What Is PimpAndHost? Is PimpAndHost Site Really Down?

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Pimpandhost is a remarkable image-hosting website but most recently, it went off the radar. Since then, many people have raised questions about its existence. If you have been trying to access the site or searching for it through the popular search engines such as Bing and Google, then you have realized that it is very hard to find it. Each time you search for its name on the search engine, all you will get is an error message that is not necessarily an error. Therefore, not everyone knows where to find the Pimpandhost website. We are here to help you access the site. 

What is PimpAndHost?

PimpAndHost.com is a platform, a commonplace or a forum for hosting images, particularly adult and the more offensive content so that people can access at no cost. The PimpAndHost website also provides a function to allow sharing of blog or forum content without leaving to other sites. PimpAndHost is more like any other website that relies on the uploaded and shared content for popularity. On the homepage, you will find a form that allows the registered users to mention the PimpAndHost URL of their images. After that, they can submit images onto the website. Any uploaded PimpAndHost IMG becomes available across on all parts of the globe. 

Fundamentally, the popular search engines such as Bing and Google have not indexed the PimpAndHost website and therefore you cannot use them to search for content it hosts. That is also the main reason you did not find the website after you keyed in the domain name in the search bar. The popularity of the PimpAndHost website has been growing rapidly because it allows people to browse images from other people and upload their own. It is also free to use. 

However, before uploading any images on the site, you will have to create your profile. After that, you can access every feature of the site such as direct video and image uploading through webcam. You can also create your album and use the provided photo editing options. Google and Bing claim that they do not index PimpandHost because it hosts a lot of offensive content. The site will appear on the search results, but after clicking on the link, it will display an error.

The Key Features of PimpAndHost Website

Unlike the other image hosting websites, PimpAndHost offers many unique features. The developers decided to integrate the whole website so that all the users can have a great experience. However, if you need a detailed description of what to expect on the website, here are key features. 

Album creation

PimpAndHost allows you to create an album and keep your images uploaded in a single place for fast and easy access. All you need to do is use your registered account to make an album and upload as many images as you want. Moreover, you can manage your images according to categories. 

Image editing

Not every image-sharing website offers the image-editing feature. Fortunately, PimpAndHost image sharing site allows you to edit your videos and images after uploading them. On the site, the phenomenon is known as pimping. It will be more helpful during your next image sharing session. 

Different image formats

If you are wondering whether you can upload your images in different formats, you should know that that is possible. PimpAndHost website allows you to upload images in many formats such as JPG, GIF and BMP. However, the site will limit the image size during the upload process. Each image should not exceed 5MB. 

Fast processing speed

Most people assume that the upload speeds of websites designed to facilitate sharing of content are slow. That is not the case with PimpAndHost. The upload speed is very fast. You do not need an account to start the upload of images, but for your online safety, you will need one. 

Safe and secure

Anyone can access the website. Google’s Safe Browsing also shows that the website is safe to access. Websites hosting adult content and risqué images are more likely to host viruses and malware, but PimpAndHost website is safe and well secured. 

GIF sharing

PimpAndHost website allows users to share animated images, known as GIFs. The use of GIFs has left a great impression on the individuals who visit the site. That sounds good but you should remember that the website is not good for everyone. 


The website offers a webcam feature that helps users to shoot their videos or photos directly and create PimpAndHost URL image links. This feature is more helpful to people who love sharing live content. 

Organize Your Photos

With the help of the pimpandhost index, you can organize your photos for easier access. You can use the feature to keep your profile clean. Use the categorized section to know what others are doing and access their content. 

PimpAndHost do not endorse potentially offensive content

As we have already stated, PimpAndHost is not for everyone. Even though the website hosts images free of charge, the developers created it to help people share their videos and photos easily. You should expect all types of content, including the most offensive videos. So, it is a good site for kids. 

When you take a photo through pimpandhost, it will remain in the record after you upload. Only the people you allow to access the photos can access them. With that in mind, there are many factors to consider during the image upload process. You can choose to save the images and view them later without other people accessing them because you have complete control of the audience. 

How to Access PimpAndHost? is It available To Access?

Even though PimpAndHost.com is not available through search engines, you can access it easily. Do not search for the name alone. Instead, type the whole address – pimpandhost.com – in the search bar. Keep in mind that you can use similar sites to share your photos or to store them. The sites include Screenshots.com, Archive.is, Unsplash.com, Stillio Automatic Screenshots and Pixelway. 

By now, you understand you cannot access PimpAndHost website through Google and other search engines. The website is not blocked. The site works more like ImageShack, Pinterest and 500px. The only thing that sets it apart from the others is the zero censorship. Zero censorship made the website very popular among audiences but unpopular among the viewers. Users have liberty from creativity boundaries.  

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