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If you are a student, you have possibly heard something about Testsheet. It was a great resource for students. But unfortunately, the site faced a shutdown. And because the website was predominantly popular in the whole world, students have been relying on social media channels to let out their anguish. Do not worry if you are one of them. You should know that the internet offers websites like Textsheet, which are also good content sources for students. Here is a list of the Textsheet alternatives. You can download homework and assignments as you did on the old site. 

Textsheet is a Microsoft Office add-in, originally developed by the company ETC Software. However, it was later bought by Google and discontinued in 2013.

TextSheet offers several features such as coordinates conversion between decimal degrees and numerous other angular systems (including right ascension), two graphical methods of solving plane triangles and computation of solutions to the system of linear equations.

The text sheet website was the go-to platform for every student. The platform offered a large number of answers and solutions to school college and university questions. And, the platform had lots of assignments homework school projects and exams questions that were requested by students. would evaluate school questions and then provide answers and a platform where students around the world find them easily.

Chegg, CourseHero, AXIOM Learning, GPAC and Slader are some of the best alternatives to text sheet.

In this article, we help you find the top 20 websites like textsheet. We know you don’t want to have a hard time finding answers to your academic questions. So, we are providing you with alternatives for actively relevant websites similar to

What is

Up until 2019 was a website that offered a repository for answers textbook questions and queries homework Solutions and other assistance for students.

Most users loved how simple it was to navigate through the website and get answers to several academic questions.

In fact, there was an ocean of answers and all that a student would need to understand subjects. The website grew in popularity and was one of the academic answer websites that received the highest traffic on the internet. And, all these services were free.

Is Textsheet illegal?

Well it is not illegal for you to use the text sheet website the website owners themselves have found themselves in dmca copyright violation lawsuit. so currently textsheet is banned and taken down from the internet after several DMCA copyright complaints were filed against the academic platform.

First, why was TextSheet banned?

TextSheet was a great online portal designed for students. It allowed them to download assignments for their homework and science projects. The site, launched in the year 2005, was highly popular among students from all countries. Any student would download content for his/her class assignment or homework without any problems. 

Unfortunately, recently, the authorities realized that it has been violating the standards and rules that DMCA has set. DMCA found Textsheet guilty of reproducing their content leading to its shutdown.

While TextSheet was discontinued in 2013, there are several alternatives available on the web. These applications can perform most of the functions that were available in TextSheet and more. Here is a list of 10 best alternative software to Textsheet that you should give a try:

Let’s now take a look at the alternatives one by one.

Textsheet alternatives: List of the Top 18 Best Alternatives to Textsheet 

After the closure of, a lot of people and students around the world are asking how they can get an alternative to the students portal. In this article, we are going to review 20 of the most popular websites like Textsheet.

Chegg: Best Site Similar to TextSheet

textsheet alternatives

For textbook rentals, try Chegg! This is an excellent service that allows you to rent textbooks for just a fraction of the cost. They offer free shipping both ways and have an easy return policy as well!

They also offer digital rentals, which is nice if you don’t need physical copies of your books. This type of rental costs about half as much as physical rentals, so it’s worth looking into!

In addition, this alternative to Textsheet has dozens of other products available such as study guIt is ades or even used/new textbooks at reduced prices. So whether it’s something simple like pencils or high-tech items like iPads, Chegg has got students covered on all fronts!

Chegg helps you with homework questions, textbook solutions, and tutoring programs which you can access 24/07 on a monthly membership basis or through an annual subscription package. There’s also a free trial option that’s completely risk-free, so you can try it before you buy it. Chegg works on an “anywhere, anytime” basis, so you can complete your homework wherever it is most convenient for you.


Sometimes you just want to have a website that engages intellectually and develops your communication, analytical and logical skills. The General Education Curriculum (GPAC) website has academic materials that boost your math, science, humanities, and social studies skills.

GPAC is a service of the ACT organization that provides students with free access to educational resources for self-directed learning. As one of the best textsheet alternatives, GPAC was created to help students become successful lifelong learners by providing them with high-quality digital materials in math, science, humanities,, and social studies designed to raise academic achievement levels at all levels of education from middle school through college.

The website has informational articles on topics such as reading comprehension, writing essays, and comparing cultures. It also offers hundreds of interactive exercises across different subjects, including literature, mathematics, geography, history,, and more. Students can complete courses online or offline via print material provided by GPAC’s sister company – GRC Press Inc., which publishes worksheets, journals,, and textbooks for teachers and students.

GPAC also offers some free online courses that help high school students become better prepared for college. These curces include geometry concepts, one on biology – the the world of cells, and an AP level course called the “AP Challenge,” which is designed to boost critical thinking skills through analytical writing and problem-solving strategies.

And suppose you’re looking to brush up on your education before heading off to college or just need some extra practice in math or science. In that case, GPAC has more than 800 interactive exercises with immediate feedback that cover topics from basic arithmetic up to calculus. In addition, there are many tools available such as calculators, graphs, charts, tables etc.

