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HostGator will rarely miss on the top hosting companies ranked on any search engine. Started in the year 2002, HostGator has been named severally as the fastest growing web hosting organisation globally and particularly in the United States. Presently, they are hosting over 60 million domains on their servers and also offering a variety of hosting plans to their customers. To host your website on their servers, you have to select one of their plans which include dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting and shared hosting. Start by close checking the hosting plans of their official website before taking the next move for HostGator Sucks.

Why their number of customers is always increasing

One of the reasons why the number of HostGator users has always been increasing relates to the number of hosting plans they offer. The organisation, which utilises Enterprise processors and Dell powered servers offers unlimited sub domains, C-panels, FTP account and 99.9% server up time guarantees to their customers.

They also provide 30 days money back guarantee. Therefore, when buying a plan you should expect reliable services. The server downtime is almost negligible. And even though their service is not the best, they claim to offer 24×7 supports to their customers through e-mails, chat and phone calls. Their customer care is US based.

HostGator Sucks: Some of the reasons why people are avoiding

Even though the organisation has satisfied many customers through their services, it lags too much to stand at the best position globally when it comes to web hosting. The following are some of the reasons why some people are avoiding them while others cancel their plans as soon as they have purchased them.

There is no evident pricing

The organisation has been publicising their hosting services by fooling individuals for the year plan. However, it actually turns out to be a monthly plan when you arrive at the payment section. Costs of the entire plan significantly rise and a customer has to either go for it or leave it.

Choking performance

Most of their customers complain about their web package getting choked immediately the money back guarantee expires. It is a huge problem that has already affected many individuals.

No notifications

HostGator will modify your account from time to time or remove it without any prior notice. That is likely to affect the performance of your business greatly.

Inexperienced support team

Some of their support team has no adequate knowledge to offer the right services. After purchasing a plan, expect late reply to emails and support tickets.

Panel problems

The C-panel or the WHM have negligible or little support for the other languages apart from English. That is a huge problem to non-English speaking individuals.

Database errors

Some of their clients report database errors with the shared hosting HostGator provides. That can lead to non-functionality of some websites.

Broken links

Some customers complain that links embedded in their websites are broken without any reasons.

HostGator does not offer cloud hosting

Cloud hosting would permit the organisation to offer a more scalable hosting plan, and therefore it is a big shame that they do not offer it. If they offered cloud hosting plans, we would have the option of paying for the space and the resources we need rather than the flat monthly rate. Cloud hosting also eliminates redundancy.

No virus or spam protection

HostGator has succeeded in attracting more customers, however, lack of spam or virus protection in their email software is a big drawback. Competitors offer unlimited email addresses with inbuilt virus and email protection.

Those are some of the painful problems most of the individuals using HostGator Sucks webhosting identify. However, it is hard to verify some of the complaints. And because most of the complaints were registered recently, you might need to consider some other hosting providers.

Now, let us consider HostGator’s performance.

What step would you take after signing up for a website host only to realise that your website is very slow and disappears from time to time. Your most likely step would be to switch the provider, and that would definitely cost you more headache and money. Otherwise, HostGator Sucks your pocket. That is the primary reason you would want to select the most reliable web hosting company with stable performance throughout. But how will you get such information? The following information will help you understand the overall performance of HostGator.

The Speed Test Results

Speed should be the first performance indicator to consider when shopping for the best webhosting provider around. A fast website will be great for your target market and will also help with search engine rankings. Actually, studies show that one second delay in a page load can cost you more than 7% of customer conversions, 11% of your website page views and at least 16% of user satisfaction.

When hosted on HostGator, your website is likely to load slowly during the peak hours. That is particularly true when it comes to the shared hosting plan. With a shared hosting account, you will share the server resources with some other websites hosted on the same server. Immediately you start getting more web visitors, you might need to upgrade the hosting.

The Server Response Time

Your website content will significantly affect the loading time of your websites. A quick example: if you have included a lot of images in your website, the page loading time will be longer. HostGator’s server response time will rarely exceed one second. In other words, your website will load fast in any part of the world.

The customer service

Their customer service is not the best. Typically, their response time ranges between 3-5 days. They have concentrated more on getting more clients and they are offering 80% discount on all their plans. In addition to being a problem, the speed might have also contributed to the bad customer service. Their customers have already increased, but they have not improved their services.

Also, whenever they send tickets and you try to email they back, it will take somewhere between 2 and 4 working days before they reply. You should ensure that your website is properly secured and working properly when purchasing a plan. Also, you should consider the available backup services to avoid burning a hole in your pocket.

Wrap it up!

HostGator hosts more than 8 million domains and is still among the most popular website hosts in the global industry. However, HostGator is only suitable for beginners as it HostGator Sucks. They do not offer spam or virus protection with their email software and their customer support is wanting.

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