

How to use hmu

How to use hmu is quite simple. Hmu can be used when you want to solicit suggestions, thoughts, sourced information or even a recommendation.

While studying online, you may receive a text and you are not feeling to chart. In response to the text, you may send a ‘Hit Me Up’ message. The message will help the recipient to be comfortable and reach you in the time when free.

However, you can send a friend or relative a hit me up message informing him/her to get contact with you even by charting.

History Of HMU

Originally, hit me up message was first heard in 2009. Later on in the year 2010, it was further heard and practiced on Facebook. At this time, there were many followers who get used to hit me up message. The aspect was much embraced by many people. The reason behind this is that it was simple and faster.

Using hmu is making work easier and saving time. Hit me up text is one of the ways of bringing people together. Like any other purpose of having social media, using hmu is also one of the ways of making communication simple.

Note that the use of slangs accelerates the mode of communication. Consecutively, it makes easy to befriend strangers.

Now over the years, this form of abbreviation has made the communication to be more lively. Once one receives a hit me up message, the person gets to chat with the person. One can use either email, Facebook, Twitter or even whats-up.

What does a hmu mean in texting especially in Instagram is a common question one may ask. But in a real sense it means text me or call me. Using hmu is one way of avoiding many words in a text.

Hmu meaning text may include; Contact me later, call me among many others. However, hmu means that the person you sent the text can easily call you.

In social media like Instagram, it has been used more than three million times. In Facebook, it has been trending over the years.

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As I conclude is good to note that hmu is one of the best ways of reaching to people. If you want to be simple and make work easier, use hmu. That is one of the best options for chatting if you plan to  hang out with any person.

Keep the trend in the move by using hmu. Still when you use to send a hmu message to a friend or any person who wants to chat you, will never be angry with you or say you have ignored their text. So using hmu is very vital and legal.

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