Students don’t need an account to use this website but will receive higher quality answers compared to others since there are experts online at all times willing to give detailed explanations through its messaging system. You should indicate exactly what type of question you want to ask so they can give you the best possible answer promptly.


textsheet alternatives

If you’d want free essays, research papers, term papers, and flashcards for your classwork, go to StudyLib! A free resource that allows users to upload their own study materials but make sure they adhere to copyright laws before uploading any material here rather than risk having it taken down later at someone else’s discretion!

This free resource allows users to upload their own study materials but make sure they adhere to copyright laws before uploading material here rather than risk having it taken down later at someone else’s discretion

The platform is quite simple, you can even download an app for your phone that will allow you easy access when on the go with a mobile device or tablet. You might find yourself taking advantage of many features offered by StudyLib, especially since are over 16 million pages available and counting!


If you want an online tutor and boost your grades in school, try Skooli! This innovative and fun platform has a great community of teachers, letting you choose the best one for your needs.

Skooli ranks among the top textsheet alternatives, as an online tutoring service that offers several different learning plans designed to help students with everyday struggles such as impostor syndrome, bad study habits, or simply struggling in school. With Skooli’s team of talented instructors and their innovative programs like “Mock Class” and “Group Tutoring,” you can get personalized attention from some of the most experienced minds out there!

No matter what subject or level you’re at–from elementary math and Spanish to college-level chemistry and business classes–you will find someone on Skooli who specializes in it all. Dave Frey founded the company.

If you don’t mind sharing information about yourself, then this can be a great option. It has plenty of members online at all times that will give you detailed explanations on how to solve various problems for free. You just have to contact them when necessary and come up with something very specific to get a fast answer.


textsheet alternatives

Get millions of textbooks as well a homework on Slader. The platform works with hundreds of homework and textbook publishers like McGraw-Hill, Pearson, Addison Wesley Longman, and Thompson.

When you want to purchase Slader, it’s as easy as choosing the subject you are looking for. For every book or set of books, there is an option where you can choose “to complete” so they know exactly what your assignment needs help with. This way, when people post their questions for this specific topic, they will see your question right away, which minimizes research time! If someone has already answered the same question before, just click vote up if helpful or down if not helpful, depending on how useful the answer was. 

The founders created this company for students who needed help with their math and science homework. It provides an opportunity to work alongside other people to get the most accurate answer possible, helping you achieve what you need within a short amount of time. There’s also no signup or registration fee required like many sites with similar services, so it won’t cost your parents any money!

School Solver

When school life is challenging for you, you can boost your grades by taking to the School Solver marketplace.

School Solver helps you find the best tutors for your situation. Whether it’s a Spanish course, an art class, or just someone to help with homework, School Solver will have what you’re looking for. Best of all, they do free consultations so that you can get exactly what fits into your schedule and budget.  

You’ll be able to work with them on customizing their services according to your needs.

The service is 100% online which allows students who are shy about approaching people in person the opportunity to solve any issues they might have without having their self-esteem impacted negatively due to being unable to communicate effectively face-to-face. You also won’t need any special hardware either since these lessons

This site provides help with math and science homework for K-12th grade students through an online community of experts, tutors, and mentors. It offers live chat support along with the option to pay per minute if that’s something you prefer when asking questions or solving problems on your own time.

Course Hero

websites like textsheet

Course Hero is an online tutors platform that allows students to find help from real people. The company was founded in 2009 by a group of classmates at the University of Pennsylvania who had trouble finding tutors for their classes and wanted an easier way to connect with study partners via online social networks. Their website matches up students looking for assistance with those willing to provide it one-on-one or through small class chats.

The course hero community consists of over 11 million members who have shared their notes, study guides, and papers, among other things, to help others in need. This site allows users to post whatever they want as long as it doesn’t violate copyright laws according to its terms of service.


If you’re looking for help with algebra, this is one oof the great alternatives to TextSheet, which includes many different tools useful for studying and working on homework problems, especially if you’re just starting in the subject.

Geogebra offers students with interactive geometry, statistics, calculus, and algebra applications. So, you can learn maths and science on all levels of all education, and it’s available for all modern operating systems.

It has a very user-friendly interface, and it’s full of features that allow you to use your creativity and learn the basic concepts in mathematics. You can create graphs, plots, tables, and other mathematical objects using Geogebra.

It also allows you to watch animations that show how certain things work or change over time, so that is helpful if we want to see an example of something we are learning about before getting into it ourselves!

If there is any problem with algebra, then this software will help you solve them. The platform covers just about every topic from arithmetic through trigonometry up to calculus, including limits, derivatives & integrals. The different tools within the app make solving problems more manageable.


websites like textsheet

Most user reviews show that PaperHelp is a great websites like textsheet. However, unlike other alternatives, the website is a good choice for essay writers. That means you can place your orders for essay writing on the portal. They claim to provide high-quality content for research and study. However, before placing an order for your essays, you have to pay the agreed amount of money. 

Math Homework Answers

If you want to solve your calculus algebra and geometry through steb by step methods, you may want to try the answers to the Math Problems Platform. This website Here you get answers and tutoring and Academic help for all your math problems and subjects.

