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If you’re a big fan of using online sites to stream movies, then there’s no doubt that you’ve already come across the popular streaming site Viooz. Unfortunately, the original site has been shut down in many countries and is no longer functional.

Some of these alternative websites like Viooz include Putlocker, Popcornflix, Couchtuner, crunchyroll, Tubi, and Primewire among others.

Viooz is among the most amazing and popular online video streaming websites. It offers a wide range of movies and TV shows, but the best part is that you can watch and download the videos in HD quality along with great audio quality free of charge. The website has a large database of movies including romance, action, comedy and horror. Moreover, the site will update you regularly on the newly released TV shows and movies so that you can always watch something new. 

The search option on the site allows users to spend less time when looking for movies and TV shows that they would want to watch. And unlike you expect on other websites, you will not need to register to access the content. The interface of the website is attractive and allows for easier navigation. But if you are not happy with the offered content, you will need to consider the available Viooz alternatives.

If its replacements have been down for some time now or that its interface isn’t meeting your needs anymore, we’ll give you plenty of alternatives to check out in 2021—they are just as good, if not better.

What is Viooz? What Happened To Viooz?

With frequent changes on the internet, there are websites that are down which will never be active again. Unfortunately, Viooz is one of such websites. 

Viooz was a popular American-based movie streaming website where users could watch and download thousands of movies online. It worked just like most online streaming websites.

Moreover, movies on Viooz were accessible free of charge, and many people trusted it when it came to delivering quality videos. Users could navigate the menu and filter movies and TV shows by genres like action, adventure, mystery, comedy, horror, and thriller, among others.

Even though there are different versions of this site, they are also down or not up-to-date with what they used to do. Instead of going for such Viooz replacements, why not try something completely new instead?

Is Viooz Legal?

Yes, Viooz is an illegal online streaming movie website. Viooz uploads all its movie and TV show content as pirated content from unknown sources.

The biggest challenge facing digital media all across the world is the piracy of content. Hence, downloading and streaming movies from Viooz is illegal.

If you still wish to download and stream content from Viooz and its alternative websites, you’ll need to utilize a good VPN or a proxy service, an ad-blocker, and an antivirus program.

Despite their illegality, pirated content is considered one of the biggest problems for digital media around the world.

Here are some of best Viooz Alternatives

Many people were disappointed that their favorite streaming site Viooz was not functional in many countries. But, they are pleased to know there are other great alternatives which include:


One of the most likable websites to watch movies online is Movie4K. It is another one of the great alternative websites like Viooz, where binge-watchers and movie lovers can stream their preferred movies and TV shows.  You may even find content unavailable elsewhere on this site. What’s more, you will gain access to watch content in different languages.

While looking for something to watch, you can sort movies by year, actors, and country or use the search box. 

Movie4K also offers a straightforward interface that eases navigation on the site fast and easy for anyone. 

The website also claims they offer the fastest streaming speed.

One downside of Movie4K is multiple ads that can redirect you to unsafe websites. Thus, take great caution while accessing the site. Alternatively, you can download an anti-malware program.

This great alternative allows you to stream your favourite movies and TV shows at no cost. The site offers unlimited collections of movies in HD quality. And as you expect with Viooz, you do not need to register to start the streaming process. With the user-friendly interface, access to content on the website is super easy. Moreover, the website offers one of the fastest streaming speeds. Use the offered search engine to look for your desired TV shows and movies.

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First on our list is Putlocker. This site is one of the most popular online streaming sites in existence. Moreover, users can access content on this site free of charge. This site also includes an IMDB rating for each film and the most viewed section to help you identify which movies to look forward to watching.

Thousands of users have found this site helpful for watching movies and shows. So to say,  It has a massive viewership.

In addition, Putlocker enables users to send movie requests as well as feedback regarding audio, incorrect links, broker video links, and missing download links. 

However, due to security issues in the past, hosting providers have changed the Putlockers domain as well as changing servers severally throughout history. Additionally, you may not access the site if you live in a region where Putlocker is inaccessible.


GoStream is yet another site where you can watch all your favorite movies and TV shows in high-quality format for free. To start streaming, all you got to do is execute three clicks: visit the official website, select your film of choice, and hit the play button. If you are worried about account creation, have fewer worries; signing up isn’t necessary.

It also comes with more than 20000 across different genres, so there will always be something new waiting for you on this platform, every day of the week.

Furthermore, Go stream offers its users the chance to explore and find all the latest films thanks to its trending section. Other additional features of this site include daily updates with new titles, place comments, TV-today, movies available, and explore genres.


Another great alternatives sites Like Viooz for watching movies is Popcornflix. 

It has a sweeping library of films from all genres: thrillers, action, adventure, horror, comedy, and mystery, among others. Hence, you’ll find it is easy to locate your favorite movies as well as discover new ones on this site.

To top it off, content on this site is free of charge, and you don’t need to register an account to access its content.

Another great advantage with Popcornflix is that it is TV-enabled. Hence you can stream on your TV whenever you wish to. Additionally, it is available for devices like ROKU, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android, and iOS.

