Top Free Fax Services In a Seconds Without Email Or Credit

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Did you know you should not worry about investing in an on premise fax? In 2019, you can send a best free fax online and get away with it.

In a matter of minutes, you could fax for free online. Definitely, you can send or receive a fax online. After all, fax was the epitome of the day back when businesses and individuals were used to sending/receiving cover letters, notes, legal reports and any other documents. Faxes have maintained their presence to this day but the technology has evolved. The industry now prides itself with free virtual fax.

Although a few people still preserve their physical faxes within their offices today, the emergence of email has almost killed the fax. However, the need to fax documents electronically has created the emergence of free efax services that allow you to send digital documents to physical fax machines or receive physical fax documents in digital format. These free fax website services also have the capability to convert emails, pdfs and any other electronic documents into fax.

Below are the best free fax services with their features, interface and advantages explained in detail. The free fax programs give the user an identity number through which individuals can send those faxes.

FaxBetter Free

Faxbetter Free is free online fax service that allows you to send up to 50 pages of fax every month. The service also notifies you through email every time you receive a new fax. Additionally, their free fax servers offers members a toll free fax number. It is worth noting that you can only keep the number after receiving a minimum of one fax per week. FaxBetter stores a limited number of 1000 pages of fax online to give you access to documents.


  • Suitable for people with a consistent low volumes of weekly faxes
  • Offers online storage
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) and document search capability.


  • Weekly requirement to maintain Fax toll free number.

GotFree Fax

Although the Got free Fax is a low priced subscription service for online fax, the service allows users to send upto two fax documents a day. Each fax is required to have a maximum of three pages. The gotfree website has a pretty user-friendly website that is easy to use and directly straight to the point. Unfortunately, GotFree fax is a one-way fax conversation that does not allow incoming faxes.


  • Free fax
  • Encrypted connectivity
  • Supportive customer desk


  • One way communication

Hello Fax

We will rank HelloFax as the easiest to use free online fax service.The service comes with a modern intuitive interface, simple to use GUI menus and a simple to understand 60 seconds tutorial for not tech savvy individuals. You will fall in love with HelloFax’ smooth integration with Google Drive, OneDrive, Evernote and Dropbox. The service is the best premium fax free online service that will give you access to a fax network of upto 70 countries. Additionally, with HelloFax you could sign the faxed documents, edit the documents as well as implement secure cloud storage. However, the service is only free with a thirty days trial. However, before the thirty days trial with one of the service’ feature, you could send up to 5 pages of free fax before being charged 10 cents per page.


  • Integration with Dropbox, google drive, OneDrive and Evernote.
  • Simple tutorial for understanding the interface
  • The premium paid feature is cheap and affordable


  • The free fax service of HelloFax is only limited to people with rare faxing demands


FaxPlus offers a free trail where you can fax upto ten pages of fax before getting into a paid subscription of 20 cents per page. Sadly, FaxPlus free trial does not allow you to receive faxes. Making the fax free service a one-way communication. The sign up process for FaxPlus asks for your email, username and phone number. The phone number should also be verified.In addition; fax also has a user-friendly interface, with simple beautiful icons and menus, no icons and snappy animations. The fax free website also allows you to create a contact list. In fact, the uploading and sending of fax documents is simple and fast.


  • Top rated Android and iOS apps
  • User friendly interface
  • Contact list for your fax clients


  • Strict page restriction

MyFax Free

Myfax offers a free trial faxing service and also implements other services like image files, powerpoint, MS Word and MS Excel. The service also comes in form of top rated iOS and Android applications. Note that the free trial is only available for thirty days after when you should begin paying to send and receive faxes. The service supports over 40 countries.


  • Free plan is good for people who moderately use fax
  • Use it on the go with mobile apps


  • Free trial is only available during the first month of signing up.


PamFax is a free online fax service that allows members to send a maximum of three fax pages. The digital fax service free offers dropbox, google docs and support. The service does not provide a personal fax number until you upgrade membership. PamFax is available for the multiple platforms from Windows,  MacOS, Iphone, Ipad, Blackberry and Android. Once you have depleted your three free fax pages, you may choose to subscribe to a cheap plan of either $4.70 per month to send multiple documents. The member could also subscribe to $0.11 per page.Another added advantage is that PamFax could also be used with Skype.


  • Simple to use
  • Integration with skype
  • Reasonable pricing for premium plan


  • Limited number of free fax pages to send


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