Vmovee Alternatives: What You Need to Know Sites Like vmovee.cc

Vmovee Alternatives: What You Need to Know Sites Like vmovee.cc

Last Updated on January 16, 2022 by Editor Futurescope

Similar websites like Vmvee include LosMovies, PutLocker, 123Movies, Movie Ninja, YesMovies, and many more.

Vmovee offers hassle-free online videos that do not require you to sign up. You search the site on your browser, select your favorite movie, and relax to view.  


Even if you are new to the Vmovee site or the movie world, you will still find it easy to maneuver around and get an enticing genre. 

Uncovering an alternative to this fantastic movie site can give you a headache, bearing in mind the hundreds of movie sites we have on the World Wide Web. In addition, not all of them will offer you the same indulgence as Vmovee. 

Besides, the site is free of charge, with no time-consuming signups you are subjected to in other sites. Vmovee features thousands of quality, copyrighted, and pirated films and shows.

Our guide offers you the best sites which are similar to Vmovee. We have a list of movie websites that comprises legal and copyright films and TV shows from various genres.

Whether you are searching for reality shows, latest releases, or movies from your favorite genres, your search is now narrower with our complete guide. 

What is Vmovee?

Vmovee.cc is an online movie streaming domain that combines thousands of movies and TV shows for free watching. This thriller site is new in the market, but it offers a unique mammoth database of free content without signup or subscription. 

If you are a Blockbuster, Soaps, Documentaries, Comedy, or any other TV show fanatic, Vmovee keeps you entertained all around. 

Whether in movies, series, documentaries, or any other kind of TV show, the site entirely relies on non-affiliate third parties to provide them with all the contents. 

Vmovee server does not contain any stored files. Nonetheless, you will not lack any genre on this fantastic site. With this site, you have an option to stream videos instantly, provided that you have functional and fast internet connectivity.

Is VMovee Legal and Safe To Use?

Vmovee has a massive library of movies that consist of every genre you can ever think of. These include free films, with the variety extending to Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood, and many more. 

Whether VMovee is legal and safe to use is contentious because this new movie site offers many pirated films. Featuring pirated films is a copyright offense that has seen many movie sites get pulled down. 

Though Vmovee sites don’t offer direct online film streaming, the third-party providers supply them with pirated content. The fact that some Vmovee content is pirated, using the site can land you into legal tussles. 

Aside from pirated content is the malware risk. Vmovee sites allow ads that redirect users to dubious websites. The site is wholly to blame for allowing annoying pop-up ads, unsafe with malware that can break down your computer. 

Besides, we all know that clicking the ads can expose you to fraudsters and other online criminals. Most of the time, you will not know that whatever ad you clicked is harmful until things start going wayward. Malicious ads mine valuable information for online criminal gangs.

For now, Vmovee is still new and may not cause trouble to you when you are streaming its contents, but the site is not safe or legal to use.

14 Similar Websites Like Vmovee.Cc Alternatives

For some reason, you may find yourself locked out of your favorite movie site. The site can be unavailable due to various errors like low servers and regular maintenance processes. You may also wake up to a shutdown site.

Vmovee.cc is not an exclusion. What will be your alternative if such an inconvenience happens? 

Other times you may want to get captivated elsewhere. What is your best alternative? We have 14 similar websites like Vmovee.cc. Like Vmovee, these sites will offer you the same viewing experience and for free. 

1. Putlocker

Putlocker’s official URL is  https://www5.putlocker.wtf/. It is one of the surest alternatives to Vmovee. The site offers you online movies and shows with an uninterrupted entertainment library. 

Putlocker has a suitable collection of movies right on its homepage. You can choose genres like Action, soaps, comedy, Sci-Fi, documentaries, series, and many other consoles that thrill you.

No more regrets with missed out on favorite TV shows from your local station; Putlocker has you covered. You will jump into the site and watch for free without anyone subjecting you to annoying signups or subscriptions.

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2. LosMovies

To get into Los movies, visit http://losmovies.to/. Here you will find an outstanding movie site design with the best online streaming content. You will watch movies and TV shows in different genres from SCi-Fi, to Horrors, to Action. All these are available by tapping your mouse without signing up. 

LosMovies is free with thousands of amazing collections. Whenever you select a movie on the site, you get further recommendations to narrow your search to your favorites any time you pop in to watch. Interestingly, LosMovies offers different languages with English titles and subtitles.

2. Movies123

If you want to pop in and watch movies free of charge,  https://movies123.work/ is the URL to look out for. The site is a replica with a movie collection similar to 123Movies. It is a rival to the popular 123Movies, which faced a copyright ax in March 2018.

