Proven Ways To Stop Google Ads Click Fraud

Proven Ways To Stop Google Ads Click Fraud

Last Updated on May 10, 2021 by Editor Futurescope

In today’s digital world, Google Ads is one of the most effective method to make money. However, where there’s money, it’s usually a high target for fraudsters. Click fraud challenge affect every site whether it’s small or large. But that doesn’t mean you can sit back and watch without taking any step.

There are so many solutions for you to overcome Google Ads click fraud and run a successful campaigns. Thankful for some of the best solutions like click fraud protection software that makes it easier to get rid of this dangerous phenomenon. In this post, we will further look into more proven ways that you can implement for the best results.

How do I stop invalid clicks? 

Invalid AdSense clicks usually caused by spammers or bots. The sad part is that a higher number of invalid clicks can lead to the closure of your AdSense account. So it’s important to monitor your ad traffic for your account to comply with Google policies. In order to keep your account in good standing, here are the tips to help you stop invalid clicks.

●      Understand your ad traffic and site visitors 

Firstly you need to break down your traffic into significant sections. You can do this using Ad units, custom channels, or URL channels. This will assist you to understand how changes to the sources of traffic or implementation can have an impact on your ad traffic.

Secondly, use Google Analytics to understand your website traffic. Google Analytics is a useful tool to tell you the amount of traffic you’re getting to your site. You can get all detailed information for where the users come from. It further identifies anything that deviates from your site including user’s behavior.

●      Avoid partnering with untrusted parties

You should be cautious about who you partner with.  Stay away from untrusted parties no matter what. Teaming up with low quality ad networks, or sites that are believed to boost visits to your site may lead to invalid traffic. At the end of the day, your AdSense account can be disabled.

●      Don’t click on your own ads 

Clicking your own ads is not allowed no matter how much you’re interested in. Doing this may lead to your account closure as Google will be protecting their advertisers. So if you want to visit the destination page of an ad you must go through the AdSense publisher toolbar. In this way, you can test click without violating any rule or exhausting the advertiser’s funds.

●      Get help from AdSense Forum 

Usually, if you have any other question regarding Google ads click fraud, it may happen that another publisher has previously faced the same issue. So if you can join the AdSense forum you can get help, or even start your own discussion.

Who is responsible for click fraud?

There are so many different forms involved when comes to click fraud. It could be a group of fraudsters, and sometimes accidentally clicks by authentic customers. In other words, every business is being affected in various ways by click fraud. Let’s look these two common offenders who are responsible for click fraud.

Competitors: Competitors the most common culprits when comes to fraud click. Their main aim is to exhaust the budget of other businesses so that they can slow down in the marketing game. So competitors have a strong motive to click ads 

Fraud Rings: The main target for fraud rings are big companies. They operate in a large group and they gain a huge amount of revenue within a short period. This group can generate millions and millions of fraudulent clicks as well as views per day as they use automated programs.

Is click fraud illegal?

With around $30 billion lost every year because of click fraud, it’s clear that click fraud is an illegal act. However, laws around the legality of click fraud are a little murky. And in most countries, they don’t have specific laws against click fraud. But in the US they have the strictest anti click fraud laws. According to Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, anyone committing click fraud in the US should be jailed for 1 to 10 years depending on the extent of the violation.

Actually, the illegality of click fraud lies on where you are. Even though there’s usually a strong legal case against anyone committing click fraud, the difficulty lies in finding concrete proof. But you can likely find a way to prosecute if you can get the proof. However, since the chances of suing click fraudsters are very low, the best thing to do is to make sure you are protected. 

Ways To Stop Google Ads Click Fraud

Even though Google uses a number of methods to fight click fraud, they’re some ways you can do rather than to solely rely on Google to weed out this problem. Here are two easiest tactics you can implement in order to avoid being a click fraud victim. 

IP Exclusion: Whenever you notice and suspicious traffic, it’s pivotal to check their IP addresses to figure out what’s happening. Then you can get rid of click fraud. When you have compiled a list of malicious IP addresses, it is time to block them. 

Use Anti-Fraud Software: One of the easiest ways to use is software. Anti-click fraud is designed to investigate all suspicious activity. It automatically blacklists all sources of invalid clicks without your effort.  It actually saves time whilst you obtain great conversions.

Final Verdict

After going through this guide, I hope you now understand more about Google Ads Click Fraud. The only step remaining is for you to employ the aforementioned tactics to eradicate click fraud issue and enjoy the benefits of using Google Ads with no problems. Last advice, always make it a priority to use Google Analytics to understand your website traffic. This is the best step ever to make it easier for you to stay alert and win the fight against online fraudsters.

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