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Movie streaming experience has greatly improved over the years. The power of Dynamics in the world of entertainment has taken great shape. Introduced in 2011, Putlocker stream has taken a substantial space in this niche of movie streaming. You can enjoy incredible Putlocker it movies features allows free streaming. Well, nothing could be further from the truth that recently, a downtime is detected by most putlocker users in certain regions.

What is Putlockers?

Putlocker is a global movie streaming and download site that enables movie fanatics to have the freedom of enjoying the grace of accessing services of entertainment. And where is putlocker? Well, it is found online. It is an online index of hosted folders of great movies and shows content. It operates just as the pirate bay.It is a great source of movies  entertainment for millions of users. It is one of the most watched top online channels for free streaming. Putlockers ch featured in over 32 languages, also having putlockersTv, makes it the most viral movie-streaming site. Worthy enough, it allows users to stream shows, movies, series, drama, comedy and documentaries. This is just a variety of genres to choose from — all these capabilities provided for free.

Putlocker .ch?

Well, today is the most recent main domain that the site currently uses mostly. Overtime it has had several changes in a domain name, but currently using this. A viral platform with several millions of viewers perceived by other entertainment entities as a threat to digital piracy. The putlockers ch search index is facing some downtime error issues. down, and there have been difficulties; time to find the appropriate solution to this though seems to work currently.

However, since it was discovered that the putlockers ch today are not working properly as per users’ expectations, there have been some issue in putlocker feature. The sight was reported to promote piracy. Thus suspended according to the United Kingdom court as the sites like thepiratebay. Users encounter errors while trying to access the site. The sources indicate that the site was reported to infringe on copyright. It is therefore posed to facing some serious legal issues, as MPAA of Hollywood recently accused the site of promoting the art of piracy, not considered good to the entertainment market.

Putlockers Alternatives

Many sites like the pirate bay provide similar services as putlockers alternative. With the advice that you can wait for the alternatives to putlockers site, sometimes you would decide to just seek for putlocker movie site alternatives. There are wide sites to continue using, providing some beneficial features just do putlocker search or putlockersearch in google. These sites have been carefully selected to enable you get the best experience. These major sites include;

1. Niter

Niter is also one of the recent popular sites that provide users access to free movies streaming technology & get out stream putlockers. Loved by many because it has a variety of content to choose from. It’s one of the best because it’s contents are arranged in a chronological order easing navigation. It has has a suitable user interface that makes the browsing experience much more interesting. The movies are arranged systematically to the most recent ones, in each genre. It’s hassle free and thus one of the best. 
The flaw is that you may not easily access it via Google search, but you can get from their website.

2. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is known to operate in conjunction with the Screen Media to provide endless entertainment, to provide high-quality HD movies and shows. It is suitably arranged in a manner that there is a section for Most popular, Latest movies with a very nice playlist. It also includes variety of genres to select from. It is one of the most popular movies streaming sites globally like putlocker streams. The site is free for users consumption.

3. All123Movies

Well, this one is the most recent movie streaming and download platform. This site also provides a wide collection of movies and series in chronological order, making search and navigation easier. It is also popular for providing a brief synopsis about the collection of every content and giving some small description insights concerning a cast. It has a search section to enable you to locate a specific movie or series you are looking for. It is a widely proven ideal alternative for the put

4. SnagFilms

This is also a free online movie streaming site. Works as an alternative to Putlocker site where you can access a wide collection of movies and series, plus shows hassle free. It gives you the freedom to decide on what to watch, just Ian interesting entertain value provider. Their content is very organized such that user doesn’t struggle to locate a movie or series of interest.

It has very high-quality materials that are interesting to see. It is also very easy to understand the interface that gives easy time to spot your movie of taste.

5. Netflix

Netflix is just awesome. It is one of the most popular movie streaming website used by millions for movies entertainment. It allows users to enjoy watching movies and series at the comfort of home. Users can stream using their smart TVs, Android handsets and iPhone as like as putlockers tv show. Also, they have both Android and iPhone apps enabling users to access content and have control of their entertainment experience. It is a subscription platform where you get to enjoy consuming content through subscription of packages they offer. They also provide users with a trial period where you can watch and stream movies for free.

The con of using Netflix is that it’s not entirely free. The trial period is limited to a set period.


IMAX has some of the most incredible stuff to enjoy watching. It is a popular movie streaming agency that focuses on movie entertainment and has got the attention of users worldwide. Their promotional strategy works perfectly. Users can choose from a wide database of the collection of blockbuster movies and series to watch.

It is a product from the famous Sony multinational company known to make great contributions in the film production field. With the perfect subscription, users can watch movies online and also stream to their Smart TVs to enjoy an ever updated playlist of favorite stuff.

The only disadvantage is that it’s not provided for free; a subscription fee applies for users to get access to the platform.

7. SolarMovie

This came before Putlocker 2016. It is also a wonderful video streaming platform. It has many genres of movies and series to select from. It provides a collection of most popular and latest entertainment stuff to watch.

SolarMovie is interesting owing to the fact that it has a list database of movies, series and very nice shows for its consumers. You can stream these items at your house or office comfort. It’s also very informative as it provides some synopsis concerning the movies, shows or series.

The con is that it has too many sponsor Ads that continue popping now and then. This may be disturbing and annoying sometimes.

8. Vidnow movies

Vidnow is another very popular movie streaming site where you can watch movies online in high quality for free. You are capable of downloading movies, subtitles to your device to watch later offline. It has a range of collection of movies and shows, documentaries, from the oldest to the newest for the users.

You can continue with these best putlocker site to enjoy movie streaming using these alternatives.  You can also watch the movie online in websites like www.putlockertv.its as alternatives to putlocker.

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