PrimeWire is another great alternatives sites like Apart from offering a wide collection of the latest TV shows and movies at no cost, the website has an effective filter system that helps users to find great movies within a short time. The filter system is exceptionally outstanding such that you can narrow your lists to TV shows alone or the genre and video quality you need. After creating your free account, you will get the most recent updates and leave the feedback after watching videos. To stream the videos live on this site, you will require an HTML5 video player along with a flash player.  

123movies HDO

123movies HDO is a movie streaming site that offers extensive movies for all ages, free of charge. It’s one of the largest platforms and a good alternative for Viooz, where you can watch free films with English subtitles. 123movies HDO titles range from action, adventure, animation, children, documentary, family, mystery, horror, musical, Kung-Fu, and romance. When looking for something to watch, you can filter out film titles using the categories Genre, Movies, TV-Series, Country, and top IMDB. You can also use the search box; all you need to do is type in the name of the movie title or words related to the title.


If you do not know of 123Movies, then you must be living under a rock. This popular website is another top-tier site to stream movies online, but without downloading. 

The 123Movies streaming service has a massive collection of both new and old releases.  

The best part about 123Movies is that it is safe to use because there aren’t any advertisements whatsoever on the site.

In addition, the site has an easy-to-navigate interface and recommends to you trending, most recent, and most-watched films to ease your search for something to watch. You can sort movies by genre, year, and country on this site. 

For movie and TV show lover who love streaming their content online, 123Movies is a great Viooz alternative. The site allows you to access TV shows and movies in high audio and video quality at no charge. For a long time, 123Movies has been offering a very large movie collection and the admins always update it with the newly released movies, which is the case you expect with Viooz.

What’s more, the website has an advanced search option and sort by option that allows faster finding of the movies and TV shows you are looking for. 


FMovies is a website similar to Viooz that provides its users with HD quality video streaming. It’s an easy-to-use site that offers 720p or 1080p for your viewing pleasure! The site has an organized directory to help you find movies that suit you best.  Moreover, you can search for movies by genre, release date, and rating.

Additionally, the site has a huge fanbase because of its vast collection of movie titles. FMovies also has the appearance of a legitimate movie site. 

It is hard to leave Fmovies out of the alternatives. The website design is among the things that you will love about Fmovies site. The developers combine black and blue colour to make an endearing impact on the users. Moreover, the website allows you to watch movies based on your country.

To start the movie streaming process, you do not need to create an account. You just need to click on a video and the site will redirect you to the page hosting the video. The video quality is excellent but like many other websites offering free movie and TV shows, Fmovies uses pop up ads, which can be very annoying. Overall, you will love the site. 


Vexmovies is an online movie streaming website that provides viewers with full  HD movies at no cost. It is one of the most likable streaming sites and a good alternative to Viooz.

Here, you will find any category of films you need without much hassle. Available film categories include action, sci-fi, adventure, horror, mythology, sports, war, romance, thriller, and mystery.

Moreover, users can download films for later use from its extensive list of both old and new films. Movies on Vexmovies are available in HD quality and with print qualities ranging from 360p to 720p. 

The downside about this site is multiple ads and unavailability in other countries. To resolve these issues, you’ll need to install an adblocker and use a VPN respectively.


Another noteworthy alternative to Viooz is Sockshare. Just like Viooz, Sockshare is a free streaming application that allows you to watch movies online. You can also enjoy high-quality definition TV series, cartoons, and anime. While looking for something to watch, you can explore different categories, use the site’s advanced search bar, or use the date/name filter.

Moreover, Sockshare issues a disclaimer on content downloaded to the site regarding decency, legality, copyright, and compliance.


GoMovies is another great website that is very similar to But unlike other sites, GoMovies allows you to access either the old version or the new version of their website on a single click. One of the things that make it better than most other websites is the night and day mode feature. On the left-hand side, you will find a button that you can click to choose the night and day mode. The site provides high-length and high-quality movies in various Viooz genres for you to choose. After creating an account, you can start searching for your favourite movies and TV shows.                                                                                         


If your goal is to have the same Viooz genres in one place, megashare might be the best Viooz alternative. It offers a wide collection of the latest TV shows and movies at no cost. One great thing about this website is the effective filter system that helps users to find great movies in minimum time. Filter the content according to your target genre. For example, if you would only want to see TV shows or movies alone, click on the section. Furthermore, you can select the quality or the genre using the filter system. To get the latest release notifications and leave your feedback after watching a video, you will need to create an account.

Megashare is also another Viooz-like website with free-to-access movies for all. It has different languages and countries represented in its user base, making it heaven on earth for movie lovers from across the world. Subtitles are available too if you need them.

To avoid legal issues, the site embeds entertainment content from other sites so that it’s not directly on its platform.

Moreover, you don’t need to register for an account to access Megashare’s content.

It is hard to leave MegaShare movie site out of this list of the best Viooz alternatives. The website offers high-quality movies in different genres such as action, romance, comedy and others. After opening the website, use the filter feature to get all the top TV shows and movies.

If you do not find the TV show or film you need, you can use the Request section, which is available on the navigation bar to ask the admins to upload the content. The layout of this site is attractive and easy to navigate. However, you should expect ad popups because they rely on them to make money.  

