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Do you want to create an online community?

Instead, are you wondering which is the best software to use to create a forum? There are a variety of these software online, and our review focuses on the most popular forum softwares that you can find online.

Most online enterprises implement forums within their sites as an avenue for users to clarifying queries, engaging membership communities, solving problems or discussing topics.

It is not possible to ignore the advantage of online forums as a complementary platform for content marketing. Ideally, it is also possible to monetize an online forum such that it becomes a supplementary sales avenue. What about market analysis through thread surwawaswau7y6veys and polls? Overall, the principal function of the modern forum is to act as the client support system for customer queries.

To create an online forum, it is worth considering how you will manage the community. A few factors come into play when talking about forum management, and these factors include; active moderation, advanced security features, interface and user experience differentiation as well as careful moderation. Leveraging the implementation of all of all these features calls for a top rated forum creation tool. Also, note that getting a quality-proven software service calls for money. However, and despite the price, there exist top rated forum creation softwares that are worth a trial.

Let us take a look at best forum software

VBulletin 5

VBulletin solutions created Vbulletin 5 as a way for innovating dependable online communities. Globally, the software has been known to power over 10, 000 professional sites. The software provides an intuitive engagement platform, with robust design on multi-purpose cloud storage. The version comes with a modern developed User interface integrated with a social media engagement. The free forum builder has customizable design templates that make the web design process more comfortable. Note that the builder is created from PHP and also implements a MySQL database server. Stop here if you are looking for an effective and lightweight forum software with intuitive and straightforward forum customization, stop here. Additionally, VBulletin 5 has a mobile-friendly application for Android and IOS that allows designers to create on the go.


This cloud-based open source software for creating online communities power more than 700,000 professional sites, threads and forums. An influential forum creation software, Vanilla ensures that the forum created is engaging, spontaneous and reflective of a brand’s true visions and values. You will love the free software because as much as it comes with a multi-faceted design, it also consumes minimum server resources.  The forum you create using Vanilla can implement a rewards program that offers loyal participators with incentives. Finally, this best forum software is free, features an auto-manage functionality and a feature that allows forum members to tweak the site.


PhpBB is a popular bulletin software that is widely used to create virtual communities around the world. The software builder can build a forum which could be personalised according to user preferences. Geographically separated but closely knit communities can use this feature to their advantage. Additionally, PHpBB powers global forums for large communities with millions of followers.  The free builder is also open source and allows community users to add custom code snippets to the main code and therefore improve the builder’s overall performance. The best free forums software builder also features several design components for styling the forum as you wish. 


WordPress is a content management system that can be used for multiple purposes. Like creating a blog, an e-commerce store or a website. Additional, WordPress can be used to build a forum using various of its plugins such as the BBpress, WPforo and Astros forum. These plugins and many more others can be used to create panels with any features you specify. WordPress is more suitable for people who want to build a website and a forum side to side. You will also love the collection of easy to use themes, plugins, message boards and a massive variety of forum building plugins.


Drupal is another content management system that offers powerful default options. Although the platform is used to professional power sites, on offer also are forum functionalities that can create fully customized forums. Functionality like the advanced forum enables users to extend the core forum building features. Furthermore, there is also a plethora of themes and modules that help make your site/forum more professional. The only limitation with Drupal as a free forum building software is that it requires advanced technical expertise to tweak the final product.

Simple Forums Machine

Simple forums machine is a popular forum building software that is almost similar to PhpBB. However, unlike the latter, SFM offers intuitive and flexible modules that simplify the package installation process. Additionally, the free software provides a wide variety of plugins, themes and paid subscription for members. The builder also includes an option for choosing between multiple languages.


A convenient best free forum software builder is everything you need to create an online community platform that members can rely on. A free forumsoftware is effective if it brings to you an array of features that will simplify your forum creation efforts.

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