Movie Streaming Sites Like YIFY TV For Free Movies And Tv Series Online

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Yify movies online sites have eased the hassle of searching for movies as you can find a collection of nice movies in one site.

History of Yify Tv

Yify movies website was launched in 2010. Since it offered high quality content, it attracted many users within a short time. yify tv series became a housed name among movie lovers., for the longest time since its launch was the best yify torrents sites offering great content to the viewers. Before the site went down, it was one of the best free movie site attracting thousands of users every day. It was known to offer good quality content.

Features of Yify TV Series

  • You have an option of specifying your favourite series.
  • You will get any relevant updates on your specified Yify tv series every time there is something new. If there is a program you like, you only need to indicate and you always be alerted when there is something for you.
  • The site offers you a search option which saves you time to search anything on the site. A simple click of the button gives you all the results of what you are looking for.
  • Yify.TV is an all free online platform that allows to stream movies of the day. The sites help you watch HD movies.
  • You can access the Yify.TV movies online in different qualities based on your choice. The site is popular among the fans. Those who understand the site know that the movie quality on this site cannot be found anywhere else. The users wait even for months for a Yify version of the movie to be out.
  • Apart from the quality content it offered, Yify torrent was easy to use. You only spend a short time to get what you were looking for. Within a short while, yify movies tv website re-branded to YTS torrents.

One known disadvantage of yify movies online site is that one’s one is blocked from the site, it’s difficult to continue using the site. But, you don’t have to give up on watching movies all together. There are still other options you can to access good quality movies.

Is There Sites similar to YIFY TV?

When the site was shut down, its faithful users felt lost with no alternatives. They did not know which alternatives are there to give them good quality yify stream movies. Also, they hoped the site will be up again. With no forthcoming hope of the site ever coming back, it was upon the users to look for yify tv alternatives torrents.

Many developers have come together to bridge the gap that was left after Yify exited the market. Today there are many similar sites you come across. There are proxy websites and mirror websites that enable the users access yify tv movies.

Proxy websites have been preferable by users who want to access and download banned content in their country. The user can hide the IP address and access even the banned content in their country. Through proxy websites, the users have unlimited access to all the content they want.

The mirror websites refer to the site whose content is like the content on the original site.  By using either a proxy site or a mirror site, users get yify movies stream.

Best Yify Stream alternatives or yify torrents

IceFilms allows you to watch free movies and TV programs too. If you are looking for a platform that can allow you to watch the trending movies, then is the best option.

When using this site, you need to know of legibility of the movies. Only choose the copyright free movies. You will come across a lot of content which is not legal.

This site is almost like SeeHD. It allows you to watch movies and TV episodes free. When accessing content from this site, you don’t have to worry virus.

The only disadvantage of this site you need to know of is that the site contains adverts. However, given its advantages, the users tolerate the annoyance of the adverts on this site.


Hulu, the best Yify Stream alternatives allows you to watch your favourite movies online. The site allows to access any movie at a fast pace. There is no limitation to the movies you can download. Also, you can use any device as long as it’s connected to internet.


This site is so easy to use as you only need to open the site and search for what you need. You can watch movies and TV shows absolutely for free on this site.

The site does not offer a sorting option. To easily narrow down your search you need to visit specific sites either for kids or horror movies’ site.


Torrentz is popular and top rated website according to Alexa. It has millions of users. Other websites you can get on this engine include Pirate Bay and Mininova.

The site allows you to watch movies and TV series for free. The site is so reliable for even HD quality movies.

For latest and trending movies, visit this site, and you won’t be disappointed.


Among all the torrent websites, this is the most sort after website globally. The website offers a wide range of movies and TV series. You can also get games and softwares on this torrent software. This is the best websites similar to YIFY TV for the movie lovers.

The site allows the users to share files among peers. BitTorrent protocol tool allows for file sharing among peers.

The site gives its users the option of either downloading files to watch later or to stream online. The site allows for easy searching as you can search according to categories or based in the year.


Channel4 is a website owned and funded by UK public services broadcaster. The channel provides high-quality content.

Yify HD

This best Yify Stream alternatives allows the users to download and view BluRay quality movies online. Everyone can watch movies online. You only require internet connection and gaming laptop with optical drive.

Internet and these online movie platforms come in handy for all movie lovers. You can access and watch movies and TV series of your choice from anywhere.

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