Solar Movies

SolarMovie is the most modern and easy-to-use movie streaming platform available and an excellent alternative for Viooz.

Besides a vast collection of HD entertainment content, this site includes a ton of handy features that’ll sort you instantly. For starters, with each show and film on the site comes an IMDB rating; that way, you can see which thumbnail to click before launching into another trailer.

Like most Viooz-like sites, you can access entertainment content on SolarMovie free of charge.

Not everyone wants to spend money on movies and TV shows. SolarMovie developers know that and they, therefore, offer them free of charge. The user-friendly website interface allows easier navigation and downloading of the latest and old TV shows and movies. Use the filter feature to sort the content according to location and IMDb rankings. But just as you expect with, the site does not host any TV shows or films. After clicking on a link, it will direct you to a third-party website where you will be able to complete your download. The worst thing about this website is the pop-up ads that will affect your browsing experience.

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Movie25 is another fantastic website similar to Viooz. It provides enjoyment and interface similar to that you expect on other websites. It provides all types of old and new TV shows and movies in HD quality. The available categories include horror, adventure, action, comedy, drama and others. One of the best things about the website is that the content is free to access. The site does not display any pop-up ads, which can affect your streaming experience.

What happened to Viooz? This is a common question considering that Viooz changes its domain name from time to time. The site offers pirated content and authorities might try to bring it down. So, you are likely to download content today only to realize that it is gone after a few hours. If that happens, the above Viooz alternatives will be helpful.


The CouchTuner website provides free access to boatloads of popular TV shows, including your new and old favorites. Unlike other sites, you can only watch TV shows on Couchtuner.

Like most sites, you do not need to register an account to access content on Couchtuner.

With content from premium cable networks like HBO or Showtime as well as BBC, you’re sure to find something to entertain yourself.

Additionally, Couchtuner offers easy-to-use features, including the ability to sync up your watching schedule with friends or family and the ‘Emergency Lighting’ feature, which comes in handy when there is a power outage.


Crunchyroll is the one-stop-shop Viooz alternative for Anime fans who are looking to binge-watch their favorite series. It is the ultimate site for both anime and Japanese movies that will keep you hooked for days. You’ll also get updated on the latest anime and Manga with Crunchyroll.

Accessing content on this site does not require you to pay a dime. However, you can subscribe to the premium package ( available at $6.97/month)  if you wish to unlock more of Crunchyroll’s features. 


Tubi is yet another one of the great alternatives to Viooz, as it allows users full-length movies for free. In addition, users can choose different categories, including action, thriller, horror, comedy, adventure, and drama, among other watch top-rated films.

Whenever you are looking for something to watch, you can put to use the short summary descriptions and details that come with each movie.

Also, Tubi is a trusted site with minimal chances of malware attack.

Access to content on this site will not necessitate you to pay even a dime; however, you’ll need to register for an account.


Primewire is yet another great site like Viooz that offers free online streaming services for TV series and movies. 

You will find thousands of high-quality films on this platform in different genre range; action, adventure, horror, comedy, action, and thriller. 

However, pop-up ads and malware downloads are significant disadvantages associated with Primewire. You can install an adblocker and an antivirus to remedy these issues related to most online streaming services and not Primewire alone.


If you are still looking for similar sites like Viooz, there is no doubt Soap2day is one of the best. 

This free movie streaming service has an interesting design with a menu bar that lets you filter content based on your choice and interest. Moreover, you can choose between movies or TV shows to watch on the homepage before using its search option to look up specific content. Unfortunately, this channel includes ads, but it is only fair because you access its content free of charge.


1337x is a torrent site that has been around for 11 years. It’s best known as being partially run by the community, where people share files from other sites in exchange for free downloads. This is the reason behind this site’s popularity.

It is an excellent alternative for Viooz because not only can you download movies and TV shows but also anime, software, and games. If you find that this site is unavailable in your country, you can use a VPN service to gain access to it.


Rainierland is one of the best alternative of Viooz because it offers a great selection of movies and TV shows for free and without the need to create an account.

Additional outstanding features of Rainierland include the ability to download films without having them stored locally on your device, and the ability to save film preferences between visits.

The site has a simple, straightforward interface and you won’t have a hard time looking for something to keep you busy. 

The significant downside with this site is ads, don’t fret since they are manageable. Alternatively, you could install an ad-blocker.


CONtv is an all-inclusive video portal that provides you with content from different genres and categories. You will find action, adventure, comedy, martial arts, anime, and cult films, among others. Be sure that you will never miss something to watch on this free-to-access site. 

If you wish, you can pay $6.99/month to become a VIP so that you can access ad-free content.

Once you find your film of interest, you can conveniently save it on the website for easy access later.

Moreover, it is available across a wide range of platforms, including iOS and Android. However, you need to register for an account to access content on CONtv.


No matter what entertainment content you are looking for, the above alternative websites like Viooz have it. What’s more, you can access these sites without paying a dime, and in most instances, it is not mandatory to sign up for an account to access some of these sites’ content. Therefore, use the above Viooz alternative sites to satisfy your movie and series cravings. 

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