With Movies123, you have the perfect standby site if anything goes wayward with Vmovee.cc. The site offers not only a greater potential to keep you on your toes with entertainment but also a vast library with thousands of great streaming movies. 

The regular update ensures that there is no stale stuff for you as well. As you navigate through the site, place your cursor on any movie to find out its information. This way, you know what to expect.

4. FMovies

FMovies original URL is https://ww5.fmovie.sc/. The site is a stand-in for your favorite Vmovee because of the wide variety it offers for online streaming content. 

Its user interface is flawless and easy to operate. Locating your favorite and available content takes you only a few moments. 

In addition, the site offers a great list of movies and groups them into several genres. Whether you require Documentaries, Horror, Blockbusters, or even Soap Operas, all is available for you to pick. 

You can narrow it down to the country of origin and watch classic movies that have existed for decades. FMovies relieves you from pay TVs and unnecessary signups.

5. OpenLoad Movies

This site is yet another famous name in the movie industry. You will watch unlimited online episodes and movies free of charge from https://openloadmovies.uk/. The site derives its name from the Openload server.  

The content on this site is flawless, with quality high definition pictures. No one limits you on the type of movies you want to watch. 

All the genres that you can ever think of are available. These contain the latest movies as well as decades-old movies that you would want to revisit.  

Openload Movies is easy to operate. The categories and subcategories allow you to maneuver and locate your favorite thrillers. 

6. YesMovies

Watch over 9000 free shows, and full HD movies for free at https://yesmovies.sx.This site offers the latest contents and the running episode series. 

You can also find archived movies that have existed for over a decade. These include Documentaries, Horrors, Action, and earth-moving TV shows.

The site is mobile-friendly, and you can download 1080p and HD 720 without paying a dime. If you just visited the site for the first time, you will trace your favorite movies using a specific search box feature. 

You can also browse categories on the main menu options. There are several genres like Animation, Fantasy, Family, War, Romance, et cetera. 

You got all the countries to select from, including China, the UK, the US, Canada, Africa, and any other country of your choice. YesMovies is free and does not subject you to registration.


7. Movie Ninja

Movie Ninja has become a household name for Adventure, Drama, Martial Arts, Fantasy, Romance, DJ Afro, and any genre in the movie world. 

At the site, you can watch TV shows, movies, and series online for free. You will have lots of popular shows and the latest movies you can watch online at your leisure.

Movie Ninja allows you to browse from the latest movies to earlier releases. The site also offers you an opportunity to view the classics.

In addition, you have a checklist of recent and most viewed movies of the week so that you can also indulge in the trendsetters. As you watch the movies and other shows, the system picks your favorite genre. 

Any time you pop in, you will get automatic suggestions. To avoid counterfeits and Movie Ninja mirrors, check out the formal URL at https://movieninja.pro/.

8. GoMovies

Indulge yourself with GoMovies at https://gomovies-online.me/. If you cannot access Vmovee for any reason, you don’t have to withstand the disappointment. GoMovies will stand in for Vmovee. 

With this great option, you can browse the TV shows and movies according to the year and the dates their producer released them. You can also go in by the cast, genre, country, and other categories. 

If you are more interested in genres, you’ve got Action, Comedy, Thriller, Romance, Horror, Suspense, Documentary, and many more. The site contains thousands of collections to give your entertainment experience varieties.

9. SnagFilms

To make sure that you don’t land at a dummy Snagfilms website, hit https://www.snagfilms.com/. Like Vmovee, no signup for this site either. Old is gold! If you are an old classics fanatic, you know what we mean. 

Hopping into this website is like landing in a movie pool. You will enjoy a massive database of bygone albums that you missed or feel you need a rewind. 

None of them will miss out on this simple-to-navigate website. The Snagfilms server contains countless movies in different genres that are available with a click of a mouse.

10. Movie777.cc

Everything that you require in the movie entertainment field is on this fantastic website. Movie777.cc has its original URL as https://movie777.cc/. The site offers all the trending and top-rated movies as well as top shows. 

With Movie777.cc, you will get the best stream movies from all over the world. That means you get international releases on time without any barriers. 

Unlike some sites that require a VPN to hide your location, Movie 777.cc allows you to access the files from anywhere in the world.

11. Yify TV

The official URL for Yify TV is https://ymovies.to/. Yify TV may sound like a pay-TV, but it is a website with loads of great movies. The collection is similar to Vmovee with various genres like Horror, Animation, Award-winning, Reliability shows, et cetera.

