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32 years ago, a movie was released named “Back to the Future”, where the lead character, Marty McFly, time travelled and was sent into the future through the time machine. He arrived in 2015, where there were personal drones, tablets and mobile payment technologies, biometric devices, hands-free gaming consoles, video phones, and video glasses. Surely it got all so accurate if we talk about 2017. Remember watching Jetsons in your childhood? Where the family used to travel in flying cars and you used to wonder that one day you will travel in a flying car, too.

Well, flying cars are still a prediction for now, although some companies are working on it. But that was the golden era of sci-fi when many cartoons and Hollywood movies were made like The Blade Runner, E.T., Robocop, Star wars, etc. Those movies promised us ultramodern world filled with technologies. Now those promises are coming true eventually. Here is a list of some latest technologies that we have never thought of if we go back to the 80’s and now they are so common.

Waterproof Phones

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People these days are so dependent on their phones and can’t live without it. But still they take their expensive gadgets for granted and are prone to dropping it again and again. The most upsetting situation arrives when we drop our expensive phones in water. That’s the time when we get a mini heart-attack.  After dropping our phones in water, we usually Google the ways on how to get back our precious device to life. “Put it in a rice bag for days!” This is one of the most overrated hacks you will come across when you have dropped your phone in water. For many decades, rice was used to keep camera equipment and film dry in tropical locations.

But believe me – that is not the real solution for your phone! No offense that rice grains will help suck some moisture out, and in some instances dry the insides out, but doing so won’t completely solve your problems.

Smartphones companies knew that you will drop your phone in water every now and then and will come up with stupid solutions like dipping it in alcohol. Despite making business out of it, they came up with waterproof smartphones instead. Now you can use phone while in shower and jump in the pool and click remarkable underwater pictures. Waterproof smartphones is the new must have technology with most manufacturers now making at least one device that you can use in shower, drop it in pool, use it while washing dishes and can even spill liquid on it all the time. Some of the best waterproof phones in the market are Apple iPhone 7 and 7+, Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, Sony Xperia XZ and LG G6.

Self Driven Vehicles

Self driven vehicles are autonomus vehicles, also known as self-driven cars, which is capable of sensing its environment and navigating without human input.

Why self-driven cars?

We all know how careless humans are and how badly some of them drive. They drink and drive. They text and drive. And sometimes they even doze and drive. According to a study held in the United States, nearly 30,000 people die from rod accidents every year. Automobile accidents has become the primary cause of death among the people aged 15-24, worldwide. We are human beings, we are designed to make mistakes and learn from them.

But sometimes there’s no chance of turning back and learning from the mistakes we did because in most of the severe car accidents, people don’t even get a chance to take their next breath. Whereas, machines are designed to follow the rules than humans. Including Google, some major car companies like Hyundai, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi – all are working to remove human error from car accidents because since hundreds of years, human are the ones getting the complete blame of every accident that happens.

How does it drive itself?

These cars are capable of sensing its environment and navigating without the input of any human being. Each vehicle is usually outfitted with a GPS unit, an inertial navigation system, and a range of sensors including laser rangefinders, radar, and video to accomplish the task. The vehicle uses positional information from the GPS and inertial navigation system to localize itself and sensor data to refine its position estimate as well as to build a three-dimensional image of its environment. Data from each sensor is filtered to remove noise and often fused with other data sources to augment the original image.

Are they available in the market?

If you are excited and looking forward to get one then hold your horses because you still have to wait several years to take a ride on a self-driven car.  Such vehicles are only allowed on the roads for test purpose right now. There’s no guarantee yet that a self-driven car can overlook trucks, handling a yellow light, traversing four-way stops or snow covered streets. The real results are yet to come and there is no guarantee that we will see any massive improvement. According to some experts, the cars will be ready to hit the roads in ten years from now.

How much will it cost?

Everyone one of us is imagining about the future where we are driving a car without any driver but the most important question that we almost forgot is that how much will it cost? Will we ever be able to get such car if we are on a budget? Surprisingly, you can already get your hands on a semi-autonomous Honda Civic for as little as $20,000 total that comes with advanced driver assistance

Acer Predator 21X gaming laptop

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Rough, protruding black and silver edges and a flashy blue dragon stock graphic slapped above the keyboard – this gaming laptop is undoubtedly hideous! It looks just like a military laptop you will see in the background of post 9/11 based movies. The laptop’s touchpad can also be flipped over to be used as a numeric keypad. The 30 inch screen has built-in eye tracking system that let the gamers to aim target faster than ever. The laptop hit the markets in February, with a cost of $9,000.

AirTV Player

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The AirTV Player in an Android-powered box that combines the ability to stream online video services including Netflix (though you will still need a subscription), Sling TV and other apps available in the Google Play Store, and access live over-the-air TV channels, too. The player require no monthly fee to use and no subscription is needed for Sling TV. The AirTV Player could help fill a position for consumers uncertain to drop traditional cable for one of the new internet TV services and lose the big four networks as part of the switch. The details about the price have not been updated yet but soon we will get to know.

Reference Generators

Reference generator is a tool that is beneficial and completely reliable, helping the writers in producing the perfect Reference whether it’s their assignment, research paper or any academic paper. They are easily available on the internet for the users to allow them to generate the Reference instantly in whichever the format they want. Suppose, you want to cite your source in AMA format. All you have to do is to type vancouver reference generator on the search bar. Enter all the relevant information. You will be provided with the correct Reference in jut few seconds. When a person has to cite his source and he is not familiar with Reference procedure, there are free Reference generators available on the web.

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