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In the world of web hosting, Bluehost is one of the longest running web hosting provider. It is very ideal for customers who are seeking cheap and affordable packages for reseller and as well as Linux hosting. It has been founded in 2003 as an independent provider. Together with other web hosting provider competition, Bluehost coupons are being offered as well. These coupons are used to get discount or affordable rate for their offered services.

The good thing about having a Bluehost coupon is how you get to use their services at a discounted price. You would not have to worry about spending so much if you just want to try their services. You can wait for the Bluehost coupons to be released for you to avail their packages. Now, this year, what are the best Bluehost coupons? In the past years, a lot of coupons have already been given by Bluehost with different off percentage. With this, you can surely save a lot of money. Before indulging on the Bluehost coupons, let us know what web hosting is first:

What is Web Hosting?

Web developers would know the importance of web hosting. It is known to be a service which allows individuals and as well as organization to post a web page or website in the internet. The one who will provide the web hosting is known as the web host or web hosting service provider. It is a business which provides the services and technologies that you need for the web page to be displayed in the internet. Basically, it is where people store their web pages.

Types of Web Hosting

Web hosting has four various types: Shared, Virtual Private Server (VPS), Dedicated, and as well as Cloud Hosting. The difference among these web hosting types are control, amount of storage capacity, reliability, server speed, and as well as technical knowledge requirement.

Shared Hosting

web hosting

This type of web hosting is the most commonly used among others. In shared hosting, your website is in the same server as many other sites, which can be from hundreds to thousands. All domains may typically share common server resources such as the CPU and as well as the RAM. This type of server is often used for having low cost. It is being used by most websites that has moderate level of traffic that runs in a standard software. The drawback about shared hosting is it does not have root access and the performance of the site may be affected by other websites on just the same server.

Virtual Private Server

In this type of web hosting, a server is divided into virtual servers. With this, websites is being hosted on their own dedicated server when it actually is not, they are only sharing a server. The users will have the control to their own virtual space. However, it has limited ability when it comes to handling high traffic spikes.

Dedicated Hosting

Among the three other types of web hosting, dedicated hosting is one that offers maximum control with the web server that your website is being stored. The drawback is having a high cost because of the control it gives you.

Cloud Hosting

The good thing about cloud hosting is how it offers unlimited ability for you to be able to handle high traffic spikes. However, just the same as the shared hosting, this type of hosting as well does not offer root access and is being offered at a higher cost.

Reduce Cost with Coupon

Now, with all those web hosting types being mentioned, it may have come to your mind how those have high costs. When it comes to looking for the best web hosting, you would want to have the best at a lower cost as possible. Since most of the web hosting service providers nowadays are offering vast number of deals for their services, it will not be hard for you anymore to look for something affordable. One of the best offer of those providers are through giving coupons. Most of them would give our coupon codes for their clients to have discounts with their particular offers. Having coupon would certainly reduce the cost for as high as 90% depending on the providers. You just have to keep yourself updated on their websites for possible deals.

The Best Bluehost Coupons

Bluehost coupons does not from time to time, just like the other web hosting providers, it comes occasionally. Aside from that, the value varies from time to time as well. There are times when the discount would reach more than half of the original rate. So, this year, the following are the current Bluehost coupons:

Web Hosting at $2.95

Web Hosting

Currently, Bluehost offers the best web hosting basic plan at $2.95 per month from its normal rate of $7.99. This certain Bluehost coupon will be effective for the three available plans of Bluehost – basic, plus, and as well as their prime plan. These web hosting provides free domain, free site builders, 1 click WordPress install, and a 24/7 support in general.

Basic Plan

With its basic plan, you will be able to get 1 website, 50GB website space, unmetered bandwidth and a standard performance. In addition, it will include an included domain, 5 parked domains, 25 sub domains, 5 email accounts and an email storage of 100MB per account.

Plus Plan

The Plus plan which is offered at $5.45 per month from $10.99 will let you have unlimited websites, unmetered website space, email accounts, email storage, and an additional of $200 marketing offer.

Prime Plan

Lastly, the prime which is the most recommended plan and is offered for $5.45 per month from $14.99 as well inherits all the feature of Plus Plan but with an additional of 1 domain privacy and SiteBackup Pro as well. Among the three plans, plus plan has the cheapest offer with the most features.

If you are wondering if which plan is best for you, Bluehost Basic, Plus, or Prime, you can check this article. In general, the Bluehost Coupons really does help you save a lot of money for the very high cut of prices for their offered services. The good thing about Bluehost is how they have a user-friendly interface that won’t let you give a hassle when you are avail their offers. Aside from that, building your website won’t need you to have technical knowledge as well as you can get help from them and navigating their website is not hard.

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