Top 7 Online Learning Platforms For Free Online Education

Top 7 Online Learning Platforms For Free Online Education

Last Updated on May 22, 2020 by Editor Futurescope

As of now, conventional teaching tactics can be replaced with some of the best online education platforms. Just a few years ago, that wasn’t the case. Online education was deemed somewhat inferior.

But, today, courses such as these have come a long way, and they have massively improved in terms of quality, effectiveness, and practicality. They offer plenty of knowledge for all kinds of different topics, including how to polish the writing skills with papers and college essays.


If you have some work cut out for you on a particular college assignment, like to research papers on the yellow wallpaper, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve selected some of the most practical online learning platforms you can rely on even for college essays.   

7 Best Online Education Platforms You Can Count On

To help you start learning, we picked the best online learning platforms with an excellent reputation. It doesn’t matter what you plan to learn; there are countless creative options to choose from. The main thing is, you can rely on these platforms to obtain a degree. 

If you have college papers to work on, or maybe you need to research the yellow wallpaper, you might find premade essays useful. Working on a thesis statement for the yellow wallpaper can be a little tricky, but if you take a look at already done essays, you may find the inspiration you need. Also, you can rely on these online learning platforms to learn how to write better. So, it can definitely come in handy when researching the yellow wallpaper essay topics. Here are some educational platforms you can try.

1.   Skillshare: For the Creative Individuals

If you are interested in photography, design, creative writing, animation, and film, you can check out Skillshare. Their writing courses can come in handy when looking for inspiration on the yellow wallpaper thesis. Besides, it is probably one of the best online education platforms meant to boost your creative spirit.

Their primary method of learning is based on a Class structure. The lessons are divided into two parts, videos and class projects. The video lessons don’t last longer than one hour, and the class project is mainly tailored towards teaching the user how to develop specific skills based on the course they selected. Aside from the premium options, the platform offers free lessons for anyone interested in checking them out.

2.   Coursera: For the Intellectuals

For those interested in I.T., logic, and math skills, this platform offers more than 4,000 courses tailored towards these types of studies. Their classes come from renowned universities, like Yale and Pennsylvania University.

They offer:

  • Specializations
  • Typical courses
  • Professional certificates
  • Certificated master programs
  • University degree

 Depending on the type of program and certificates, the cost will vary.


3.   Udemy: For the Everyday Learner

This platform is like a huge archive of online courses with topics covering all spheres, including marketing, health, music, I.T., finance, schooling, and more. Every lesson on one of the most well-known online learning platforms will have a unique feel to it. They include text, video, and audio elements in their lectures, including quizzes. If you prefer to stay on course by perfecting a certain skill, then you may find Udemy useful.

Online Learning Platforms

4.   FutureLearn: For the Those Who Prefer Storytelling

This educational platform is probably one of the most prominent options on this list. Since 2018, they managed to get an 8.7 million-learner base. One of their key-selling features is that users can obtain a high-end degree from universities like Newcastle, the Open University, and even Coventry.

They create a unique way to study online with effective principles for learning. They mainly focus on storytelling, analyzing, video studying, and community feedback. Their lectures can also be useful when looking for inspiration when browsing research papers on the yellow wallpaper.

Overall, the platform offers a great opportunity for learners looking to debate their ideas with fellow students.

5.   Codeacademy: For Passionate Programmers

Many sites view themselves as the best online education platforms, but only a few manage to get as much attention as this one. If you are interested in building up your programming skills, learning how to develop apps, and websites, you can rely on this platform to learn the basics of Python, CSS/HTML, and more. They also offer a maximum of 180h of free relatable content.

6.   Edx: For Pursuing Micromasters

This platform is very similar to Coursera. You get access to top-quality courses from renowned universities like Harvard. But, most importantly, you get the opportunity for Micromasters, which is a short degree obtainable from high-end universities. Upon completion, the user obtains a certificate they can proudly display on their resume.

7.   Lynda: For the Business Major

If you are looking for a platform with content specifically tailored towards building unique skillsets, you are in for a treat. This is one of the best online learning platforms packed with millions of learners from all across the globe. They cover a wide selection of topics, some of which are Economics, Management, Programming, and Web Development.

The great feature of this platform is that users can customize it based on the content they need. This gives them the right opportunity to list the most valuable playlists.


There are hundreds or even thousands of educational platforms, all offering a variety of learning opportunities. But, only the best of the best deserve a spot on our list. All in all, we selected the most notable options with the biggest user base. They are constantly focused on improving the learner experience and boosting their learning tactics. Even though it is a little bit tricky to settle on a single option, with all their unique features we listed above, you will have an easier time making the right pick. Choose the platform that best resonates with your needs.

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