Best Torrent Sites for Audiobooks (audio books torrents alternatives)

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If you are a person who loves entertainment, then add to your list of fun activities-listening to audio books. Listening to the audible torrents is the deal especially when you are busy doing your daily job activities. You don’t have to create time to sit down to read a book. Audio books are the solution. The books you have been longing to read are now available in audio form. You only need to visit audiobooks torrents online and browse for the book you want.

When listening to audio books, you can either switch on the speaker or you can install headphones. Your choice will depend on your work environment, and how you would like to listen.

Unlike free online books, there only a few books that are available in audio form. The audio books have not gained a lot of popularity as eBooks. That is why, if you are a fun of audio books you must know audiobook torrent site. Here you get audio books which you can listen to for free.

List of best torrent sites for audiobooks

Suppose you want torrents audio books alternatives? There are many sites from where you will get audio books. In this article we will give you several sites. You can try them out, compare your experience and go for the sites that meet your needs.


It requires you to register on this audio books torrents site to access it.  You will get thousands of books from which you search for the books you are interested in. The site gives you a list of the recently viewed books, which makes it easy for you to search for a book.


This site allows you access audio books through the cloud. This makes it possible for you to stream the books with having to first download and save them. This website is available on several platforms on whatever device with internet. It also makes it possible for you to download large files with a lot of ease.


From its name, ExtraTorrent, you can download many files easily. You only enter the name of what you are searching for at the top. The site can filter and display the title of what you are searching for. That means it’s so easy to navigate and locate a book within a short time.

You don’t have register to use the website. The audiobook torrents best site content is arranged in categories.

Audio Book Bay

This site is one of the most popular torrent sites. The site is made particularly for audio books. You will find nothing else on this site apart from books.

That the site is dedicated for audiobook torrents only. They regularly update it with the latest and trending books. Many users, especially the book lovers prefer this site, because it is purely made for them.

Also, the site is free. Despite it being equipped with the best and trending books, you don’t a penny to access it. There are books you will miss on other platforms, but you will find them on Audio Book Bay.


The site is popular and comprises over 50 books categories. The site offers you the option of sorting the books according to the category of your choice. You can easily look for a book using the name of the author.


Zooqle is one of audiobook torrenting sites which is popularly used to access and download audiobooks, and movies, Tv programs and games. The content on this platform is of high quality, and it’s easily accessible. You access all what you need for free.


On ABTorrent you must sign up to access its features. The website is dedicated to audio book fans. Once you sign up, you can search and download audio book torrents.

But, there is a limitation in using this site. When signing in you must not exceed five times trying to sign in. using wrong particulates to sign in to your account for over 5 times leads to you being banned. You cannot use the site after that.

My Anonamouse

My Anonamouse site is one of the common free audiobook torrents. The site contains a huge collection of books. The old audio books and even the trending recently released books.

The site is not accessible to all. You sign up to the site through an invitation from the existing users. The site operates as community based. If you are interested, you go to their site, and a request for an invitation. It is through the invitation you sign up to the site. This is very exciting as you get all audio books you may think of, and you are interested to read.


If you are a fun of audio books, this site must be familiar to it. But in case it is your first time to hear about it, it is one of the best sites. The sites contain thousands of books categorized to 50 categories for easy searching.

The site allows you read about the book before you decide whether to download it. It’s common to get interested in a book based on the title. But, once you download the book you lose interest since the content is not what you were looking for. Books-share saves you the hassle of downloading books you do not even need.

To access and use this website, you must first register. The registration process is simple. You simple enter the email address plus a password. In your Inbox you receive a link which you use to verify your credentials.


This site not only allows you to download audio books. You can download even videos, movies and softwares. The site is all free and easy to use.

You are not even required to sign in the site for you to use it. You only open the site and use it right away.

Above, is a brief list and description of the popular audiobook torrents best site you will come across. You can open any of these sites anytime and download a book to listen during your time.

Remember that torrents audio books alternatives sites and other alternative torrents sites are banned in some countries. The best way to navigate this limitation is by using a VPN which helps in hiding your location. You can then use your internet and even change locations without fear of being in the wrong side of the law. 

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