Get help with math homework solutions and tutoring, academic assistance, and tutoring for all of your problems and subjects on the Math Problems Platform! You can also bookmark this site to get updated about their latest offers as well as discounts.

This is a great support system if you are looking forward to solving those tough questions in the field of mathematics, which has been giving you nightmares lately since it’s not something that comes naturally or easily to everyone.

The main goal here is to help one another out by providing free services like detailed step-by-step explanations, tutorials on how things work, and easy methods for solving complex mathematical equations using simple steps without having any prior knowledge beforehand through self-study materials.

This site offers various ways students can ask questions. Hence, it’s perfect for those who have little experience or knowledge about solving complex equations without worrying too much about making mistakes along the way!

Crazy For Study

websites like textsheet

Crazy For Study is targeted towards college and high school students. This textsheet alternatives will help you complete your homework and class assignments easily. After creating an account, you need to pay the subscription fee

Looking for academic help? Crazy For Study has several textbooks, experts, and academic writers.  They help you with academic work, including college essays and research projects among others like resume writing and company profiles. They also have a wide range of services for students,, including resume writing and other academic works.

CFS – Crazy For Study offers several different types of essay help from editing to proofreading, paraphrasing, formatting, among others. They are experts in all kinds of fields, with their writers being Ph.D. or Master graduates from the best universities across the globe. They make sure that every writer is qualified enough before they get hired to maintain quality work at all times.

Wyzant Ask An Expert

This company was created for students who need help with any type of academic work, including college essays, research projects, and math problems, among others. It’s completely free to use without needing an account, but it’s not available 24/07 like other options on this list!

Algebra Touch

The one-on-one tutoring that takes place here is ideal if you’re looking for personal attention since there are no distractions or other people involved during your session, unlike many online learning communities where users must come up with their answers independently before receiving feedback from anyone else later. Not only does this process take longer, but you’re also more likely to make mistakes along the way.


Free software that allows users to create or edit any type of CAD drawings with complete ease, so it’s perfect for students in various academic fields looking for help with geometry, engineering, and architecture projects, among other things!

It is also capable of importing raster images which means you can import graphics from applications like Photoshop. This should be great news to all the graphic designers who are constantly running into problems when switching between programs because this will eliminate those issues!


textsheet alternatives

SparkNotes is another great textsheet alternatives site. It offers some of the most helpful study guides in every subject. You will also find sample tests, essay help and translations of Shakespeare. It is part of THE SPARK, a website started by Harvard student Sam Yagan in the year 1999. Barnes and Noble acquired the website in the year 2001.  Even though the Textsheet alternatives are great, each one of them has its pros and cons. You can choose CourseHero and Salder as the best alternatives. You are likely to find the study content you need to complete your assignments. Moreover, most of them are free to use.

AXIOM Learning

Transform your computer into a powerful calculator when solving homework problems since this company offers many valuable tools through its online platform that are not only effective but also very intuitive. It was built by engineers who wanted to offer something new that most sites didn’t have at their disposal before creating an easy-to-use interface for all types of learners regardless of age or experience level.

Spherical Solver

This site is excellent for those who want to learn how to solve problems related to geometry and trigonometry without having an account or using any other type of software. You can work on your own time with complete privacy at all times. Thus, you  are in control since no one else has access to anything you’re working on except yourself!

Web Math

It’s a free resource offering help with homework assignments along with many interactive tools that are perfect for students looking forward to building their knowledge base independently as quickly as possible, especially if they’re just starting in the subject matter.

An excellent way to remember textsheet alternatives and similar websites is by taking advantage of all the benefits each website provides so there won’t be any issues when it comes time to submit your work.

Frequently Asked Questions About Alternatives to Textsheet

What happened to Textsheet?

In 2019, several people filed dmca notices against Textsheet. Some of the complainants included Chegg claimed that Textsheet normally scrapped question forms from the Chegg website and then paste it on their own. Therefore, these copyright infringement cases and lawsuits that followed made Textsheet to be closed indefinitely.

Is Textsheet safe?

Yes, it is. We want people to move their information around, so we designed it that way. You can’t export arbitrary information, for example, an image of a password, and then import it back into Textsheet. Sometimes security through obscurity is good: you can’t exploit it if you don’t know how something works. We’re constantly improving Textsheet, so please report any problems you find.

TextSheet says, “The thing we are most proud of concerning security is that there has not been a single successful attack on anyone’s data. If someone manages to break our encryption or somehow corrupts their machine so it starts encrypting things incorrectly, then yes, they can read your data. If there is a flaw in the way we do encryption, then that’s a problem. But in all our time and history of Textsheet, no one has been able to read someone else’s data.

If you still don’t feel safe with your information on our servers, consider self-hosting, using something like Dropbox or Nextcloud to sync your machine.”

Why Textsheet is not working?

Sultron, the owner of TextSheet, has been hit by multiple kawsuits and DMCA take down frm Chegg. Chegg complaints that TextSheet stole their answers and questions on teh website.

Why is Textsheet down?

The TextSheet website is still down, after Chegg filed DMCA complaunts against the platform. So, the site was taked down due to copyright infringements. Intil now, the site is not working.

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