Browsing is easy. Yify TV movies come in alphabetical order for an easy location. The site is a top pick and a sure bet for great entertainment for movie lovers. IMDB picks Yify TV as one of the best movie websites in the industry.

12. PRMovies

Do you reside in Asia, to be specific India and Pakistan? Even if you don’t live in the two countries but find Indian movies and shows irresistible, you can visit the original site at https://prmovies.cc/. You will get the definitive collection of films in local languages. 

Language diversity in PRMovies.cc includes Telugu, Punjabi, Gujarati, Hindi, among other languages. The popular Bollywood collection awaits to spoil you right on this fantastic site. PRMovies uploads every film and keeps the series up-to-date to keep you entertained.  

This torrent website has movies in English subtitles if you are a fan, but you do not grasp the local languages.

 13. Popcornflix

Are you looking for free bootleg movies? https://www.popcornflix.com/ offers you free movies, documentaries, and the latest TV shows that you may have missed on your local TV station.

To get access to exclusive movies, Popcornflix partners with Screen Media Ventures LLC. The company is a massive distributor of motion pictures for movie websites and TV stations. 

Popcornflix has 2000 plus pieces of films under popular genres like Action, Romedy, Comedy, Thriller, Drama, and many more. The site updates its content every day for an enjoyable user experience.

14. Crackle

Finally, we have Crackle for you! https://www.crackle.com/ is one of the best Vmovee alternative sites. The site indulges you with a free online streaming site by Sony Pictures Entertainment. 

With Sony, you’ve got a guarantee excellent quality pictures with an extensive library of movies and TV shows.

Crackle free, but to access any video content, you have to create a free account. Like the Vmovee sites, Crackle offers neatly arranged genres, including Adventure, Horror, Action, Romance, and Family, among others. 

Although Crackle is available for viewing only in some countries, you can find your way into the site with a powerful VPN.


With 14 similar websites like Vmovee, things are now easier for you. You will no longer bother with expensive pay-TV and website subscriptions to watch movies. 

Suppose you wake up to unavailable Vmovee sites; you can hop to sites like Popcornflix, Movie123, Yify TV, and Crackle and pamper with limitless movies, shows, and documentaries.

The sites that we laid out for you are free of charge and do not force you to subscribe to view the contents. No more costly and inconveniencing cinema trips as you can watch everything on your Laptop, Mac, and smartphone.   

FAQ’s Vmovee Alternatives

What can I use instead of 123Movies?

123Movies is a great movie streaming platform. Unfortunately, this fantastic website has been inactive for a while. It contains proxy sites, mirror links, and domains that are not related to the original website. 

The surest thing is that there are other alternatives to 123Movies to keep you on top of the movie world. An example is Soap2Day. This website is a topmost 123Movies alternative. 

Soap2Day will deliver to you a classic collection of high-quality HD-free movies. If you are a daily soap opera fanatic, you have an extensive collection of those. The movie categories include Horror, Adventures, Comedy, Drama, Action, Musical, and many more. 

There are many more perfect alternatives to 123Movies. The list includes CBS All Access (US), 123GoStream, GoStream, Vumoo, Primewire, and Amazon Prime Video, and many more. 

What are the best bootleg movie sites?

Bootleg movie sites keep you on track for movies that you missed out on your local TV station. Thanks to the bootleg movie website, you do not have to feel bad that you missed an episode in a series. 

The good thing is that most bootleg movie sites are free and available for sharing. Here is a list of some of the best bootleg movie sites;

  • Tubi TV 
  • Crackle
  • FMovies
  • PopCornFlix
  • Top Documentary Films

These sites come with a collection of free online movies. You will find thousands of albums with the free video content in all genres, including Sci-Fi, Documentaries, Adventure, Action, Horror, and much more. 

The bootleg sites offer a combination of HD displays and also partner with certified providers like Paramount Pictures, MGM Studios, and Starz, among others.  

Did 123Movies get shut down?

Yes, 123Movies shut down in March 2018. The Vietnamese copyright enforcement agency found criminal acts on the official 123Movies website. 

The acts included infringement of copyright content. Users were viewing, downloading, and sharing copyright material without authorization and free of charge.

Over time, 123Movies has camouflaged to several sites, including GoStream, MeMovies, and 123MoviesHub. All hope is not lost as copies of the movies are still available for viewing through the side mirrors. 

On Google Trends, the website remains popular, indicating that its movie streams are in great demand. But, the site is still illegal. Safely watch legal alternatives like Disney Plus and Netflix to be on the safe side.

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